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A Long, Lost Love
Chapter 17
Shi Ke Peng You Hai You Shi Ke Qing Ren

Kari was gripping her head with her two hands, feeling very betrayed. How dare Willis chose Melody when they were just a little bit less than four weeks away from their wedding? How dare he tell Melody first? Why didn't he come up to her and try to solve this out? This was wrong, this was not happening, this was not reality!

She had to leave this wing incase they find out that she had heard. Half of her wanted to go up there and made sure that they pay for the stress that they had caused her but the other half of her wanted to hold on to this engagement. She didn't want to ruin her wedding now that it was so close. Time was ticking, sometimes monotonously, sometimes interestingly. Sometimes everything goes so fast, sometimes it goes so slow. But her wedding was just a few weeks away! And how could she let anyone destroy it? How could she let anyone destroy her happiness and joy?

But somewhere deep in her mind, a little voice spoke up. A voice that had not spoken in a long time. Was this really what she wanted? Did she want to spend the rest of her life with Willis? Did she want to be called Mrs. Williams Willis ? Or did she want to be Mrs. Takaishi Takeru instead?

Nonetheless she had to get out of that wing. Kari got up quickly, trying so hard not to think about her situation. She ran as fast she could out of the wing, but tried to make as little noise as possible. Once she was in the safety of her room, she collapsed on her bed and continued her crying.

Should she give up her wedding? Should she admit defeat and give Willis to Melody?

Kari covered her face with her hands, trying to block reality. But she couldn't, she knew she couldn't. When will Willis tell her the deplorable truth? When?

Kari didn't realize how tired she was but suddenly, she was swept off to the world of dreams and fantasy. She was now, in another world; the world of dreams.

T.K could somehow feel a movement in Kari's room though he was still down on the beach. He looked up to her room; her curtains were still, so he couldn't really tell whether there was anyone up there. But something was nagging him; something told him that something wasn't right. Maybe, maybe an accident had befallen on her.

No T.K, he told himself. Stop jinxing!

But T.K couldn't drive the odd feeling away. He was scared, so scared that something bad might have happened to Kari.

Imagine if she lost her memory again, she would not remember him again! Then for the first time, T.K realized something. Is their love so great and so powerful that Kari could remember him straight away? T.K remembered when they finally met each other down on the same beach for the first time after so long, she remembered him almost instantly! If they could overcome that why couldn't they overcome this? This marriage that wasn't supposes to take place?

Even so he couldn't get rid of the feeling that he had.

T.K abandoned his boat and the peaceful water, and ran inside, not caring if he knocked anything or anyone over. He passed Mimi when he was running up the stairs, she was just about to say something but she changed her mind when she saw that T.K didn't even realize that she was there.

He kept on running, not feeling the confused gaze from Mimi on his back. He was running so fast that it was hard for him to stop in front Kari's room. Instead he passed her room first before he could actually stop. He traced his steps backwards and soon enough he was standing in front of Kari's room.

T.K lifted his hand to knock, but should he even bother? What if she didn't let him in? Or even worse, what if she couldn't let him in?

T.K brought his hand back down to the door knob. He half expected that the door would be locked but to his surprise, it opened quite easily. It opened without a sound. T.K didn't know whether that was good or bad. He stepped inside and looked around her room; he had only been there once before. It hadn't changed much.

Then he saw Kari's body on her bed. She was covered by a blanket and her hair was spread out like a fan.

A sudden ease warmed T.K all through his body.

He shook his head from side to side. He shouldn't be worried, she's ok. T.K stood in the stillness but yet, warming room, just watching Kari with a soft look on his face. He noticed some slight changes on Kari's face then. It didn't have that soft happiness look anymore like it used too. Usually, no matter what the situation was, she still radiated with beauty and happiness. But somehow, while he gazed longingly at her face, it didn't have that anymore. Though no matter what, to him Kari was beautiful. If somebody had told him that Kari wasn't as beautiful as she used to be, he would look at them as if they were insane.

Most likely she was like this because of all of the things that both he and she had went through.

If only he never went on that stupid camping trip, if only he stayed with Kari; none of this would have happened. Willis wouldn't be in their lives and none of these accidents would have happened. It all came down to the snow camping trip. How T.K regretted for going, how he wished none of this have happened. But regretting was useless and T.K knew that. There was nothing he could do about it.

T.K started to walk back to the door, though he wanted to at least, just hug her. But he decided not to incase he woke her up. He turned and opened the door. He held the door knob as it opened inwards, turned back to Kari, sighed, and then walked out of the room.

