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Pairings: Misaki/Akihiko, Hiroki/Nowaki, and Shinobu/Miyagi

Summary: The most important day of your life.

Notes: Last chapter! Lol I told you it was going to be short. Enjoy! PS… it also REEKS of x-mas-fluff lol … some characters might seem OOC, but whatever, its supposed to be like that haha ...I also didn't really proof read this, for once, so if there's mistakes/careless spelling errors, ignore them :P I'm too tired to care, and I just wanted to get this chapter up haha

Misaki opened his eyes, and rubbed them as he blearily looked across at the man lying next to him. His lovers hooded, lavender eyes were already staring back at him with his trademark smirk. "Good morning, my beautiful Misaki…" He purred.

This time, Misaki smiled back – and shifted over on the bed. "G-Good morning, Usagi-san." He answered, leaning over and placing a tender kiss to his lover's lips.

He was repeating the day once again… only this time; Misaki was determined to show a different attitude toward it. He had spent the previous day (or rather, the previous repeat) going over his plan, and scheduling his time in order to do everything he needed – in the hopes of breaking this odd time warp he found himself in.

And while his actions today would hopefully help – his attitude was going to be just as important.

Usagi-san seemed a bit surprised, but incredibly pleased, by Misaki's affection this morning. Pressing his luck, he wrapped his arms around the boy and tugged him closer. "You know, it's a shame I have to go into work." He uttered into Misaki's ear. "I can't think of a better way to spend my Christmas Eve than being here with you."

"But your work is important." Misaki replied, nestling his head comfortably beneath Akihiko's chin. "You'll get it done… and before you know it, we'll be spending Christmas Eve together."

Akihiko smiled, "Mmm… I can't wait." He said huskily.

Propping himself up on his arms, Misaki smiled, and kissed Akihiko on the lips again.

"C-Come on Usagi-san, get dressed. I'll make a quick breakfast and we can go." He smiled, tugging himself reluctantly away from the warm comfort of Akihiko's arms.

The writer yawned and nodded – sliding out of bed as well. After the two had gotten dressed, they headed downstairs where they chatted and flirted while Misaki made breakfast. They ate, and then dressed themselves to head out for the day. But just as they were leaving the front doors of the condo apartment building, Misaki felt Usagi-san's long arms wrap around him from behind.

"Mmm Misaki," He moaned into his ear. "I don't know what's gotten into you today, but… I like it." Akihiko smiled. "Did I do something to deserve such pleasant treatment and cooperation this morning?"

The brunette teen blushed, shoving his nerves and insecurities down into the pit of his stomach, as he turned in his lover's arms. "N-No, I just…" Misaki paused. Trailing his eyes over Usagi-san's face, he leaned up on his toes, and kissed him sweetly again. "I want this to be a good day, Usagi-san. For the both of us." He smiled as a deep blush settled on his cheeks.

"It's already a good day, Misaki," The writer responded in a warm, deep tone. "Thank you." He sighed, nestling his nose against the boy's. "I've never been so reluctant to leave you." He laughed. "You're in such a good mood… I just want to stay and take advantage of how affectionate you've been."

Misaki felt a bit sad with the knowledge that his 'affection' seemed to be rare to Usagi-san… but he was going to change that. "D-Don't worry, Usagi-san. It will still be here when you come back." He smiled.

Pulling away from him reluctantly, Misaki waved and headed off down the snowy street, while Usagi-san slid into his red sports car. For a few minutes, the writer watched his lover walking away… further and further… as a small smile fell on his lips.

Standing at the corner where he knew Nowaki was going to get hit by the car – Misaki's large eyes scanned around until they landed on what he was searching for: the two boys playing in the snow, in their front yard.

Heading over toward them, Misaki put on a smile. "Hey," He greeted. "What are you guys doing?" He asked.

"Playing." One answered simply. The young boy was making designs in the snow with a stick, while the other was bouncing a ball.

Misaki nodded, "Well, I was just wondering if I could ask for your help." He began with a hopeful smile. The two little boys looked up, clearly intrigued by the older teen. "It's kind of embarrassing… but… I need help learning how to build a snowman." He sighed dramatically. "Do you know how?"

