Disclaimer: I don't own Junjou Romantica, or the characters in this story. I simply wrote out the scenario in pure boredom. XD... like all of my other stories lol

Pairings: Misaki/Akihiko, Hiroki/Nowaki, and Shinobu/Miyagi

Summary: The most important day of your life.

Notes: So I got this idea after watching Groundhog Day lol ... and since it's Christmas, I figured I'd put my own little twist on it with the Junjou characters. It won't be a super long story, by any means (since god knows I have enough of those going on already) - but it will focus on Misaki reliving the same day over and over, until he can prevent the tragedies facing the three couples. Enjoy!

Misaki opened his eyes, and rubbed them as he blearily looked across at the man lying next to him. His lovers hooded, lavender eyes were already staring back at him with his trademark smirk. "Good morning, my beautiful Misaki…" He purred.

"Mmp hmm… morning…" The teen muttered as a blush spread on his cheeks. He sat up and tried to stretch, but found himself pulled back into the strong arms of the silver-haired author. "Wah! Usagi-san!" He cursed as the twenty-nine year old began to kiss his neck and bare shoulders. "N-Not so early! We did enough last night!"

Usagi-san chuckled in his deep, baritone voice. "I can never do enough to my Misaki." He smirked.

"Baka." He finally stopped struggling as the writer sighed, and cuddled him close. "It's Christmas Eve and we BOTH have a lot to do. We can't stay in bed all day." Misaki scolded.

But his lover just held him tighter, "On the contrary. This is exactly how I want to spend my Christmas Eve."

"Baka-Usagi!" Misaki pulled himself forward and out of the author's arms; tumbling onto the floor. Swearing beneath his breath, the brunette teen quickly tossed on some jeans and a t-shirt (ignoring the fact that some of his clothes were now always lying around Usagi-san's bedroom). "You have work to do, and I have last minute errands to run."

Akihiko didn't move, and instead, lay in bed looking at the boy lazily. "Come back to bed, Mi-sa-ki…" He drew out in a lulling voice.

He couldn't help but blush; Misaki knew if he looked back to his bed-tousled lover, he'd be tempted to go back to bed. "Get out of bed already!" He yelled, storming out of the room and downstairs into the lavish condo. Misaki was determined not to let Usagi-san sweep him away in the 'romanticism' of their relationship all the time. While he'd admitted to loving the man, he still didn't say it that often. Those words were special – and to Misaki – probably had more weight the less he used them. Usagi-san, on the other hand, believed in saying those three words constantly.

Sure, it made Misaki feel bad… but Usagi-san knew he loved him, right? Despite all the protests, the scolding, the blushing and the refusals… Misaki knew deep down he really loved Akihiko.

Whipping them up a quick breakfast, Misaki was relieved to see Usagi-san emerge from the bedroom fully dressed.

"Usagi-san," Misaki began, plating the food he'd just finished. "Make sure you aren't late tonight." He warned. "This is our first Christmas Eve together, and I'll be working on dinner for most of today." He reminded him. Unfortunately this year, Takahiro was spending Christmas with his wife's side of the family. So while Misaki was disappointed, he still selflessly encouraged Takahiro to go, and assured him he would be fine spending Christmas with Usagi-san.

So in lieu of not being able to spend Christmas with his brother, Misaki wanted to have a traditional, special Christmas… which meant, convincing Usagi-san not to harass him at every turn.

"Believe me, I'll be out of that office as soon as possible." The author grumbled, downing a large gulp of coffee. "I want nothing more than to ravage you beside the tree… on the floor… making your this-and-that all 'merry with joy'… while your body quivers in ecstasy like a 'sleigh bell' and…"

Misaki slammed a pan down, "BAKA! D-Don't make sexual innuendos involving Christmas!" He cursed. "Now hurry and eat. You're already late, and I'M already behind schedule."

Setting their plates on the table, the couple ate a quick breakfast before gathering what they needed for the day. They headed out of the top-floor condo, descended in the elevator to the ground floor, before emerging into the brisk, morning winter air that awaited them outside.

"Have a good day," Misaki muttered into his scarf as he tried to walk away.

But his arm was quickly caught in Akihiko's massive hand. He gasped as his lightweight body was pulled back against the authors. "Have a good day, Misaki. I can't wait for tonight." He purred huskily into the teen's ear.