T.K closed the door as quietly as possible, and when he turned to go to his room, he saw Willis standing just a little bit further away from his room.

T.K was surprised, but yet felt something wasn't right. If this was the Willis that he knew, Willis would have already marched up to him, and demanded what he was doing inside Kari's room. But instead, Willis just stood there, not doing anything. His eyes though, his eyes were watching T.K intensely.

Suddenly, Willis massaged his forehead with his right hand, and walked away, leaving T.K very confused.

He shrugged his shoulders. The people inside this place just kept on getting more and more strange each day.

T.K opened the door to his room and turned on his CD player on the other side of the room. Music came out smoothly.

Futari ga kitto deaeruyouna mahou wo kakete
Ryoute wo sotto kasanetehora hohoemukara
To make sure the two of us meet, I cast a spell
Our hands are gently touching, and then look at me smile

Honto no kimochi kitsukanai furishite
Totsuzen futari koi ni ochitano
Let Me Be With You
Let Me Be With You
Let Me Be With You
We pretend not to realize how we really feel
And suddenly, we fell in love
Let Me Be With You
Let Me Be With You
Let Me Be With You
I want to hold you tight

T.K collapsed on his bed and without intending to, he fell asleep with the melodious music playing over and over again.


Kari woke up, feeling that the implausible thing that she saw earlier was just a dream; a nightmare. She turned to look at her window, the sun had fallen; it was replaced by the beauty of the moon.

The door to her room creaked to indicate that someone was coming in; Kari turned around to see who it was. Her heart immediately beat faster as she saw who it was. If only he didn't look so troubled, she probably wouldn't have felt so nervous. He was closing the door behind him, his face facing the door. But Kari could see that his hands were shaking as he held on to the door knob. He didn't turn to face her until a few seconds later. By that time, Kari felt like she was about to have a heart attack. She couldn't stand the tension in the room.

"Willis-kun," Kari softly whispered.

He offered Kari a weak smile, but that soon faltered.

Willis walked over to where she was sitting and sat beside her. The springs on her bed made a little squeaking noise as it supported the new weight. Although he was right beside Kari, he didn't face her. He faced the white curtains instead while Kari was facing him.

Willis's left hand traveled to Kari's right hand that was positioned on her lap. He squeezed it tightly. In his mind, he was saying the things that he wanted to say to Kari. If only it was as easy as saying it in the mind.

"Hikari-chan," he said quietly.

"Mmm?" Kari said, trying to sound as casual as possible.

Willis finally turned around and looked at her.

It was her eyes, her eyes betrayed her feelings. Now she was exposed, he knew how scared she was feeling.

Though Willis didn't know what she was scared about, he made a decision. After seeing her face, he couldn't say it. He was a coward, he knew that, but he couldn't say it.

Unexpectedly, he pulled her to him; his hand holding the back of her head, his other hand around her waist. Maybe he'll tell her another time, but for now, he just wanted to hold her.

"Willis-kun," Kari said again, as she blinked her tears away. "Ano…"

"No, shh, don't say anything, I just want to hold you, is that ok? Just for a little while then I'll go to my room, just…just for a little while…it's ok right? Ne, Kari?" Willis pleaded.

"Yeah, it's ok..." Kari said, as she snuggled closer to Willis's body.

If he was going to tell her, Kari thought, this would probably be the last time she would be in his arms. Would she miss the scent of his body? Would she miss the security that he had given her all this time?

Kari sobbed quietly on Willis's shoulder. She knew then, that she really loved him and that she would miss him greatly if they were to part. But, she also knew that if she married him, she would really miss everything about T.K.

It was then that she realized how selfish she was. She couldn't keep both of them, she had to choose, Willis had to choose. But whom she would choose, or whom Willis would choose, she didn't know. Only time will tell.

Only time will tell. Those four words lingered in her mind. Just how much more time that she and Willis had? How many seconds could they bear to spare?

She was snapped out of her thoughts when she felt movement from Willis. Willis had pulled her apart from him gently. They looked at each other for a moment, and then Willis tilted her chin upwards and kissed her softly.

Kari felt the sadness in him then, the kiss was sorrowing, and it was almost like a goodbye kiss. She knew she was torturing him, she knew that by him feeling her presence tortured him. It kills him to think that he was going to break the engagement. It kills him by just thinking about it, let alone doing it.

Kari was the first one to break the kiss. Willis's hand was still on her holding her chin. She gazed at him, deeply. Willis looked away guiltily.