"S-Sure!" One exclaimed, dropping the stick and heading over toward Misaki. His green eye shifted to the second boy with the ball – and was relieved to see him abandon the ball, in favor of helping them with the snowman.

Misaki smiled at the second boy who joined them, "Really? Thanks a lot!"

"Here," The quiet boy began, "You need to start by rolling a snowball like this," He instructed. "You make the body cuz… cuz it's the biggest part we need."

The teen nodded, "Gotcha."

He worked with the young boys for almost ten minutes – before he noticed Nowaki walking up the street with a warm smile on his lips. As the tall, dark-haired doctor got closer, he noticed Misaki with the two little boys and smiled as he approached.

"Hey," He greeted, "You're Takahashi Misaki, aren't you?" Nowaki asked.

Misaki nodded, "Yeah. H-Hey Nowaki-san." The teen smiled.

"Wow, are you helping these boys build a snowman?" He asked brightly, turning his attention to the children; it was no secret the doctor adored them, since he worked with kids constantly. Misaki could tell he was good with children too.

He was about to respond, when a little boy spoke up, "We're helping HIM actually!" He stated proudly.

"Oh, well then," Nowaki chuckled, "He's pretty lucky. Misaki-kun seems pretty bad at building a snowman. That ball is all lumpy and off-sided."

The brunette teen glared at the tall young man, "Baka! I'm doing fine!" He shouted defensively.

The kids and Nowaki laughed, "Here. Let me show you how it's done." He smiled, reaching down to help Misaki form the large base of the snowman.

Before they knew it, everyone had gotten caught up in building the snowman; for a couple of minutes, Misaki even forgot WHY he was participating, he was having so much fun. But it was just a little bit passed noon, and Nowaki was still alive.

'I did it.' Misaki paused, smiling to himself. There was no car accident, no mishap with the kids, nothing.

"NOWAKI!" A loud, booming voice shouted. The kids and the two young men stopped and looked up to see Hiroki approaching them.

'Right on time.' Misaki smirked when he saw Hiroki.

The dark-haired doctor was the only one who didn't seem nervous about the approaching demon, "Hello Hiro-san! Want to help us build a snowman?" He asked brightly.

"No!" He snapped, "You were supposed to meet me AT the campus! And I find you building a snowman with some brats?" He paused, quirking a brow, "Takahashi? What the hell are you doing?"

Misaki gulped and blushed, "Uh… brushing up on my… snowman… skills?"

"Hmph. Try brushing up on your literature and essay skills FIRST." He scolded.

But before another word could be spoken, a snowball exploded against Hiroki's chest. He winced, and shot a death glare to the children. "Who threw that?" He yelled.

Both little boys immediately pointed at Nowaki – who had a guilty, playful smile on his lips.

"Come oooooon, Hiro-san. It's Christmas Eve!" The gentle giant encouraged, already balling up another snowball in his hand.

Hiroki glared, "Don't. Even. Think. About it." He warned. "We still have to go shopping for my mother. And I don't w—"

He quickly dodged out of the way as a mischievous Nowaki threw another snowball at him. Quickly getting his footing in the snow, Hiroki packed a snowball of his own without a second thought, and threw it at Nowaki. Before Misaki knew it, he was watching a snowball fight between Professor Kamijou, his lover Nowaki, and the two young boys who were giggling and screaming with glee.

Misaki laughed when he saw Hiroki suddenly tackle Nowaki to the ground, wrestling him into the snow. His upper hand didn't last too long, before Nowaki reversed their positions, and bested Kamijou the Devil.

"B-Baka! Get off!" He cursed, blushing as Nowaki finally helped him up.

The sound of a woman's voice cut through the unexpected fun the young men were having, "Boys! Time to come in!" She called.

Saying a quick goodbye, the two small children ran back into their house and disappeared. Misaki watched as Hiroki and Nowaki approached him again – brushing themselves off.

"H-Hey, um," Misaki began. Nowaki looked at him with a gentle smile, while Hiroki still seemed to be scowling a bit. "I don't know if you guys have plans for Boxing Day… but, uh… Usagi-san and I want to invite everyone over for dinner."

Nowaki tilted his head, "Really? Who's everyone?" He asked.

