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1 Chapter 3

In a matter of seconds, they arrived at the throne room. Ginny gasped when she saw when she saw how beautiful the room looked. There were three chairs at the front of the room, facing them. The walls were painted in gold, the chairs covered with diamonds, silver… it was nothing that she could ever she imagined.

"It's so beautiful in here!" Ginny cried, touching some of the tall chairs. The scent of the room was wonderful too—as though it was full of flowers. Queen Alexandria beamed and said, "We're glad you like it. I expect you want to change into your old self, now?" Ginny looked at her parents, and nodded. Queen Alexandria waved her hand and Ginny felt herself changing rapidly.

"You look beautiful," King Isaac complimented her. Ginny blushed and said, "Thanks, dad." To her amazement, the king's eyes brimmed with tears and he hugged her. "I am so glad you're back," Ginny smiled and replied, "Me too." When he let go of her, Ginny asked, "What's for lunch?"

* * *

Draco sat on one of the benches at the grounds and saw Hermione, Harry, and Ron talking to each other animatedly. Draco's mouth curved into a wicked smile and he turned to his 'friends', Crabbe and Goyle. "Let's bother them," he said. "I think I've got a wicked plan." Goyle and Crabbe's stupid faces smiled evilly and they followed him towards the trio.

"Hey, Potty, Mudblood, and Weasel," Draco said smoothly. Harry, Hermione, and Ron turned to them and glared. "What do you want?" Ron spat at Draco. Draco rolled his eyes and said, "Calm down, Weasel. I'm not going to bite you. Though I think you're the one who's going to bite me." He paused, and looked at Hermione. "I bet your little Mudblood girlfriend here would help you do the job too."

"Go away, Malfoy." Harry said, his green eyes glittering with anger. But Draco didn't even budge. Instead, he said in a cunning voice, "You know, Weasley, I thought you had much better taste. What would your family think when they find out that you have Mudblood for a girlfriend? Not too pleased, I suppose."

Draco could see that Ron was going to pull out his wand and curse him. Goyle and Crabbe sniggered uncontrollably, while Hermione and Harry tried to pull Ron back. "You know, it's hard to believe that you're a Fifth year," Harry said angrily. Draco pretended to ponder of this and said, "You know, it's hard to believe that you're a wizard, Potter." He snickered and continued, "Living with that Muggle family of yours… people would never believe you're the one who defeated You-Know-Who and escaped."

"Fuck off," Ron snapped.

"Nasty, nasty, nasty!" Draco said. "What would your mother think if she heard you say that?" Ron pursed his mouth and Draco turned to Harry. "Where's that Muggle-lover girlfriend of yours?" he asked. Harry narrowed his eyes, and Draco knew that he wasn't going to be provoked by him. "She went away," he answered coolly. Draco laughed harshly and said, "Oh… I bet she dumped you because you're such a weakling."

"She didn't dump me," Harry said quietly.

"Right. Dream on, Potter. You have got to face the fact that you'll never get any girl." Draco said.

"What about you?" Hermione demanded. "Do you think you're actually a good charmer? I saw you flirting with those girls. And I realize what a pervert you are, Malfoy." Draco looked taken aback. This is where I leave off, Draco thought. He looked sneeringly at Hermione and nodded at Crabbe and Goyle. "Lets go," he said.

"Good work, Draco," Crabbe said in a deep voice that wasn't his. Draco looked at Crabbe… or rather, his father. Lucius Malfoy used Voldemort's powers to possess Crabbe. He had been doing this for a long while. "You'll be ready to be a Death Eater for sure," he said. Draco narrowed his eyes and said, "What makes you think that I want to be a Death Eater?"

"You're a Malfoy, Draco." Lucius said. "It's your destiny to become a Death Eater."

"Whatever, father," Draco murmured.

"I expect you to come to the Death Eaters' meeting today." Lucius said coldly.

"Oh, I see, like I can get out of this bloody school," Draco spat.

"Don't talk to me like that," Lucius said angrily. "Use the portal spell, damn it. Can't you use your brain?"

"Why don't you tell Crabbe and Goyle to do that? Especially Crabbe. You are using his body." Draco said smoothly, tracing the wall behind him.

"One day you'll wake up thinking that the best thing to do is to be the Dark Lord's supporter." Lucius said in a venomous voice. "Be there." Draco nodded silently and by the look of Crabbe's face, he knew that his 'father' had already left. "What happened?" Crabbe asked.

Goyle was rocking back and forth on his huge body. "Erm…" I doubt he understands English, Draco thought, rolling his eyes.

* * *

Ginny sat on her bed, wriggling her fingers. She was deep in thought as she stared out of the window that overlooked the breathtaking lake. She felt slightly bored, and she wondered what she was going to do that day. Suddenly, the door knocked, and Ginny said, "Come in."