"I'll go now…" Willis said just above a whisper.

Kari watched him got up from her bed and walked towards her bedroom door. She didn't know whether she should stop him or not but before she decided, he already left the room.

Kari walked over to her door, opened it and walked out. She turned to her left, then to her right. Willis was just making his way down the corridor to the stairs. Kari decided to walk the opposite way. While she walked she was remembering the past that she could remember. Things were falling back to place; she even remembered some of the things that she hadn't remembered before. The memories were playing slowly like an old movie.

By thinking about this, she wasn't paying attention to where she was going. Accidentally she crashed right onto Melody who was walking from the opposite direction.

"Gomenasai!" Kari said out.

"No, it's my fault too, I wasn't really paying attention either," Melody quickly answered.

They smiled at each other in the uncomfortable silence.

"Melody…" Kari started to say. "Your last name…it's Asuen right?"

Melody nodded. "Yeah, why?"

"Nothing, it just popped up to my mind." Kari answered quickly. "Do you like how the decorations and everything else are turning out?"

Melody nodded vigorously. "Yeah! I love it! It's so perfect, and your wedding dress is just amazing, I hope my wedding will be as good as yours…"

Kari beamed, "I'm sure yours will be just as great."

No, not so great. Melody thought silently. Not if Willis ended up marrying you; what's the point of a marriage if you don't get married to the person that you love? What's so great about that? If you take him away Kari, if you succeeded in fully capturing his heart, then, my wedding won't be as great as yours, and I don't know if I can fully forgive you. Sure, you met him first, sure you had his love first, but do you think you will be happy when you marry him? Do you think 'he' will be happy? Sometimes I wish I can hurt you in a way so that you won't be able to marry him, but I know that's too cruel, too mean, and too ruthless. But sometimes you make me so jealous, so evil-like. You have the potential of bringing the worse in me. I want him Kari, I need him. Free him! Free him from you! But most importantly, free yourself from him; because you can't free him from you unless you free yourself from him.

"Melody…are you ok?" Kari asked.

Melody looked up, her lips slightly apart. She didn't know how long the silence went on but she knew that she was the one who broke it. She exploded on Kari without even considering the consequences; she exploded because she kept too much inside.

Melody exploded in away that didn't include yelling. In fact, her voice was steady, very steady. But the sharpness and the way she said it, was just the same as somebody yelling. Her voice was icy-cold. The pain and the jealousy that she felt had finally been freed from her heart. Once it was out, it couldn't be taken back.

"Have you, ever, been in my position? Have you…ever, felt the jealousy and the anger I've felt? Have you, ever, been hurt the way I have? No, I don't think so, because girls like you, gets whatever they wish, but me, me! I don't get anything I desire, I don't. Unlike you, who have two guys that you can play around with, two guys that will do whatever you ask them to, unlike you, who has a bigger brother who cares so much about you, who loves you fully, who will protect you no matter what at all costs! Unlike you, who have parents who are still together, still alive! Who had always treated you in the way parents should treat their daughter! But me Kari, I have experienced hardly any of this!"

"You never knew anything about my past! None of it! Well let me tell you, let me tell you the tragic tale of Asuen Melody, the greatest actress of all time to have survived this long! My parents are dead! Dead! I'm an orphan! My dad died in a plane crash when I was about eleven, twelve years old. Did I get a say whether I wanted my life to change or not? No! I didn't! After his death, my mother, my own mother, my biological mother, treated me as if I was trash, dirt that needed to be thrown away. I felt hurt, I felt like thousands of hands were slapping me, non-stop, never giving me a break."

"You know, normal wives who had just lost their husband would grieve, grieve for quite a long time, but no, not my mother. A couple of months later, she met a man, a man whose name I will never forget, Darren. Along with him he brought two children, a boy who is the same age as me, Kevin and a young daughter named Lana. Sometimes I still question myself at night, what was my mother's reason for marrying such a brutal, cold hearted man? Approximately three months after my dad's death she married him. Did she choose to do that deliberately so she could hurt me? So she could torture me? The next biggest question is why? Why did she want to hurt me? What have I done? I've always been good, I've always been obedient. But that wasn't enough for neither my mum nor my step dad. They abused me. For no particular reason I get beaten up, for bringing a good report they accuse me of cheating, not mentioning the fact that they made sure I go back to the teacher and tell them that I was cheating."

"Do you think that that is fair?"

Kari shook her head from side to side. It was the first time she made a movement after Melody blurted her past.

