Doll Set

Chapter Two

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Sakura. 10: 03 at night.


I had started getting sleepy around an hour ago, but I was still awake. This meant that Itachi was still awake too.

I blushed just thinking about how suddenly he appeared. I was no longer alone in this big castle, and that was a relief. However, I had never been alone with a boy. I mean, I've read books.

But how far did that really get you? I mean, romance doesn't tend to end well. In Romeo and Juliet, they both die at the end. It's written by a man named Shakespeare. Have you heard of him? Anyway, that's still a horrible ending. Really? They both had to die? What was Tybalt's problem anyway?

As a summary, romance sucks.

Of course, he's my brother, so I don't even have to worry about that. Thank goodness.

That brings up something else entirely. Kabuto never followed me around like Itachi does. Itachi sincerely follows me everywhere. I don't mind it so much, I suppose.

I get to teach him things. The only reason I'm still awake is so that I can teach Itachi about the constellations.

Stars are so pretty. When I was a child, I wanted to touch one. That is, until Father told me they were raging balls of flammable gas that would kill me. I obviously changed my mind. Maybe stars weren't so nice and innocent after all.

Karin once told me there were aliens out in space. Kabuto said she was wrong. Kabuto's smarter, but I'm more inclined to believe him.

Still, if there's not that many people left on this planet, maybe it would be nice to meet someone from another planet. Kabuto was telling me about these moving pictures called movies once, and he told me about one called Transformers. They were these giant, fighting robots that came from another planet. Some of them, the Autobots, were only looking for refuge and to stop the other evil Transformers. The Decepticons, that would be the evil ones, wanted various types of power so that they could kill the Autobots.

Well, as far as aliens go, I wouldn't mind meeting an Autobot. A Decepticon? Not so much.

Then again, if they're not real, I don't have anything to worry about.

I looked at Itachi, who was next to me reading Star Charts, when there were suddenly arms around my waist. I let out a yelp of surprise, and Itachi quickly turned to attack this new intruder.


Naruto. Eh, about 10:15, believe it!


Father—That's what the pale man with long black hair told me to call him—sent me down here to meet my sister and brother.

Father seemed creepy at first, and I wasn't sure if I could trust him. If I had known that my sister would be this adorable, I would've rushed down here sooner.

She was a tiny, thin and fragile looking thing, with porcelain skin, emerald eyes, pink hair, and a tiny button nose. I just wanted to hug her forever.

Unfortunately, my new brother had other opinions on the matter. He grabbed my wrist, pulling my adorable sister from me. I scowled. That was unacceptable. I mean, I'd just realized I had family today, and my sister is this adorable little pink haired goddess, and he won't even let me hug her?

I mean granted, I didn't look like a child. I had no recollection of this family before I woke up in the white room, but now that I was here, it was perfectly okay.

I was home.

"Sakura-chan," I grinned brightly, now that she was facing me, "I'm your brother, Naruto, believe it!"

She looked at me, with those big doe like eyes, and smiled brightly, "Another one? How many brothers do I have? Father's been holding out on me!"

I smiled sheepishly, not particularly sure what she meant. Father wasn't telling her she had any brothers? That was weird.

He had mentioned that I had left you alone. Were we little when I left? That must be why she doesn't remember me. I ran my hand through my blonde hair, sighing. I wish we had a childhood together. I bet it would've been fun.

My new brother didn't look particularly friendly. His black hair was in a low ponytail, and his crimson red eyes were glaring at me in irritation. I tilted my head, "How many brothers… Well, there were two more boys upstairs getting dressed. One looked like him." I pointed at the person glaring at me.

"Oh, he looks like Itachi? There are two more, you say?" Sakura glanced around, excited. I frowned. I wanted those pretty eyes focused on me. It wasn't fair. I just met her, and she was already interested in a different brother.

She took my hand and pulled me through multiple rooms, telling me about each one. I didn't particularly care, but she had a really pretty voice. I felt myself smiling like an idiot, even though she was talking about books. Itachi kind of ruined it though. He just kept following us like a freaky shadow.

I think I know how to read, but I'm not sure what I've actually read. You know, in real life. Maybe I lost my memory or something.

There were pounding footsteps as two more people emerged from where I recalled the white room to be.

One of them had blood red hair and sea foam eyes. The kanji for love, although don't ask me how in hell I recognized it, was tattooed onto his forehead. He looked pissy—and he had those dark lines around his eyes that you're supposed to get after not sleeping for a long time. Overall, he looked pale and sickly.

The other, as I said earlier, looked like Itachi. Well, at least a little bit. His black hair was styled back, and his eyes were a dark obsidian. He looked irritated. His hair looked kind of like—How would I describe it?

Then, my pink haired angel mumbled, "Whoa. Chicken ass."

Yeah, that'll do.




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