Misaki blushed and placed his hands on his chest.

"Baka-Usagi." The brunette cursed, pulling himself away. "Go to work already."

But Akihiko didn't move; he simply stood by his red sports car, watching Misaki walk away. "I love you, Misaki." He called with a hint of remorse in his tone.

Misaki caught the tone, but found the natural response to those words caught in his throat. So instead, all he could do was turn, and offer a sheepish wave, before jogging a little further down the snowy street and out of sight.

Sometimes he really hated himself - why was saying those words to Akihiko such a big deal? They'd been dating for almost a year… shouldn't he be past those insecurities by now? He knew Usagi-san loved him… he'd said so repeatedly.

"Whatever." The teen muttered aloud as he shoved his hands into his pockets.

"NOWAKI!" Hiroki yelled, storming down the hall and out of the bedroom. "Why didn't you wake me up?" He cursed.

His tall, dark-haired lover was standing by the stove; finishing up breakfast for the two of them. "We go over this every morning, Hiro-san." He smiled fondly. "I TRY to wake you up, but you won't budge. Maybe I should start taking advantage of that." He chuckled mischievously. "Oh, the things I could do to my Hiro-san while he sleeps…" He purred, daydreaming.

"Baka." Hiroki muttered as a heavy blush settled on his cheeks. "You try anything while I'm sleeping, and I'll cut your dick off." He threatened halfheartedly.

Nowaki laughed and tugged Hiroki into his arms as he tried to walk by. "Aw, now why would Hiro-san cut off his favorite appendage? Don't you like how I use it?" He murmured breathlessly into the crook of his lover's neck. His statement was followed by a flick of his tongue around Hiroki's ear, which caused the young assistant professor to shudder.

"D-Don't start being a pervert so early in the morning. I have to get to work." Hiroki stammered, reluctantly pulling away from his boyfriend.

The doctor couldn't help but pout a bit, "But it's Christmas Eve Hiro-san… you don't have classes today."

"I know." He grumbled unhappily. "But I forgot some marking that I need to do. I should be out around noon, though. We, uh… we'll still… have Christmas Eve together." Hiroki trailed off toward the end, wondering why he always gave in to reassuring Nowaki in the sappiest way possible.

Nowaki smiled, "I'm glad to hear it." The taller young nodded, "So you're coming home right after?"

"No. I have some last minute shopping to do for my mother." He sighed, wrapping a scarf around his neck before buttoning up his coat. "And YOU'RE helping. So you're coming to pick me up on campus."

The younger groaned, "But Hiro-saaaaaan… it's cold out." He whined childishly.

"Don't give me any lip!" Hiroki snapped. "I have to go outside and go to work for a few hours… so the LEAST you can do is suffer with me!" He complained, grabbing his messenger bag and slinging it over his shoulder. "Come to the campus for noon. The literature building. I'll text you." The brunette finished.

But just as he was beginning to leave, Nowaki wrapped his arms around Hiroki, and kissed him deeply. His tongue lightly pressed against the folds of his lovers' mouth, until Hiroki trembled and gave into the embrace. Slowly, Nowaki pulled back and looked at his now-hazy lover. "I'll see you at noon, Hiro-san. I can't wait to spend Christmas with you." He smiled, nestling his nose against the older man's. "I love you."

Hiroki blushed furiously, and lowered his eyes. "B-Baka… I'm going to be late." He muttered, pulling out of Nowaki's arms and quickly taking off through the door.

God, he hated how vulnerable Nowaki made him feel… but he also loved it. How could a guy who was FOUR years younger than him make him feel so weak? So exposed? Hiroki could be honest in saying that he never expected him and Nowaki to last this long… but he did love him. Hiroki had never loved anything so much in his life – not even his books. Nowaki had turned his world upside down, and had slowly taught Hiroki how to love again.

Not that he'd ever admit that. His pride was still a dominant part o his life… and as sappy and open as Nowaki could be, Hiroki still couldn't bring himself to that point.

Still, he was just as excited as Nowaki to finish his work and spend Christmas together.

"Shinobu-chiiiiin… do we really need to do this?" Miyagi complained as he was dragged around a tree lot by his young lover.