Melody smirked. "No you wouldn't think that's fair, no one would unless they're mentally sick. But Kari, that's not all! My step brother, he wanted me, he needed me to serve his lust. I never gave in, I survived. Amazing don't you think? In a house where everyone despised me I still managed to survive this long. After I received the worst beating in my life, for something, again, I didn't do, I decided to persuade my mum to let me to go to a boarding school, our boarding school. She thought about it, and realized that it would be good if I left. Till this day, I don't know whether she was doing it for me or for herself. I knew I was starting to look a lot like my dad, and I knew that deep down it hurts her to see me get beaten up, so I don't know whether she let me go because it would be better for me, or whether it would be better for her."

"Well then here we are! We know each other, you, Sakura and Makoto see me as just another normal girl. But I'm not; my dad's death changed my normal life to become a nightmare. But at least, I was happy being with you guys. For once people accepted me, for once no one thought I was cheating when I received the highest mark in every subjects, for once, for once I could walk around, proud of being 'me'. When I was living there, in the same dormitory as you, I saw T.K. I saw the way he treated you, I saw the way he talked to you, I saw the way he looked at you and just once, just for once I wish somebody would look at me in the same way T.K looked at you."

"And then the news of his accident came, I felt just as hit as you did, but I didn't show it, because I like to think that I'm immune to grief, to sadness, to tragic events. But that's just a whole lot of crap, because I know I'm not like that. Next after this news, we come across Willis. I saw him walk out of the bus, just at the same time you did. What made me mad was that he looked at you and not at me when I was standing very close to you. His gaze passed me and fell onto you. Why? What was it that you have and I don't? Life is so unfair, so damn unfair. You get everyone, you get all of the attention, but I don't. Never in my life! And I feel so wounded."

"It had always been you; you're the one who always wins. So soon after T.K's accident you found one that was so much like him. When Willis walked past me but stopped in front of you, I felt so jealous. I walked away back to the dorm while you, get the pleasure of being with him. I wanted peace in the dorm but instead I got the phone call, the phone call that confirmed T.K's death. I did feel sorry for you but probably not as much as the others, because I've suffered so much more. When you ran to the dorm to receive that phone call I was given the chance to be with Willis. I knew it when I was showing him around that there was something about him that made me instantly love him. But you didn't see this special thing in him, and yet you're the one who he wants. When I was with him I knew he was eager to get back to you."

"Well lots of things happened afterwards but my feelings grew and grew, though I made a vow not to love someone, but I couldn't help it. I just couldn't. But you, you made him love you the way I want him to love me. But then at that time, his eyes were only for you, his smile was just for you, everything of him was just for you."

"Remember the misunderstanding that happened? I was happy when I could pretend to be you. For just a while Willis held me, he kissed me, he gave me the attention that I had long yearned for. But again, you did something to take him away. You lost your memory which made him thought that he could win your heart back from T.K who came back from the dead. But I knew he couldn't, one because I thought you and T.K belong together and two, because I won't let him. Why? Because I want him, but that didn't succeed, because he made you love him."

"I had doubts then, I had thought that your love with T.K was the greatest love of all, for a while, I doubted that I will ever get Willis back. But fate brought you here, brought all of us here, and you met him! Doesn't that tell you something Kari? You're not supposed to be Willis! You belong with T.K! You can be so selfish Kari."

There it was, all said. If Melody had any regrets for saying it, she didn't show it. Her eyes were blurry, because she was angry, so angry and so sad. But she just continued to stare at Kari who stared right back at her.

After Melody said those things, more of Kari's memory came back. The terrible phone calls that she received from her brother, when she first met Willis, when she received the most dreaded phone call, when she sung in front of the school dedicating the song to T.K, when Willis proposed to her but Melody hardly said anything, the misunderstanding that made her happy for a little while, the girl that saved T.K who came into the picture just after she was reunited, the terrifying car that came her way to destroy all of that away, the voices around her telling her to get better…but most of all, the face of an innocent child at the age of eight.

He told her to keep on going, he told her not to be afraid, he told her to keep on trying, and he told her not to cry because if she cried, he would cry too. She remembered him giving her his ice-cream because she dropped hers, saying that he didn't like ice-creams much anyway, though deep down, he loves ice cream. She remembered when he was supposed to be tutoring her with her English work but ended up having pillow fights instead. He took all of the blame himself; saying that it was his idea and that he kept on distracting her from her work. Every time she tried to take some of the blame he turned to face her, his eyes deadly, butting in to what she was saying all the time, "No Kari, don't try to lessened my punishment, you know it was all my doing." But the truth was… it was her doing. She was the one who craved for some fun and excitement and he didn't have the power to say no to her.