"U-Uh, well you, and Hiro— Professor Kamijou," He covered quickly, "And my friend Shinobu, and Professor Miyagi."

Hiroki immediately scoffed and crossed his arms, "Psh. I'm not going if that asshole's going," He complained, referring to Miyagi. "His brat is just as annoying."

"Oh, Hiro-san." Nowaki chided with a smile, slapping him playfully on the ass. "We'll be there, Misaki-kun! We don't have any plans anyway."

His demon lover glared, "N-Nowaki! Don't do that!" He scolded as another heavy blush tinted his cheeks from the 'slap' to his ass. "A-And don't tell him we'll be there!"

"Great!" Misaki smiled, ignoring Hiroki as well. "I'll text you with the details!"

Waving, the teen jogged away from them – hearing a distant Hiroki questioning Nowaki as to HOW and WHY 'that Takahashi kid' has his number. Misaki couldn't help but smile.

'That went well…'

"Um… excuse me?" Misaki called gently.

The homeless male looked up to see a bright-eyed teen standing in front of him. He sighed and looked away, "What is it, kid?" He asked in a gruff, depressed voice.

"Well, um," He cleared his throat awkwardly. "I… wanted to give you this."

The man looked up to see that the teen was holding a small, old cigar box in his hands. Taking it tentatively, the homeless man looked back and forth between the two, before he finally opened it. As soon as he saw it's inner contents, his mouth dropped open…

It was filled with cash.

Misaki had decided to clean out his own bank account, and give this poor fellow his savings. It was the only thing he could think to do.

"W-What… how…" The man stammered. He began to flip through the money. "T-This is real!" He exclaimed, looking up to Misaki with wide, shocked eyes. "Why?"

Misaki lowered his gaze, "Well, you can use it, right?" He asked. "I just… wanted to give it to you. I didn't want to see you do anything rash." He answered.

He couldn't help but notice the homeless male glance quickly in the direction of the bank, before he lowered his guilty gaze back to the box of money.

"Kid…" He grumbled. "I'm…" He stopped himself, looking back up at the teen before him. "Thanks. You don't know what this means to me."

Misaki offered him another smile, "Maybe I do." He answered with a shrug. "H-Have a Merry Christmas!" He waved.

"Yeah… yeah you too," The man smiled, standing up from the street and brushing off his shabby clothing.

Misaki started off down the street, before he stopped and turned to watch the homeless man walk away. He stared at him, and watched curiously as he approached another woman – who was seated at an opposing corner, with a small boy beside her. They too, had a similar sign, asking for extra change. Misaki watched them speak together as the man showed her the box. She jumped up and hugged him and her son happily, before they took off down the street.

'Huh… I guess he wasn't lying about money for his family…' Misaki reflected. He knew some homeless people tried to swindle those kind-hearted individuals who might pass them – and use any money given to them to fund drinking or drug abuse… but this was a rare case that was actually true: a man down on his luck, hoping to provide for his loved ones.

Turning back down the street, Misaki took out his cell and texted Shinobu:

Hey! Wanna come over for BoxingDay dinner? 6pm? - M

After a few moments, he got a response from his blond-haired friend:

We'll b there. Even if I have to drag the old man. - S

Misaki smiled.

Usagi-san watched the large snowflakes falling outside the large window of his office in the publishing building… lost in thought. 'I wish I was with Misaki right now…' He lamented. Looking at his watch, he saw it was almost seven-thirty at night. Flipping open his phone, he sighed, and dialed his lover's number.

When he heard Misaki answer, he prepared for the worst: "I know you're pissed…" Akihiko began.

"H-Hi Usagi-san!" An unusually chipper Misaki answered. "How is work going? Ok?"

The writer quirked a brow, surprised that the boy wasn't reaming him out being late and ruining their dinner plans. "Uh… yeah. It's going fine." He answered. "It's taking longer than I hoped. Damned rewrites. They are insisting I get them done tonight… if I don't, I'll have to work on Christmas Day. And I'd rather spend it with you." He admitted.

"M-Me too, Usagi-san." Misaki answered. "I miss you."

Akihiko's heart swelled toward his lover; he was really surprised that Misaki was being so open to him today. He wanted to ask WHY… but he was afraid it might scare the boy off.

