A Shocking Life ch 14: Omigawd, to the movies we depart! (part three of the movie trilogy)

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it was after a hard day at JLA acadamy and Lila was upset; she had chili all over her skirt and spagetti in her hair. she came home hoping to be able to just shower and go to bed but little did she know, some one had got Shaun hyped up on sugar! Since he was hyped up he was rather excited to go on their "Double date" (as robin had called it, after which he was found unconcious hanging from the roof; strangly with no bruises or bumps to show someone knocked him out) so as soon as Lilla entered she was tacklehugged.

"Lilla, Lilla, LILLA!" yelled Shaun.

Lilla looked up a him and sighed, 'this is going to be a long night' she thought "What's up Shaun?" she replied slowly

he sighed, 'she forgot' he thought. "Our DOUBLE DATE! Remember, your chick flick!"

"Oh yeah, my movie! ... wait did you just call this a date?"

"Um, yeah. "

Then at that moment Robin and Starfire came in and Robin of course made the whole scene more awkward with the words "so, are you two ready for your date?"

Later Robin was found knocked out in a dark room. They all went to the movies and lived happily ever after... for now.

happy last chapter...? bye guys, I will most likely make another Lilla story.

Shaun: *is blushing from reading this story* come back for another story!

Lilla: *teary eyes* ill miss you all!