"You're right Melody, I am selfish, I'm really, really selfish," Kari started to say. "And I really feel sorry for all of the things that you went through; I really do, because I would kill anyone who is still doing those kinds of things. And I know that life is unfair, so unfair. I can see why you're so angry at me, and you think that the world is unfair because I get everything, and that I always get what I wanted and that I always have a say with what I want. But that is so not true. Did I have a say when the avalanche was coming to get T.K? Did I? Did I want that to happen? I really didn't want that to happen because if it didn't happen we wouldn't hate each other, none of us would have been hurt, but this is fate, and fate did this for a reason and there's nothing we can do to change this, because it had happened and things are starting to fall back to place."

"So are you telling me…" Melody started to say. "That you're going to marry Willis after all?"

Kari didn't answer her, but instead she walked over to Melody and hugged her.

"I'm sorry Melody, if I hurt you, I didn't know that my actions were slowly killing you inside, ripping our friendship apart. But I'm going to try to make it right again between us, because I really value our friendship, and I'll try anything in my power to revive that friendship."

No you can't Kari. Melody thought. If you don't give up Willis, you can't restore our friendship. I'm sorry; I know I'm just being as selfish.

The two girls now had tears in their eyes, knowing how hard it would be to get their friendship back.

Footsteps behind Kari made them turn to look. It was Willis.

He looked really nervous as he approached them, he questioned Melody with his eyes, whether she told Kari or not.

"Kari, it's late, you should go to bed..."

Kari nodded, though she knew that it would be hard for her to get back to sleep after all of the events.

"I'm going to call Makoto's dad now, to ask him for the invitations, is that ok?"

Willis looked at Melody and he slowly nodded. Melody's eyes widened and she turned away from the two of them.

"Call away." Willis said softly.

Kari walked in the direction of her room and Willis walked in the direction of his room.

Melody's words made Kari understand what fate wanted, what she wanted. Because of the things that Melody had said helped Kari to realize a few things. Now she knew who she really belonged with, but the others didn't. She knew what she wanted, the others didn't. Her decision will come out into the open on her wedding day, whether she would be wearing the wedding dress and walking down the aisle or whether she would be running down to the beach, running to T.K.

Willis tried to tell her, he tried to tell her who he really loved, but he never could. She past an empty room once, but it wasn't so empty because Willis was in there, practicing what to say to her. It was a nice speech too, but he never said it to Kari; never had the guts to.

But even if Willis said it to her, it wouldn't really matter, because she had made her decision. She had decided who she wanted, who she wanted to be with. She had only discussed it with two people. Two people who knew what was going to happen on the wedding day. Those two people were Sora and Mimi. They understood completely what Kari wanted, and they supported Kari all the way. No matter what Kari would have chosen, they would still support her.

Both Sora and Mimi swore to secrecy. They promised her that they wouldn't tell anyone and Kari of course trusted them. They were like miniature mothers to her; she would trust them with her life.

They were only a few days away from the wedding now, everyone was anticipating the day, to see what was going to happen.

Kari started to work on the letter that she was going to give to Melody explaining all of the things that she feels about well, everything. Her paper bin was over flowed with scrunched papers, but by late the next night, she finished her letter. Funny though, the letter didn't consist much, it was a pretty short letter but it took her two days to write.

They were only a couple of days away from the wedding. Kari decided to give the letter the night before the wedding, so everything will fall to place correctly.

Kari thought that the best time to give the letter would be after dinner. Everyone was so quiet through out the night. On the dining table it seemed like the food that Melody, Willis and T.K were eating had no taste. They never looked at anything else apart from their food. They would pick at the food, stab it down the fork, played around with the potatoes, and then finally put it inside their mouth. They swallowed the food as if it was such a great task.

Everyone else respected the fact that they were under stress, though most of the people didn't understand why Willis was so stressed. They kept quiet throughout the dinner, minding their own business.

Melody was the first one to leave; she didn't even wait for dessert.

Kari, seeing this as an opportunity, left one minute after Melody. All of the people except for Sora and Mimi questioned her with their faces but Kari just ignored it.
Kari walked at a normal pace but Melody must have been walking very slowly because just half way up the stairs Kari could see Melody's back. Kari jogged to catch up with Melody.

Kari tapped Melody's back and Melody turned back, surprised. Once she saw who it was, she looked half angry, half nervous.