"What time do you think you'll be done?" Misaki asked, cutting into his lover's thoughts.

Usagi-san glanced at the clock on the wall. "Soon. No more than an hour." He sighed. "I'll rush right home."

"O-Ok, well… I'll let you get back to it." Misaki said sadly. "See you soon Usagi-san!"

Before he could answer, the boy quickly hung up. Akihiko's heart dropped a bit; he always liked telling Misaki that he loved him at the end of their phone calls… but it had ended too quickly.

'What's wrong with that boy today?' The author wondered.

Running a hand through his silver hair, Akihiko stood and headed back toward the editing room where his editors and Aikawa were waiting. They were just on a ten-minute break, so he'd used the opportunity to call his beloved Misaki.

'The faster I get this done, the faster I can go see Misaki…' Akihiko reminded himself. Since it was Christmas Eve, he assumed the roads would be rather empty tonight; he could speed home without a second thought.

Grabbing his things and rushing around like a mad man, Akihiko finally tossed on his coat, scarf and grabbed his bag – before heading down to the lobby of the building. It was almost eight-thirty at night, and they were FINALLY done.

'Misaki's going to be so mad,' He sighed. 'I didn't get to spend any time with him today…'

Pushing past the front doors, Akihiko took a deep breath as the cold winter night air filled his lungs. He shuddered a bit, and began to make his way to his car… when he was stopped dead in his tracks.

There was Misaki: bundled up, and standing in the parking lot, waiting for him.

"…Misaki?" Akihiko asked, almost like he couldn't believe his lover was standing there, amidst the large, gently floating snowflakes.

He looked gorgeous.

His young lover gave him a sweet, bashful smile as his cheeks colored; whether it was from the cold, or his natural embarrassment, Akihiko didn't know. "H-Hey Usagi-san."

"What are you doing here?" It was hard for the writer to wipe the pleased, broad smile from his lips as he approached him.

Misaki smiled, and wrapped his arms around Akihiko. The older man responded by holding Misaki back and pulling him even closer. "I… wanted to come get you. I thought maybe… since it is such a nice night that… we could, um, walk home? Together?" He asked, as if he was unsure Akihiko would approve.

"Misaki…" Akihiko purred huskily. Leaning down, he nestled his nose against the brunette's. "Nothing would make me happier."

Smiling, Misaki pushed himself onto his toes again, and pressed their lips together. Usagi-san couldn't help but release a soft moan as he indulged his young lover in a kiss. Despite the work he had to do, and despite being separated from the boy… he couldn't imagine a more perfect end to the day.

"I love you, Usagi-san…" Misaki muttered against his lips.

Akihiko ran his lavender eyes affectionately over Misaki's face. "I love you too, Misaki. I love you so much… I can barely stand it." He whispered, kissing him once more.

When they reluctantly pulled away, Misaki took Usagi-san's hand in his own, and the two began to walk. Akihiko briefly wondered if it was ok to leave his car at the office over night… but a gentle, affectionate squeeze of Misaki's small hand in his own made those concerns disappear.

If Misaki wanted to walk home with him… then who was he to deny the love of his life?

"I'm really pleasantly surprised you came to get me." Akihiko began smoothly as they walked down the snow-silent streets toward their building. It was a bit of a hike to get home, but neither seemed to mind the distance. "Not that I'm complaining. It only makes me love you all the more…" He purred, tugging the shorter boy closer to his side.

Misaki blushed, but allowed the contact. "I just realized that… this is the time of year to show people how you feel, and… to spend time with… uh… people you… l-love," The teen began, walking closely beside his boyfriend. "A-And I know I don't say it a lot. But I hope you know how much you mean to m—"

He wasn't able to finish his sentence before Usagi-san pulled him up and kissed him passionately on the lips. It was Misaki's turn to moan as the twenty-nine year old swept him off his feet with a grand, heated embrace. Sliding his hands up Akihiko's broad, warm chest – Misaki entangled his hands into his lover's silver hair as their tongues swirled and danced together.

"Misaki…" Akihiko whispered as they parted, "You don't need to say anything more. In fact, I'm begging you to stop… otherwise, I'll end up ravaging you right here in the snow." He muttered huskily against the boy's cheek. Misaki blushed and nestled his head into the author's coat, while they stood and embraced one another beneath the falling snow.