The sandy-blond haired boy scowled, "YES. It's Christmas Eve, and you don't even have a tree. Your apartment looks the same as always." He complained. "We also need to get lights and stuff. I don't want to spend Christmas with a grinch."

"Funny, I've spent the last couple with a small one." He teased, nudging Shinobu in the side.

The teen glared at him for a moment, before pulling him along to another tree. "Here. This one."

"Are you sure?" Miyagi asked, looking it up and down. "It's kinda puny looking."

Shinobu crossed his arms and pouted, "What's wrong with 'puny' things?" He asked. "One, your apartment is not that big. And two, compared to you EVERYTHING is puny. Even I'm puny." He pointed out to his tall, dark-haired boyfriend.

"Ah yes, that's true." Miyagi smirked. "But Shinobu-chin is puny in a GOOD way. I mean, if this tree spread it's legs, and panted and moaned the way you do for me, then I would absolutely bu—"

Miyagi was unable to finish his sentence before a blur of small fists hit him repeatedly. "BAKA! Don't get perverted in public!" He yelled. "Just buy the damn tree and let's go! We still have shopping to do!"

"Awww, my Shinobu-chin… I thought you wanted me in the Christmas spirit? You're not being very cooperative." He mused, handing some cash over to the 'disinterested' tree-salesmen, who promptly took the money and left. Miyagi picked up the small tree, "Does this mean we can't do it in front of the tree?"

Shinobu blushed right up to the tips of his ears. "Just get in the car, old man." He warned. "You keep giving me attitude, and I'll take back my Christmas present to you."

"Ooooh... a threat." Miyagi purred as they made their way back to the car. "And what kind of Christmas present is it? Please don't tell me it's a new tie, or sweater vest or something."

The young teen rolled his eyes, "No, it's not clothing. Not in the traditional sense, anyway, and definitely not for you." He muttered in slight embarrassment. "Let's just say, it's a little less comfortable, and… a little more slutty."

Miyagi blanked - before looking down at his young lover lustfully.

"My, my." He smiled. "I certainly don't want to miss out on THAT, do I?" Hoisting the tree onto the top of their car, the two tied it down with some rope. But just as Shinobu was rounding to the other side to get in, he felt himself trapped in Miyagi's arms. The older professor kissed his neck. "If I'm really good, can I hope my present tonight?" He asked.

Shinobu's blush only deepened as he looked away, "I dunno." He whispered. "I guess it depends on h-how good you are." The boy answered. "But the day isn't over yet. So get in the car so we can get this shopping done, and go home." He complained, tugging himself out of Miyagi's arms.

"Shinobu," Miyagi chuckled, "Sometimes I realize how much I love you." He smirked.

This only embarrassed the teen more, despite how happy he was to hear Miyagi say it. "S-Shut up and hurry, old man." He scolded, crossing his arms and pouting after he did up his seatbelt.

Miyagi couldn't wipe the smile off his face as he slid into the driver's seat of his car, and started the ignition.

"You know, you look just like your sister when you pout." He commented lazily as he began to drive. "Though you're much cuter."

This little comment, however, drew a quick glare from the blond. "DON'T start comparing me to my sister, asshole." He ordered. "This is supposed to be OUR Christmas. Can't you go one second without thinking about her?" Shinobu turned his fierce gray eyes to look out the window.

"Jesus, Shinobu," Miyagi groaned. "I'm not 'comparing' you, it was just an observation. I can't help it that you guys have similar features. It's genetics, not a personal stab at you." He said sternly. "I'm not trying to make you feel bad."

Shinobu scoffed, "Really? It seems to be a natural talent of yours, then." He muttered sarcastically.

"Look, stop trying to pick a fight with me." Miyagi growled, slightly rolling his eyes. "I'm sorry, alright? I didn't mean anything by it." He'd forgotten how sensitive Shinobu could get whenever he happened to mention his sister. He understood, of course, given their history… but really, Miyagi hadn't meant anything by it. In fact, he rarely thought about Risako anymore… not since he got serious with Shinobu.

The boy dominated his thoughts more than he realized… or would care to admit.

For the duration of the car ride, the two sat in silence until Miyagi pulled up on the side of the street. "I gotta run into the bank quickly." He said, glancing quickly at Shinobu – who was still staring out the window. "You wanna come in, or wait here?" He asked.

