A Shocking Life

Author: TeenTitans101

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Full Summary: a girl named Lilla could Shock people;she could knock people out if she wasn't is a story of her life as a titan a bunch of random stories. includes Truth or Dare (unknown), Fans, Tabloids( both in ch 3-5) and maybe my fav authors(asap!)! I want Spychick, possibly hinn-raven and some other ppl i cant remember! xD

Lilla: otay! Disclaimer: Lydia is lame. And therefore she only owns me, but just barely because I'm so awesomely amazing

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Chapter 1: Light bulb moment!

The girl looked around. She had frizzy Shoulder length black hair and Carmel skin. She looked 11 but was 13. She had on a Black T-shirt with a fish in the middle and a jean skirt. I, being a waitress, went over to her and asked her if she wanted anything "just a coffee with creme please. I'm waiting for someone." she seemed like she was still waiting for that person she stayed there for a couple of hours then left. The person never came… (A/N: I'm gonna put the convos in chat form now)


I came home and turned on the TV to the news and the Teen Titans were on for stopping a guy named Red-X; it showed him being carried off to jail. "Hmm, he looks cute… but I can't tell when he has that mask on! Why don't they just unmask him already?" a creepy commercial for the team came on.

Guy: do you have weird powers? Are you a fre... i mean social outcast? Come to the Titan's tower to be tested for abilities!

Lilla: wow, this commercial comes on every time they rescue someone or put someone in jail… well I could go get tested to see if the shocking is a power… my power. I could go in as Lilla in a costume, but come out (or stay) as Shocks!

She put on a yellow tee-shirt with black lightning bolts up the hem, a white skirt that ended mid-calf and a black, studded belt; finally she completed the look with black flats and a pair of yellow glasses. (A/N: not Shades, but the kind you wear when you work on wood) She rubbed the wave on her necklace that she never took off; it had a wave stone and a lightning bolt, it was from her dad. (A/N: who we'll hear more about later) she took off to the Tower…

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