"I know you love me." Akihiko continued, "You don't have to worry. We have our share of problems, and disagreements, but… I'm never letting you go. I love you, Misaki."

The two were silent for a few minutes, content to simply stand and hold one another.

"U-Usagi-san… we should keep going…" Misaki whispered.

Akihiko nodded and took Misaki's hand, leading him down the street again. "You're right." He smirked. "I love a romantic walk as much as the next man, but… right now… I just want to make love to you. Over and over."

"B-Baka…" Misaki cursed quietly as his blush deepened. "I'm being nice today, b-but you don't have to be a pervert."

His lover chuckled, "Ah, but it's your fault, Misaki. Being affectionate this morning, acting so sweet, coming to get me at work, suggesting we take a romantic walk home…"

"Fine." Misaki replied, slipping his hand from Akihiko's. The writer frowned at the lost contact, but when he turned around he was met with a snowball, which exploded on his chest. Shocked, he stared at Misaki – who had a teasing smirk plastered on his lips. "I can cool you down, if you're all hot and bothered."

When he caught sight of the look in Akihiko's eyes, Misaki winced, 'Maybe I should have thought this through…' He wondered, as the writer stared at him with a lustful and mischievous smirk.

The second he caught Usagi-san moving, Misaki broke into a run. Akihiko followed, chasing his young lover through the empty, snow-covered streets. Occasionally they stopped to throw snowballs at one another, and the peaceful silence of the snowfall was interrupted by their laughter, playful threats and protests.

The small battle finally ended when Akihiko tackled the teen into the snow, and pinned him there. Their laughter soon died down, and before they knew it, the two were locked in another heated kiss as they lay in the snow. Misaki moaned as their actions became more heated, and he only gasped and pulled away when he felt Usagi-san's hand rubbing him between his legs.

"U-Usagi-san… not h-here…" The boy moaned.

Akihiko released a feral-like groan, "I need you Misaki…"

"H-Home, Usagi-san!" Misaki whimpered, grasping either side of the man's face, and forcing him to look at him.

The two panted, and regained control of their breathing again, before standing and continuing home. Their walking pace was a bit faster than it should have been… but the couple was eager to return to the privacy of their home, where they could be warm, safe, and together.

As soon as they were in the elevator, Usagi-san had Misaki pinned against the wall, claiming his mouth with his tongue while his hands unbuttoned his coat. Misaki's hands worked to push his lover's coat aside as well… so by the time the elevator dropped them off on the top floor, most of their winter attire had been shed.

Bursting through the front door of the penthouse, their coats, boots and scarves were forgotten as Akihiko steered Misaki back and onto the couch; their lips never parting once…

"God, Misaki…" Akihiko groaned as he began to shed the boy of his clothing. He was even more pleased to feel the brunette teen ripping off his vest and shirt as well. "I love you… I love you…" He panted against his lips.

Misaki whimpered, and clutched to Usagi-san tightly, "I love you too… Usagi-san… I love you…" He finished.

'Please work,' The young man thought, 'Please… let tomorrow come… I don't want to lose this moment with him… I don't want him to… forget…'

When Misaki opened his eyes, no morning light was flooding through the window. It was gray and cloudy like always. For a moment, his heart fell…

'It can't be…' He thought grimly to himself.

But then he heard a groan, and felt a heavy weight rest on him. "It's… too… early…" Usagi-san grumbled.

Misaki's eyes widened, and he looked over to see his lover wasn't propped up and staring at him like he was most mornings.

"U-Um… Usagi-san?" Misaki whispered cautiously. "What day is it?"

The author groaned, "It's Christmas, Misaki… and I know you're excited about presents, but last night kind of took it out of me. One more hour." He purred, hugging the boy closer and trapping him within his arms.

Slowly, the teen's large, green doe eyes began to gloss over with tears. "It… worked…" He whispered.

"Hmm?" Usagi-san muttered against the warm skin of his neck.

Misaki smiled, "N-Nothing." He sighed, nestling closer to his lover. "I love you, Usagi-san…"

"I know." Akihiko smirked. "You said so repeatedly yesterday. It was the best day of my life." Leaning forward, he began to press light kisses to the boy's neck and shoulder. "But perhaps we can top that today."