"Wait here." The pouting boy answered stubbornly.

Miyagi sighed. Reaching over, he gently tousled the top of Shinobu's head – before sliding out of the car and disappearing into the bank. The young teen lowered his stormy-gray eyes slowly, reveling in the warmth that was still lingering on the top of his head from his lover's token of affection.

'Maybe I shouldn't be so hard on Miyagi,' He thought solemnly. 'It's Christmas… and… I really don't want to spend it arguing with him.'

Hiroki wrapped his scarf around his neck tightly as he headed out of the literature building on campus. "Damn, stupid, forgetful idiot…" He cursed, taking out his phone as he started to text his boyfriend. Nowaki hadn't shown up yet, and he'd been waiting for almost ten minutes. His lover was always on time, if not early. "I told him to come get me." Hiroki muttered, trudging through the snow toward the front gates of the university and onto the street.

He was fuming at this point; was it too much to ask that Nowaki come get him? He was being stubborn, yes, but it was more practical; the mall was closer to the school anyway, and he had to pick up something for his mother. He had no clue what to get her, which was why he needed Nowaki's help.

But as he neared the end of the block, Hiroki stopped when he saw a large crowd of people. They seemed a bit frantic, and there were even a few cars stopped in the middle of the road. 'Car accident?' Hiroki thought oddly tilting his head, as he got closer. 'Probably some idiot rushing to the mall for last minute gifts,' He scoffed.

It was really none of his business, and there seemed to be enough people on cell phones calling for ambulances to warrant him NOT getting involved… but his curiosity got the better of him. Maybe it was some stupid kid running in front of traffic… or one of those idiots who tried to ride a bike in winter.

Of course those assumptions and theories quickly disappeared when he saw the limp arm of the victim, lying on the street. 'Nowaki has a coat like that…' Hiroki thought.

Then his heart sunk. No, not sunk... plummeted.

Pushing past the crowd a bit more, Hiroki was stopped dead in his tracks when he saw the victim, was in fact, his beloved boyfriend. Hiroki's mouth hung open in complete shock and devastation as he bolted forward and knelt beside his lifeless, dark haired lover. "N-Nowaki? Nowaki!" He yelled, wrapping his arms around him.

But Nowaki didn't stir. His eyes were closed; there was blood around the crown of his head, and some drizzling out his mouth. He looked so pale… he felt so cold – so different from any other time Hiroki had seen or felt him. "Nowaki!" He screamed again, hoping the louder he got, the faster his lover would wake up.

"You know him?" A bystander asked quickly. "I'm on the phone with the hospital… an ambulance is on the way."

Hiroki whipped his head around, "What happened?" He demanded; still clutching Nowaki in his arms as tears began to form behind his eyes.

"M-My little boy was playing in the front yard with his brother," A tearful young woman approached. "T-Their ball tumbled into the road… and… and he tried to get it… but… a c-car…" She tried to explain through her sobs. "He was going to get hit! B-But this man… this young man pushed him out of the way…" She blubbered, clutching onto her own little boy – who was hanging onto her leg. "He saved my little Miro."

Hiroki turned his burgundy colored eyes to the little boy hanging onto his mother. The boy wasn't crying, he wasn't smiling… he was just staring solemnly down at Nowaki's lifeless body.

'That stupid… careless… brat…' Hiroki couldn't help but hiss in his mind. 'If I loose my Nowaki… it's YOUR FAULT!' He clenched his teeth together, and held onto his lover even tighter as he heard sirens approaching. He should be proud of his boyfriend for being such a hero - for selflessly saving a child. He always knew Nowaki had a soft spot for children. But instead of being proud, Hiroki could only feel fear... concern... desperation.

"Hold on, Nowaki..." He whispered against his lovers cold cheek.

Shinobu sighed dramatically as he slouched down in his seat. "What the hell is taking that old man so long?" He asked aloud, looking at his watch. Miyagi had said he was just running into the bank for a moment, but he'd already been ten minutes.

Shuffling out of the car, Shinobu slammed the door behind him and stalked toward the bank. 'Probably forgot his bank code in his old age…' He snickered mentally.

