A Lie to Everyone except Each Other

Chapter One

Suzaku Kururugi stood outside of Euphemia li Britannia's Room, keeping guard as she had asked only minutes before. He didn't understand why she asked him, but he was to listen to her. He was an honorary Britannian and it was his duty to serve the Royal Family.

But it didn't make sense for her to ask him however. There were plenty other soldiers who could do this for her that were purebloods. So why would she ask him? It was strange… "Suzaku, are you still out there?" Euphemia wondered from the other side of the door, interrupting Suzaku's thoughts.

"Yes, milady," Suzaku said. The moment the doorknob began to turn, Suzaku bowed down and didn't glance up as Euphemia's feet came into view.

"I could use some help, Suzaku. The shower is being stubborn and won't turn on." Suzaku glanced up at Euphemia, freezing. His eyes widened. Here she stood in front of him, only in a towel that loosely fell down her body and hardly reached down her thighs.

He blushed the moment he realized he was staring. "I'm sorry, Milady. I'll come help you immediately." Suzaku stood up and waited for Euphemia to invite him before he walked past the doorway.

He entered the bathroom first, glancing back at Euphemia before he crouched down to inspect what was wrong. The shower looked fine at first glance, but when Suzaku tried to turn on the water, he found the knob was stuck. He quickly tried to turn the knob, but it wouldn't budge. He cursed silently, feeling Euphemia's eyes on him. "Are you having difficulties as well, Suzaku?"

He jumped; he hardly even realized how close Euphemia was until she spoke. She smiled softly and looked at him, moving closer. "M-milady, it seems-"

"Suzaku, you know what you should call me," Euphemia scolded, but she was still smiling.

"Well, Euphy, I'm having some difficulties with the knob. Would you like to go somewhere else for a shower while I have someone else fix this?"

"This is the most secluded area for a shower. The others have so many people passing by I can hardly take a shower in peace," Euphemia frowned, crouching down beside Suzaku and leaning over to inspect the knob as well. Suzaku swallowed, and found his eyes trailing down where the towel was slipping…`

He glanced away before he was caught and tried to turn the knob again. He was still having troubles. "Allow me to grab something else to help loosen the knob," he said before disappearing for a moment. He returned and quickly tried the lube. It worked well; however, it made the tube very slick.

Euphemia lost her hold on the tube and slipped. Out of reflex, Suzaku tried to catch Euphemia, but his foot caught some lube and the two ended up in limbs on the floor in the shower. The water spurted alive and rained warm water over them. Suzaku was going to move away from Euphemia, when suddenly…

Euphemia looked like a goddess. No matter how cheesy that sounded, Suzaku was astounded how beautiful she looked as she lay beneath him. He swallowed again and went to move once more when suddenly, Euphemia moved her head. Suzaku couldn't help himself.

He captured her lips with his own.

Before he had a chance to figure out how wrong this was, Euphemia had caught him off guard. She kissed him back, allowing her arms to slowly wrap around his neck. Her slim fingers ran through his messy hair, which was rapidly getting soaked. She sighed softly as Suzaku's hands ran down her sides, massaging her hips with his thumb.

Suzaku opened his mouth and let his tongue run over her lips. Euphemia allowed him access. She pulled him closer, trying to deepen the kiss. Hot pleasure made her shiver as Suzaku continued to gently run his hands over her body.

And suddenly, it stopped.

Suzaku pulled away, his eyes widening as it finally dawned on him what he had done. "Euphy, I-"

"Suzaku, if you're going to say you're sorry and this was never supposed to happen, I'll slap you," Euphemia pouted, wanting to cross her arms over her chest. "I'll order you not to say anything like that if I have to." With that, she pulled him into another kiss.

Suzaku sighed softly, then gasped as he felt her hands running over his soaked, clothes- covered chest. She didn't struggle as she unbuttoned every button on the front of his shirt and then pushed the shirt down his arms. "You're clothes are getting soaked. They should be removed," Euphemia giggled as Suzaku gave her a questioning look. She giggled again as it dawned on him exactly what she was getting at, but then she gave him a serious look. "Is that… is that okay, Suzaku?"

Suzaku swallowed, then smiled and kissed his princess. "Of course, Euphy," he said, nuzzling into her neck. She squealed, then giggled as Suzaku began nibbling on her earlobe.

Euphemia wanted to moan as Suzaku began placing small kisses on her neck, but they still had to be quiet. Her sister could probably still hear, no matter how far away they were from her.