While he might normally snap at his lover for embarrassing him, Misaki was just relieved that his little time-warp had been broken… and things were moving forward again. "Yeah… m-maybe…" He agreed quietly.


"Coming, coming!" Misaki shouted at the penthouse door. Rushing over, while still drying his hands on a tea towel, the bright-eyed brunette opened the door to see a somewhat grumpy looking Hiroki on the other side, with his tall, smiling boyfriend. "H-Hi Professor Kamijou! Hi Nowaki-san!" Misaki greeted, "Merry Christmas!"

It was a secret relief to see Nowaki alive and well. Shame that his hard-ass literature professor would never know what he did for him.

Hiroki shot the teen a glare, before making his way reluctantly inside, "Yeah, yeah… mer-phn mhm chris-mnph…" He muttered.

"Merry Christmas to you, Misaki-kun," Nowaki greeted properly as he followed in after. "Don't mind Hiro-san. He's just a little disappointed that I'm making him come to this. He would rather I make him 'come' in our apartment instead." He teased.

Hiroki spun around, "Baka! Don't make disgusting jokes like that in front of my student!" He yelled, blushing up a storm. "I'd rather be home with my BOOKS, instead of traveling to some pretentious author's penthouse for a Boxing Day dinner…" He complained.

"But we were invited, Hiro-san, and it's Christmas." Nowaki smiled. Looking back to Misaki, he ruffled his hair. "Thanks for having us over, Misaki-kun."

Misaki couldn't help but blush and smile up to the tall, young doctor. "It's no problem, Nowaki-san! My brother is spending Christmas with his family, and his wife's family… so I thought it might be nice to get together with e-everyone." He explained, finally moving to shut the door.

Unfortunately, a large hand against the door stopped him from doing so – and two more guests slid inside.

"Oi, oi," Miyagi whined. "It's not polite to shut the door on guests."

Shinobu followed in after with his usual scowl. "You didn't even KNOCK, old man. How was he supposed to know we'd arrived?" He scolded. "Hey Misaki. Merry Christmas." Shinobu greeted formally, still shooting his older lover a slight glare.

"Yes, yes, Merry Christmas all around." Miyagi brightened up as soon as he saw Hiroki. "Ahhhh my sweet Ka-mi-jooooooou! Isn't this nice? Spending the holiday with friends, etcetera? You look absolutely thrilled to be here, as usual." He teased with a sly grin. "How many lumps of coal did you get in your stocking this year?"

Hiroki was almost fuming, while Nowaki couldn't help but chuckle lightly. "I have no problem drowning that smug face of yours in a punch bowl full of EGG NOG!" Hiroki threatened loudly.

"Hiroki, you are positively the living embodiment of Christmas." The smooth, baritone voice of Akihiko finally graced the room as he came sauntering down the stairs with a coffee mug in hand. "I'm glad everyone could make it." He smirked.

Misaki blushed at the sight of his attractive lover coming down the stairs; their Christmas morning the previous day had been a good one. They had slept in, exchanged gifts, eaten well, and fucked like rabbits in multiple areas of the penthouse. Akihiko had been so happy the entire day that he almost called to cancel this get-together, in favor of continuing to fuck Misaki senseless.

But his uke had been adamant about this small party; his brother was away, and he wanted to do something that 'normal' families would do… which was having guests over. Secretly, however, Misaki actually wanted everyone to come over so he could be SURE his little plan had worked. Nowaki was alive, and so was Miyagi… so things had worked out.

Misaki really couldn't be happier.

"Wanna help me in the kitchen, Shinobu?" Misaki asked the only other boy (consequently, the only one close to his age).

Truth be told, ever since they'd met at a campus literary event called 'Wordfest' – the two had become fast friends. Misaki admired Shinobu's temper and forthrightness when it came to his lover – and Shinobu admired Misaki's ability to cook delicious meals and hold his lover's undivided attention without any effort.

Shinobu nodded, "Yeah. Let's leave these old men alone so they can talk about their dusty old books." He smirked, following Misaki into the kitchen area.

"I'll help too." Nowaki offered with a smile. He gave Hiroki a quick peck on the cheek, before he followed after the boys. Books weren't really his forte, and if the teens were going to be making something in the kitchen, Nowaki knew he'd be of more use there.