Pulling open the door and heading inside, Shinobu immediately jumped back in shock when a loud gunshot resounded in the large, echoing bank.

Gasps and screams from the customers were hushed, and without realizing it, Shinobu found himself in the middle of a robbery.

"I-I said STAY BACK!" The desperate criminal yelled.

Shinobu realized he was holding onto a female hostage. The girl wasn't too old, perhaps in her late twenties – but looked terrified beyond belief. Some customers were on the ground, while others were frozen in place… except for one.

Miyagi. He was standing a couple feet away from the robber and his hostage; his hands were held out in a calming gesture.

"Come on," Miyagi said in that low, soothing tone of his. "You don't need to do this. Go ahead and take the money… no one will chase you." He reassured him. "Just let that girl go."

The robber looked just as torn and scared as the customers he was threatening. Shinobu didn't know much… but he could tell that this robber was acting out of desperation. He didn't look like a typical burglar. There was no malice or hatred on his features; just pure shame lingering in his wide eyes.

"I… I told you to stay back!" He threatened, shakily pointing the gun at Miyagi while he held the girl – and a small bag of cash in his other hand.

Shinobu's mouth hung open, wanting so desperately to utter some kind of protest, or demand that the robber STOP pointing that gun at his lover. Miyagi took another small step forward, "Hey, listen…" He cooed calmly to the man…

Unfortunately, that small step seemed to spook the burglar more than intended, and before anyone could blink - he fired the gun at Miyagi. The crowds screamed, and Shinobu's hands flew up to cover his mouth; quelling his own scream of horror as his dark-haired lover collapsed to the ground.

The robber seemed just as shocked at his rash reaction – and without a moment's pause, he released the girl, and tore out of the bank with his small bag of cash. Shinobu backed out of his way; he was torn between chasing after the robber and punching his face in… but his concern for Miyagi won out, and he quickly rushed to his side.

"M-Miyagi?" He quivered, tears welling up in his eyes. "Miyagi? ... Answer me! Miyagi!" Shinobu called, shaking his shoulders gently. But the professor wasn't answering. Blood had already begun to seep through his shirt, coat, and trail out onto the pristine bank floor. Weeping openly, Shinobu gently caressed and stroked Miyagi's cheek. "M-Miyagi… wake up, Miyagi…" He wept.

"Baka-Usagi." Misaki cursed as he dialed his lover's number on his cell phone.

It was almost seven-thirty at night, and STILL, Akihiko hadn't come home. Waiting impatiently, the teen had to bite his tongue when the author finally answered, "I know you're pissed…" Akihiko began.

"Damn right I'm pissed!" Misaki answered quickly. "You were supposed to be home hours ago! I spent all day preparing everything, and it's going to WASTE!" He shouted. "Where the hell are you?"

Usagi-san sighed on the other end. "These damn publishers are determined to meet the deadline for my holiday edition. Which means I've had to do all the re-writes here." He growled. "Believe me, I would much rather be home." Usagi-san admitted. "The weather is only getting worse."

Misaki glanced out the large, penthouse windows to see snow falling in steady, large flakes outside. It looks so romantic with the tree lit up and the lights outside… unfortunately Misaki was more pissed off than he was lovey-dovey at the moment.

"You're ruining this Christmas, Usagi-san." Misaki grumbled. "Come home already! And hurry up!"

Usagi-san chuckled, "Do you miss me that much?" He purred, trying to lighten the mood. "Should I bring some mistletoe home? I could bring a couple dozen… and hang some in every part of the house." He suggested.

"Stop being a pervert." Misaki grumbled, blushing freely, since the author wasn't home to see it. "I'm still pissed. You're late, and this meal is ruined… so just hurry up so we can salvage the rest of this shitty night." He finished. It wasn't really like Misaki to be so forward and angry toward his lover, but it was his first Christmas without Nii-chan.

And so far, he'd been spending it alone.

He heard Usagi-san sigh from the other end. "Alright. I'll come home as soon as I can." The writer promised. "I love you, Misaki."

"Yeah." Misaki muttered, hanging up his cell phone bitterly. 'Stupid author.' He thought, wrapping up the food he'd prepared and sticking it into the fridge. It wouldn't taste NEARLY as good tomorrow, but whose fault was that?