She couldn't help, but moan as Suzaku bit her neck lightly. Suzaku froze, looking up at her. "Did I do something wrong?" he wondered softly, hoping he hadn't hurt her.

Euphemia shook her head. "It's wonderful, Suzaku," she gasped, wanting to feel more. "Please… continue."

"Of course," he said softly, continuing what he had been doing moments before.

Euphemia allowed her hands to caress his skin, feeling his upper body and arms before she tangled her hands with his hair. Suzaku hesitated, slowly nibbling on Euphemia's collarbone. She gave a happy sigh, and then tugged Suzaku's hair. He looked up to have her lips press against his. Both their mouths opened and their tongues flickered out to meet each other. A sudden spark between the two made them both gasp out. Euphemia felt a nice throb between her legs, causing her to pull Suzaku closer. He groaned in pleasure, then pulled the princess closer to him as well. She slowly removed her lips from his, smiling as she placed a gentle kiss on his lips. "Suzaku, are you positive about this?" she wondered softly, sitting up enough. Suzaku was still hovering over her, a soft blush on his cheeks. He cupped her cheek softly, kissing her gently.

"I'm ready, my princess," he murmured against her soft lips. Euphemia smiled and leaned forward for another kiss. It was a slow, agonizing kiss that left them both breathless. Euphemia tugged the folded part of her towel off and allowed the towel to fall down to her waist as she moved closer. Suzaku blushed more, surprised at Euphemia for her eagerness. He moved things forward, tipping Euphemia's head back slightly and kissing her more passionately still, if possible. Euphemia put her arms around his neck once more, pulling him closer and pressing herself against the wall. Suzaku allowed his bare hands to travel down her sides, shivering as he imagined what exactly was to come.

Suzaku's pants were suddenly feeling too tight and he removed his hands from Euphemia's soft skin to tug at the belt on his pants. Euphemia helped a little, but mostly was too busy trying to remove the rest of her towel. She would need it still anyways…

Both of them were now bare, and all the clothes were kicked out onto the floor outside of the shower. Suzaku allowed his hands to caress her skin and moved closer still, Euphemia's breasts pressing up against Suzaku's chest. He moaned softly, removing his lips from Euphemia's and kissing down her neck again. He hesitated as he reached her collarbone again and glanced up at Euphemia, who was watching him with trusting eyes. With a nod from Euphemia, Suzaku continued downwards to the soft flesh of her chest and stomach. She gasped at the amazing pleasure that was building and quickly covered her mouth when her noises started getting louder.

Several stories up, Cornelia looked up from her paperwork with a frown as she heard a soft muffled moan. She shook her head, glancing at the vent. "Well, Euphy, it seems you're growing up now," she sighed, standing up. "I just wish you wouldn't pleasure yourself so loudly. I'm sure the soldiers can probably hear you."

Suzaku left a trail of kisses down her stomach, massaging her sides as he moved. When he met her waist line, he moved up to kiss Euphemia again and moved so he would be able to enter her at any moment she asked.

As Suzaku was kissing her, Euphemia moved her hips and felt Suzaku's manhood press into her. Suzaku gasped and Euphemia hummed at the pleasure. With some encouragement, Suzaku slowly began moving in and out. Euphemia moved her hips more, causing several noises to come from Suzaku, who flushed even more than he already was. Euphemia was making just as much noise. To keep their sounds muffled, the two kissed each other passionately.

Suzaku moved faster and Euphemia met each of his thrusts. The two had to finally break their kisses for a breath of air. Suzaku managed to keep somewhat quiet, but Euphemia let out a loud moan and gasped more quietly, "Suzaku, faster…" Her eyes widened and she gasped out louder as the pleasure reached a whole new level.

Suzaku was watching Euphemia, moaning her name and trying to keep quiet. He buried his face in her neck and bit down on her pulse. He felt her clenching around him and knew she was just about to reach her peak.

And suddenly, Suzaku's mouth let off of his bite, he gasped her name loudly, and Euphemia was suddenly filled with a warm liquid.

For several minutes, Euphemia and Suzaku lay there, trying to catch their breath. Finally, Suzaku removed himself from Euphemia and helped her to her feet. "Suzaku, you'll need a shower now too," she smiled, wrapping her arms around his neck. Suzaku smiled and nuzzled his face in her neck again.

"I guess I will."

~Author's Note~

I wasn't planning on adding another story right now, but I had horrible writer's block on my other stories and this one came to me in a dream (weird, isn't it?). It won't be too long, no longer than twenty chapters (maybe) and there will be much plot to this story, although it has nothing to do with Code Geass.