"What?" Melody asked.

Kari didn't reply her, but instead she inserted her hand into her pocket and got out the letter. She urged it towards Melody who took it reluctantly.

As she was reading it, Kari slipped away. It took Melody a few minutes to read the letter and once she was finished, she had tears in her eyes.

She looked from side to side, looking for Kari but she couldn't find her. Melody looked in her room but she wasn't there. She searched the whole second storey of the mansion but still couldn't find her. Melody definitely didn't want to go downstairs, so she decided to find her early tomorrow morning.

Melody, somehow managed to make her way to her room before she broke down. She threw herself on her bed and cried.

"Oh my God...Kari..." she said softly.

Tomorrow is her wedding, I can't believe I'm not going to be the guy who will be waiting for her at the front, I can't believe 'I'm' the guy who is trying to get her to run away on her wedding day. Even in my wildest dreams, I've never thought of things turning out this way.

Oh, that pile of mashed potatoes looks like Willis. SLAM.

Everyone around the table looked up, startled.

T.K was gripping his fork very tightly. The three sharp points of his fork were pressed down on the mashed potatoes. He felt the stares, the glares, the looks that everyone else was giving him, but not once did he look up from his 'Willis look-alike mashed potatoes'. His eyes sharpened and then he pressed down his fork, harder.

Around the table was silence. No one dared to make a sound.

The silence went on for at least two, three minutes. In that amount of time, everyone kept their pose since T.K slammed his fork down. But after two, three minutes, Willis had had enough and stood up to leave.

For the first time that night, T.K lifted his eyes away from his food.

Willis didn't care whether T.K looked up or not, he just walked away from the dining room, out to the back. Although he felt T.K following him, he didn't stop. Willis finally found the spot that he liked and sat down.

"T.K I know you're here, so don't try to hide," Willis said out.

Soon enough, T.K stepped out of the shadows. He hesitated for a moment, but before long, he was sitting beside Willis.

For a while, they only heard the crushing of the waves. It was good for both of them, it calmed them down.

"T.K...Regardless of what's going to happen tomorrow...I...I want to say, I'm sorry..." Willis finally said.

T.K turned to face him, surprised. Very surprised indeed.

"You're...you're apologizing to me?" T.K asked.

"I guess I am."

T.K turned away from him and faced the oceans once again.

Willis, knowing that T.K wasn't going to say anything else, decided to say a few more things.

"I know...how you must have felt when you found out that Kari was engaged to me-"

"How the hell would you have known how I felt?" T.K butted in, annoyed.

"I had a brother T.K, an older brother who found out that his fiancée was cheating on him. My family heard the rumours about her being seen with someone either than my brother. But my brother refused to believe it. My mother and father and I had doubts though. We tried to reason with him, we told him to try to confront her, but he said no to all of the things we suggested. That was how blind love made him. And then one day, we caught her red handed. It was my cousin's birthday party in a restaurant, and my brother's fiancée was there with her date. Just as we walked in, they kissed. My brother, was furious yes, but he somehow couldn't explode. He walked in, saw her, and then walked out. I was standing beside him when we saw her, and I felt his body tensed up. I was angry with him for not confronting her, and so I took matters into my own hands. I marched up to her, and I let her have it. I screamed, I yelled, I insulted her and I made sure that she paid for hurting my brother."
"As you can probably guess, everyone in the restaurant was looking at us. My cousins were staring at me, wide-eyed. But I didn't stop...no I was no where near of stopping. I yelled many things at her until she couldn't cry anymore, until she screamed at me and told me to stop. I wouldn't have stopped, I wouldn't have...but it was impossible for me to get my message across when I had a hand covering my mouth. It was my brother. With his sad eyes he told me to stop. Even after the thing that she had done, my brother still loved her; greatly. He grabbed my hand and pulled me out of the restaurant. My face was tilted her way though, in silence I told her just what she had done, what she had lost."

"For days and days my brother didn't say anything. And ... and then on that fateful day, he was killed. I was right behind him when it happened, the crossing light turned green, but that stupid car didn't stop. It went through the red light, and it took my brother's soul. It didn't kill my brother straight away though; he was still alive when I ran to him. I kneeled beside him and I held his hand. He told me many things then. Even though it was a lot of things, I memorized it. Because it was the last things he ever said to me. He told me:

'Willis, once you love someone, don't ever let her go, don't do anything to make her want to find someone else, keep her for yourself. If I could turn back time, I would un-do all of the fights that I had with Kyoko...Willis, you're my only brother, and the last thing I want to happen to you is to get hurt the way I did. I love you Willis, and I'm proud of how you've matured into a teenager. I'm happy...so happy, that I had a brother like you.'