He tried to busy himself with some last minute chores; the brunette teen made sure the house was spotless, he made sure all the decorations were in place and the lights were on, and he finished up some last minute wrapping. When he looked at the clock, he saw it was now almost nine o'clock.

"Baka-Usagi!" He grit out loud. "I should take away all his presents. I've spent this entire day alone!" Misaki lamented with a serious pout on his face. He'd give the author what-for when he came home, THAT was for sure. "If he thinks he's getting any tonight, he's mistaken." Misaki laughed dramatically. He wouldn't put-out for the latecomer; that would be Akihiko's punishment.

It was almost a quarter after nine when there was a knock on the penthouse door. Misaki quirked a brow and headed over to it; normally guests buzzed in at the bottom of the building… so whoever was knocking must have known the code. "Baka. Did he forget his keys again?" Misaki wondered aloud, assuming it was Usagi-san.

But when he opened the door, he was met with the sight of two, serious looking police officers.

"Takahashi Misaki?" One spoke up in a deep, grave voice.

Misaki swallowed a large lump, which seemed to instantly form in his throat. "Y-Yes?" He asked. The boy knew he hadn't done anything wrong… so immediately, his mind went to Takahiro: had something happened to his brother? Was he in a car accident? Images of his parents' death came flooding back to him as the police continued,

"Usami Akihiko is your landlord, correct?" He asked.

His heart lurched in his chest again. 'No…' He thought. "Y-Yes…" He responded in a whisper, while his hands clutched to the bottom of his shirt nervously.

"I'm sorry son." The other sighed, placing a hand on his shoulder. "There's been an accident." He told him in a straightforward, professional manner. "We need you to come down to the hospital." He nodded. "We need you to identify his body."

Misaki's knees weakened and he stumbled – but was caught by the cop standing before him. "Keep it together, son." He encouraged. "I'm sorry. But you were listed as his emergency contact."

"N-No, he… I-I can't… he isn't…" Misaki stammered as tears streamed down from his doe-like green eyes.

The police sighed, "Come on." He patted him on the shoulder, helping him out of the apartment. "I'll grab your coat."

By the time Misaki got home, it was 2am.

Christmas Day.

He had gone to the hospital to identify the body of his lover; Usami Akhiko. Up until this point, loosing his parents had been the most painful experience Misaki had ever endured. But this… this was so much worse. He was old enough to understand the repercussions now; he'd grown to love the author unconditionally. He was his first and last real relationship. Entering the penthouse, all was quiet. The Christmas lights and decorations were all still on, and warmly illuminating the otherwise dark apartment – while the faint smell of his previously cooked dinner could still be detected in the air.

Sitting down solemnly on the couch, Misaki stared straight ahead.

Never again would he see Usagi-san's brilliant, warm lavender eyes. Never again would he see his teasing smile… hear his deep, soothing voice spouting 'I love you, I love you' over and over… or feel his long, strong arms wrap around his body…

Without realizing it, Misaki had broke down again. Why didn't he tell Usagi-san he loved him today? He had so many chances to say it!

Akihiko had died in a car crash; according to the police report, his car and another car were speeding, and were unable to stop. They collided head on, and spun out of control. Both Usagi-san and the driver of the other car were killed.

Of course… Misaki couldn't help but blame himself. HE was the one who insisted his lover hurry home. He should have told Usagi-san to be careful; he knew the weather was bad, and yet, he'd still cursed him. Now, not only was his lover dead, but someone else was too. Misaki could only imagine the wife, or girlfriend of the second driver was grieving just as much as he was.

"U-Usagi-san…" Misaki whimpered, reaching over and wrapping his arms around Suzuki-san. It still smelled like his deceased lover.

Pulling himself together (as best he could) – Misaki walked toward the phone, intending to call Takahiro to deliver the horrible news. But just as he approached the phone, he heard a quick knock on his door. Frowning, Misaki almost wanted to ignore it. He didn't want to talk to any more police officers… he didn't want to talk to any of Usagi's publishers, or even Aikawa.

"...Who is it?" Misaki asked dully against the door.

There was a slight pause, before a familiar voice answered. "Open up, Takahashi. It's Professor Kamijou."