The door opened and a beautiful enchantress with golden hair entered. She grinned at Ginny and said, "Hello, Ginny." Ginny stared at her, puzzled. "Hey, Edmund!" the girl shouted. "You can come in now." An older enchanter entered her bedroom. He was a handsome looking boy who must probably be 16 or 17. "Who are you?" Ginny asked.

"I'm Tania, and this is our brother, Edmund," Tania said.

"Our brother?" Ginny blurted out. Tania raised her eyebrows and said, "Didn't mum and dad tell you? We are your older sister and brother." Ginny's face lit up and said, "You are?" Tania nodded and sat next to her. "So how was the wizard world?" Edmund asked. He had light brown hair and golden eyes.

I have to keep reminding myself that he's my brother, Ginny thought, stifling a giggle. "It was horrible," Ginny said, shaking her head. "Though I had some good times…" she remembered the way Harry kissed her and smiled widely. She wondered when his letter was going to arrive. "Ohh, is there a special someone?" Tania asked. Ginny blushed furiously and didn't answer her sister. "Ah, well, a beautiful girl like you could have lots of admirers, I can assure you that," Edmund said.

"Being 16, you sure can tell!" Tania said, rolling her eyes.

"Ha-ha-ha." Edmund said dryly.

"How old are you, Tania?" Ginny asked.

"Eighteen," Tania answered, smiling at Ginny. "I'm getting married soon."

"Congratulations," Ginny replied.

"Trust me, Ginny, she has had lots of blokes cornering her for the past 16 years," Edmund said, snickering. Tania blushed and poked Edmund with a golden stick. It wasn't exactly made of wood, but it was smooth and had a blue marble at the edge of it. "What's that?" Ginny asked, pointing at it.

"This is an Enchantress's rod," Tania said.

"Oh! Well, I used a wand to practice magic while at Hogwarts," Ginny said.

"Wands?" Edmund said, chuckling. "Actually, we don't actually have to use rods to practice magic. The Royal enchanters can use their hands. You've seen mum and dad do it, right?" Ginny nodded, still looking at the rod. "Don't worry, you'll get one." Tania said reassuringly.

"So is there a school that I will attend?" Ginny asked, expecting the answer to be a yes.

"No," Tania said blankly.

"What?!" Ginny gasped, shocked.

"Well, you're fourteen right? When is your fifteenth birthday?" Edmund asked.

"Um, next month, January." Ginny answered.

"The royal enchanters will perform a sacred ritual to other royal enchanters or enchantresses who just turned 15. This ritual is known as 'Knowledge Cleansing' and when it is done, you will find that your mind is full of knowledge. You see, we're much more special than those commoners." Edmund explained.

Ginny felt a twinge of annoyance when she heard how Edmund said the word 'commoners'. It was as though other people didn't matter. "So… what do you want to do today?" Tania asked.

"Um… I want to look around the town, if you don't mind," Ginny said.

"Sure! Let's go," Tania said, grinning at her.

* * *

"Portalisium," Draco murmured, twirling his wand in the dark and quiet Charms classroom. A huge red portal appeared and Draco whispered, "Voldemort's lair." After he said that, he entered the portal and it slowly disappeared. Within seconds, the portal opened and he stepped out of it.

He was in a darkened lair. A gloomy and smelly lair where evil is everywhere—you can even smell it. He had been to this lair many times already and never enjoyed being in it. It made him sick and he always felt like vomiting. He saw a group of people gathering into a circle and he joined in, and stood next to his father.

At the center of the circle was a tall hooded man. He could hear him hissing and goggling. Just talk already, Draco thought, rolling his eyes. "Crabbe!" a cold and venomous voice erupted. "Didn't I told you to kill off that Muggle woman who found out our lair?" Draco heard a slight whimper across him and a sobbed voice answered, "Forgive me, My Lord! I put a Crutacius Curse on her, but she was brought to a Muggle medicine man and she was revived."

"I want you to kill her," Voldemort said, hissing.

"I will, My Lord. I will," Crabbe whimpered.

"Now, I have important news to talk about," Voldemort said, his voice not changing at all. Draco always hated the way he talked. He didn't know why, but he detested the way the Dark Lord talked. "My sources tell me that the Princess of Enchantria, the Isle of the Enchanters, has gone back to the world she is from.

"My sources have told me that she can be exceptionally powerful once the 'Knowledge Ritual' is done towards her." Voldemort said, rubbing his long red hands and licking his mouth. "They also told me she is weak at heart, so it will be easy to persuade her to go to the Dark Side." Voldemort laughed evilly and Draco stared at him, wondering why he needed more supporters when he had them.

"Who is this Princess?" Lucius Malfoy asked.

"Her name was Ginny Weasley," Voldemort whispered.

Draco stood there, staring at him, shocked beyond words. "So… what if she doesn't want to join us?" he asked without thinking. The Death Eaters turned to him, and Voldemort cackled insanely. "I'll kill her with my own hands." He answered.