The paramedics came and took him away after that...they tried...they tried to help him, but it wasn't enough. Just as my parents were notified of the accident, my brother left me. On the side of where he was lying, there was a monitor that showed his heartbeat, and I heard the sound of the dreaded tone. Everything was like in slow motion, I turned to look at the monitor and saw the straight line. My heart stopped for a second, I turned to look at my brother who was just alive, seconds before. But he wasn't there anymore; I couldn't feel his presence anymore."

"So by this...I know, how hurt you must have felt T.K, and though Kari wasn't really cheating on you, because she...well everyone didn't know that you were alive, I can't help but to feel like the guy that Kyoko was cheating with. And I have sworn to myself that I wouldn't be anything like him. You have every reason to blame me."

T.K felt touched. Behind the mask of happiness, Willis was just struggling to not be the person who ruined everything for his brother. He tried with all his might to love just one girl so he wouldn't be able to cheat on her so she wouldn't have to go through the hurt and the pain that his had brother felt. He fought with T.K, forcing himself to believe that he wasn't the third person in T.K's and Kari's relationship. He was scared of losing the girl that he loved to somebody else, because...because he didn't want to end up like his brother.

Right then and there, T.K didn't mind as much if Kari chose Willis instead of him. Willis deserved her. After the things that Willis had went through, all of the things he had tried to do to keep Kari, it was ok if he won at the end.

"Heck Willis, I don't really blame you, you know...More like...I was blaming myself. If I would have just written her one letter, telling her I was alive, if I just tried to send her one, then maybe none of this would have happened. But...I was in denial, I couldn't accept the fact that I hurt Kari, that I made her wait all this time and get all mad at her because she was engaged to someone else. I never stop to think that it was my fault in the first place for not letting her know; I never even thought about the torture that she must have felt, torn between two guys that she loves. Later on, I realized...how much of a fool I've been, but I didn't want to believe that it was my fault, so I directed everything on you. I was envious of you, because you had the ring and I didn't. I couldn't understand why Kari, my Kari...would choose another guy over me, I just couldn't."

"But somewhere deep within me I know that it was my fault, my fault that everything turned out this way. But hey, we can't do anything about the past. I can't turn back time, neither can anyone else. We just have to accept the things that had happened...and tomorrow...tomorrow...we'll...we'll just see what happens..."

Again, it was silence between the two teenagers.

The two of them were in love with the same girl. They had fought for her; they could have killed each other for the sake of her love. But on the path of winning her love, something unexpected happened; another girl came into Willis's heart. She had lurked in quietly. Silently, she made a special corner in Willis's heart. And now, there was no way of closing that corner.

Just like Kari, now Willis was torn between two lovers. If everything could just be solved by Willis going with Melody and Kari going with T.K. But it wasn't that easy, no...no way near of being that easy. Everything was far too complicated.

"May the best guy win..." T.K said over the noise of the waves.

"Yeah...may the best guy win," Willis replied.


"Sora, sora!" Yolei yelled out as she ran through the corridor and to Sora.

"What is it Yolei?" Sora asked.

"You sure that none of the guys are in this wing?"

"Yes, yes I'm positive...Yolei, get yourself ready, apply a little bit more make up on your face...your hair should be up a little bit more, go ask Mimi to do it for you," Sora ordered.

"Oh ok, ok...question Sora, where's Kari?"

"She's with me, she doesn't want anyone to see her, I don't want anyone to see her, Mimi and I are going to present to everyone the most beautiful bride they have ever seen! Now...now...hurry up and get yourself ready."

Yolei nodded quickly and disappeared into one of the rooms.

Sora sighed a relief, glad that Yolei wasn't going to annoy her that day anymore. Sora turned and made her way to Melody's room. She opened the door quietly, and stepped inside. On Melody's bed was Melody herself and Kari.

"Sora," Kari said softly. "Is he out there?"

"Yes Kari, he's been there since early this morning...standing on the same place, by the boat..."


"No time to dwell on that though, let's get yourselves ready!"

"Kari...you and T.K...if..." Melody started to say.

"No, don't say anything Melody, I've made my decision."

The guests were swarming in from the front door and into the hall. All of them were stunned with how the decorations turned out. Lines and lines of white chairs were placed in the sides of the hall, making an aisle in the middle. On the sides of the ceiling, were petals of red roses. In the centre of the ceiling, all of the white streamers met from the corners of the hall.