"Oi, Shinobu-chin!" Miyagi called playfully after them, "Get a few pointers in there, will you? Your cooking could still use some improvement." He teased.

Shinobu shot him a glare over his shoulder. "Get your 'dialing' finger and wallet ready, old man… because that little comment is costing you take-out dinners for the next week. Prick." His lover shot back.

"...Shit." He grumbled beneath his breath.

Akihiko smirked and nodded his head, "Take a seat. Drink?" He offered.

"Scotch." Miyagi smiled, patting Hiroki on the back roughly as he took a spot on the couch.

Hiroki grumbled, "Sake… I guess."

"Wonderful." Usagi purred, fixing the drinks at the bar like a proper host. "Drunk-Hiroki is so much more entertaining than Regular-Hiroki."

The assistant professor crossed his arms, "Baka! I can hold my liquor as well as anyone else!"

"Of course you can, my~sweet~honey!" Miyagi encouraged with a teasing smile. "You can put us ALL in our place this evening by demonstrating how well you can drink." He challenged. When Akihiko came back into the open-concept living room with the drinks, he gave himself sake as well.

Meanwhile in the kitchen, the three boys were grabbing their own drinks. "Do you need help with the meal, Misaki-kun?" Nowaki asked.

"N-No everything's mostly done. Just waiting for the turkey in the oven." He smiled. "How was your Christmas?" Misaki asked both boys, wanting to keep the conversation going.

Shinobu hopped onto the counter and sat on it, "Fine." He muttered. "Miyagi gave me a bunch of books I don't need, and I gave him a wide selection of roleplay outfits."

"Really?" Nowaki smiled, seemingly at 'home' with the idea of a sexual-roleplay gift set. Misaki, on the other hand, was blushing up a storm. "That's neat. What kind of roleplay?"

Misaki flinched, "A-Ah, you don't have to answer that Sh—"

"Teacher and student, a policeman, a doctor and nurse, a cowboy and saloon girl, a—" Shinobu began to list in a disinterested tone as he picked his nails.

Nowaki laughed, "Wow, lots of choice there, huh?" He mused. Pausing, he sipped on his wine, "I wonder if Hiro-san would like a teacher-student roleplay?"

"Who knows?" Shinobu mumbled, "I'm just surprised you can have sex with him at all. Does he yell all the time, like he does in real life?"

The dark-haired doctor smirked, "Hiro-san is a kitten if you know how to deal with him." He answered, "He's just…"

"A dick?" Shinobu finished.

Nowaki quirked a brow, "Overly passionate."

"Ah-haha, yeah…" Misaki jumped in, before Shinobu's dislike of Kamijou took over the entire conversation, "I-I don't mind him as a professor. But, maybe you could ask him to lay off throwing so much chalk."

The older of the boys chuckled, "I'll try."

"What did he get you for Christmas, Nowaki-san?" Misaki asked curiously.

Nowaki smiled, and for the first time, Misaki and Shinobu witnessed a faint (but still present) blush on his cheeks. He held up his hand, displaying a silver band on his ring finger.

"WAH!" Misaki exclaimed. "You're married?"

Shinobu frowned, "T-That's impossible." He protested, "Men can't get married here. I looked into it." The sandy-blond teen pouted. How come Nowaki and Hiroki could get married, and HE couldn't? And what's more, if men could get married, WHY hadn't Miyagi proposed to him?

"Well, we're not 'technically' married," Nowaki reassured them. "But my Hiro-san got me a ring… and told me that when the time was right, we would." He recalled fondly. "Which, as fate would have it, went hand-and-hand with MY gift to him."

Misaki's eyes lit up eagerly, "Which was?"

"Two tickets to America." He beamed. "It's legal for anyone to marry over there. At least, in most places." Nowaki clarified. "So I proposed to him."

Shinobu pouted and crossed his arms, clearly jealous about not being engaged, or even having a ring himself. "And he actually said yes?"

"Not at first." Nowaki laughed. "He was really embarrassed, and kept thinking up excuses… but… when I was making breakfast, he came up behind me... and just… agreed." He smiled.