The teen winced, and for a moment, panic struck him. Why was Hiroki here? Then he recalled how close he and Akihiko were; if he remembered correctly, they were childhood friends. Sadly, Misaki unlatched and unlocked the door before opening it.

Kamijou looked just as rough as Misaki, if not worse. He nodded, before heading inside. But to Misaki's surprise, he wasn't alone. Shinobu was with him.

"Shinobu?" Misaki said aloud. He was on fairly good terms with the young man – since they had encountered each other at a few campus 'literature' related events, in which both Usagi and Miyagi attended. "What's wrong?" He asked.

Shinobu didn't answer; he was silent (for once) – and looked as if he had cried himself into exhaustion. So after ushering the boy inside, Kamijou crossed his arms. "We all have something in common, Takahashi." Hiroki began in a gravely voice. "We each lost someone we love today."

"Y-You… mean…" Misaki stared at the two, wide eyed.

The sandy-blond teen choked on a sob, before quickly breaking down again on the couch. Kamijou flinched and grit his teeth together, but even as well as he held it in, Misaki could see some tears brimming behind his hard, stern eyes. "Professor Miyagi was killed earlier today in a bank robbery. The idiot was trying to be a good Samaritan… and help one of the hostages."

"DON'T CALL HIM AN IDIOT!" A teary Shinobu screamed through his sobs.

Hiroki looked down guiltily for a moment, "Sorry." He apologized in a quiet tone. "He was killed instantly." He continued, looking back to Misaki. Letting out a heavy sigh, Hiroki looked away again, "I'm sorry for your loss too, Takahaski." He lamented, eyes welling up again. Misaki wondered why Hiroki wasn't crying; did he somehow feel that because he was older, he had to be stronger? It was a ridiculous thought; if anything, Misaki thought Hiroki had more right to cry than anyone. Not only had he lost someone he loved, but he'd also lost his best friend, and his superior. "Akihiko was a very close friend of mine."

"P-Professor Kamijou…" Misaki began sadly. "What… what about you?"

Hiroki's eyes flashed up toward the teen with a surge of anger – before he calmed and took a deep breath, looking away again. "Nowaki… he…" Hiroki cleared his throat, trying to push the teary waver from his voice. "He was hit by a car. He… he saved a little boy… apparently…"

It was a short story, but Misaki certainly got the gist of it.

"I'm so sorry…" Misaki whispered, taking a tentative step toward Hiroki. As much as the guy tortured him in his literature class, Misaki had lost a lover, just like the other two. And all he wanted was a hug. But the closer Misaki got, the firmer Hiroki's eyes became, and he stepped away from the approaching teen.

Not wanting to push the older man into accepting his grief, Misaki turned his attention to a still-weeping Shinobu on the couch. Heading over there, the brunette gently stroked the blond on the top of his head. He was surprised when Shinobu jumped up and wrapped his arms around him in a desperate hug.

It was enough to undo Misaki. Before he knew it, he too was crying – though more silently than Shinobu was.

Hiroki watched, feeling his heart wrench and twist painfully.

"You two should make a better show of yourselves." He stated firmly – quickly wiping away the tears that threatened to fall from his own eyes. He hissed in a breath, and clenched his teeth again. "These things… happen…" He trailed off sadly.

Misaki closed his eyes and trembled.

When Misaki's large, doe-green eyes cracked open the next morning, he felt the warm, familiar sheets surrounding his body. He was in bed? It Usagi-san's room?

The teen certainly didn't remember going to bed – but figured he must have at some point. It was all such a blur. His heart felt like it weighed a hundred pounds; yesterday had officially been the worst day of his life. And he knew it wasn't over. Since Shinobu and Hiroki had turned up around 2am, he hadn't gotten to call Nii-chan.

He still had to break the news to his brother that his best friend was gone.

But right now… Misaki didn't feel like doing anything. The sheets of the bed still smelled of Usagi-san… and knowing the scent would eventually disappear as time went on, Misaki didn't want to leave.

Just as he felt the tears beginning to well up in his eyes again… a large hand gently threaded itself into his wild chocolate hair.

"What's wrong, Misaki?" The familiar, deep baritone voice asked. "You look like you're about to cry."

Turning quickly, Misaki's mouth hung open when he found himself face to face with his… deceased… lover?

"U… Usagi-san?" He whispered in shock.