Matt was looking up at the ceiling when he felt two hands grabbing his hips. He turned and a soft smile appeared on his lips.

"About time you got here Miyuki..."

Miyuki hugged Matt tighter and kissed his cheek.

"Better than nothing..."

Taichi came running to them, he raised his eyebrows when he saw Miyuki.

"Did I miss something?" Tai asked.

"You missed a lot of things buddy," Matt replied.

Before any of them could say anything else, the melody of the piano filled the hall. There was no mistaking what that sound meant. The bride was going to enter, very soon.

"Introductions later." Tai said and disappeared into the back.

Yolei and Ken entered first. All of the guys were wearing a black tux; pretty similar to the one that groom was wearing. The bridesmaids were wearing a simple, aqua blue dress. It reached down just to their ankles.

For this special occasion, Yolei used contact lenses instead of glasses. She looked different, but nonetheless, she was pretty.

Next Mimi and Izzy entered the hall. And boy does Mimi look amazing! Izzy must have been so proud of her.

After them, came Sora and Tai. For the first time after such a long time, they saw Tai had tears in his eyes.

Now it was the big finale. The bride was going to enter with her father. Mr. Yagami held out his hand and quickly enough, a hand covered with white gloves linked with his.

He smiled at her and she smiled back, but everyone else in the church seemed surprised. Willis seemed to have had lost the ability to breathe.

"Thank you...for doing this..."

She's not coming, I know she isn't. The ceremony should have already started, and she's not here, she's not coming. I lost.

T.K looked up to the mansion with his blurry eyes. He saw an outline of someone's body coming closer and closer. He wiped his tears away from his eyes and realized who it was.

"T.K! T.K! T.K!!"

T.K was speechless and didn't say anything. He couldn't do anything but to just stand there and wait. He was frozen, because he was looking at the most beautiful and perfect girl he had ever seen. Her happiness was back, her joyfulness had returned.

She was running towards him, arms open wide. Every second she was coming closer and closer.

T.K opened his arms to welcome her to him. As she was only a few centimetres away from him, she jumped into his embrace. Her arms were wrapped around his neck and she was laughing, laughing so very happily.

T.K couldn't do anything apart from her holding her close, as close as he can.

"Kari...I didn't think you would come..." T.K said.

"I can't just let you go T.K, I will follow you wherever you go..."

T.K let go of her and inserted his hand into his pocket and got out a ring. Kari looked at it, agape.

"Will you...will you marry me Kari?"

As he was asking her the biggest question that he had ever asked her, inside the hall, Melody was being asked the biggest question of her life too.

"Do you Asuen Melody, take Williams Willis to be your lawfully wedded husband, through sickness and in health, through the bad and the good times, till death do you part?"

Melody turned to look at Willis who had tears in his eyes. Tears of happiness.

They didn't know it, but both Melody and Kari answered at the same time.

"Yes I do..."

"Yes I will marry you T.K!"

T.K was overjoyed! As he brushed Kari's hair away from her eyes, Willis was lifting up Melody's veil. Both Willis and T.K leaned down at the same time, and they both kissed the girl that they loved at the same time.

T.K turned around and jumped on to his boat. He turned, reached out his hand to Kari who took it with a broad smile on her face. T.K pulled her up on to the boat and was ready to go.

Inside the hall, the ceremony was over. Unexpectedly, Melody grabbed Willis's hand and took him running with her. The guests were really surprised but followed after them.

Melody took them to the back, to the beach. In her wedding dress Melody stood on the edge of the seashore. She could see the boat drifting further and further away from the shore.

"Kari!!!!" She yelled as loud as she could.

The two figures on the boat turned around to look. Once they saw who it was, they started to wave energetically.

"Thank you Kari!!" Melody yelled again. "Thank you so much!!"

Kari lifted her hand to her ears to tell her that she couldn't hear her.

"Thank you...thank you so much ..." Melody said, but this time very softly.

"TILL WE MEET AGAIN T.K, KARI!" Willis yelled out, much louder than Melody did.

T.K and Kari heard, they gave a thumbs up to Willis.

As the four friends were drifting further and further away from each other, memories of what had happened were playing in their mind.

It was the biggest obstacle that the four of them had ever encountered. But they survived, without any hate or envy left in them.

With their choices they had made a life for themselves. Now they can only just wait to see what the future have in store for them. But to each of them, the future doesn't scare them. Nothing could, nothing could when they had their lover beside them.

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