"Lucky." Shinobu grumbled. "I'm making Miyagi propose to me next. I'm not going to be the last one."

Misaki blushed, "The last one? S-Shinobu, I'm not even engaged yet! What does it matter?"

"Yeah, but you were living with Usami-sensei right off the bat." He complained. "I JUST started living with Miyagi recently. Stupid, slow old man." He mumbled.

Nowaki just kept smiling, "Come on, let's go finish our drinks with the others. We have time, right Misaki-kun?" He asked.

"Y-Yeah." The brunette teen nodded. "Turkey's got about another half hour."

Taking their glasses, the three boys headed out of the kitchen, and around into the open-concept living room. Usagi-san immediately looked up, initially with amusement in his eyes… but once they settled on Misaki, a warm, affectionate lust settled in them.

"What have you three been talking about over there?" The writer asked in his deep, husky voice.

Misaki smiled, "N-Nowaki-san is getting married to Professor Kamijou."

"Ah. Why didn't you tell us, Hiroki?" The silver-haired man asked.

Hiroki, who already looked a bit red in the face, downed another glass of sake. "Ahhhh… didn't I?" He muttered.

"You got my Hiro-san drunk? Already?" Nowaki asked, sliding down to sit beside his lover with a grin. He wrapped an arm around Hiroki's shoulders, and to everyone's surprise, the brunette professor actually leaned into him. "Hiro-san, you're hopeless."

Miyagi laughed, "Correction, your 'Hiro-san' got HIMSELF drunk." He mused. "That boy really can't hold his liquor, can he?" Pausing, Miyagi tilted his head, "Oi, my~sweet~honey… who is going to be your best man?"

"Uh… I dunno…" The assistant professor muttered, "Ah… A-Akihiko?"

Miyagi pouted, "Awww bullshit."

"I'm flattered." The writer smirked. "Just let me know the date, and I'll be there. Provided my Misaki is invited as well."

Nowaki grinned, "Of course!"

"Nowaki stop talking!" Hiroki snapped, pushing his face against his lover's throat. Slowly, he began licking and kissing the skin there.

For the second time that night, Nowaki blushed, "H-Hiro-san… I like when you're affectionate, but… there are still people around."

"Yeah." Shinobu agreed. "I don't want to watch you macking on your boyfriend. Gross." He protested, moving up to plop himself right on Miyagi's lap.

The older professor groaned, "Ugh… easy Shinobu." He complained, but wrapped his arm around the boy regardless.

"Stupid… brat…" Hiroki grumbled, reluctantly pulling himself away from Nowaki. His eyes drifted over his companions, before landing on Misaki. "Oi, Ta… T-Ta… Taka… hashi…" He stuttered out. "Where's the food?" He demanded with a slight slur.

Misaki couldn't help but smirk at his incoherent professor. 'I guess he really is as much of a lightweight as Usagi-san says,' He mused. "Uh… it still has about another half-hour. Then we can eat." The teen reassured him.

"Perfect!" Miyagi shouted, "We can get Hiroki even more plastered."

Reaching over, Akihiko suddenly grasped Misaki's arm, and tugged him into his lap while everyone was bickering and chatting. The boy blushed and wanted to protest… but he bit his tongue, and simply settled back in his lover's hold.

While he still might feel a bit self-conscious… and anxious about being so open and affectionate with Akihiko… Misaki couldn't help but think back to how he felt when he died; how lost and empty he felt. Misaki didn't want to experience that again. He didn't know how long he'd be here, and he didn't know how long Akihiko would be here. Tragedy could strike at any time, and while the teen didn't know much - he knew he didn't want to spend his relationship and future with Usagi-san being tentative, fighting, and nervous all the time.

As Miyagi was arguing with Shinobu about drinking, and Nowaki trying to fend off an increasingly 'horny' Hiroki – Akihiko pressed a light kiss on the cloth of Misaki's shoulder.

"As much as I want to ravage you right now," He began deeply. "I have to admit. This was a good idea." Akihiko admitted. Pausing, his lavender eyes trailed over Misaki's bright face. "This has been the best Christmas of my life."

Misaki instantly blushed at those words, and subconsciously nestled closer to the author. "M-Me too, Usagi-san." He replied softly. "Me too."