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We were in Dallas we were to find Godric while we were here. Also, we as in Sookie, Hugo, and I were in the Fellowship of the Sun, I was playing their daughter, Meredith.

Well as much as I hate to say it, they knew who we were. But, same as him she could not read my mind. THANK GOD for that! She would surely be vomiting at the replays of behind the scenes of Fangtasia.

They pushed us down stairs, Sookie screaming the whole time. They put us in a locked metal storage thing.

Sookie started yelling for Godric.

"Godric! Eric sent us!" she shrieked over and over.

"Sookie shut up please! It looks as if Hugo really is claustrophobic." I said indicating the pacing man.

Sookie put her hand out to touch him. Her eyes filled with shock, horror, and sadness.

"He is a traitor Bella." She whispered to me.

"WHAT? YOU SON OF A BITCH! YOU ARE A TRAITOR?" I screamed loud enough hoping Godric could hear me, along with Newlin and his congregation would too.

"I cannot believe him." I muttered talking to Sookie.

One Hour Later

Gabe came in fighting he slapped Sookie so I punched him. He hit me back. So I kicked him the way Pam had shown me. He went down and brought me with him.

"You whore of Satan! Your cousin is going to watch me, and then you are going to watch me to see how sex without a vampire is." He stated, undoing my jeans. God I am just a virgin! I said a prayer telling God I'd be in Bon Temps Baptist Church if he sent a vampire in here.

Just about the time he took off my panties he was gone. I pulled my jeans up, struggling. After that one of the most beautiful people I'd ever seen was helping me up.

"Godric," I breathed

He smiled. Then I started crying. He held me against him, my head against his shoulder for a good five minutes.

Then Sookie announced a vampire was coming.

"Calm down! It ain't Bill its Eric."

"How would you know Bella?" Godric asked curiosity underlining his tone.

"He is like family. I've had to take his and Pam's blood before."

Godric's face brightened, "Fascinating." He mused

Eric was beside me inspecting me for injuries. He growled when he saw the place on my face where he punched me.

"Eric, kan vi lämna det här stället?"{Eric can we leave this place?} I asked, it seemed as if he was having a silent discussion with his maker. I noticed Godric looking at me with lust but something else, like love. But it was to early for that. I didn't even know him. But it felt like I did.

"Take the girls out, shed no blood." Godric stated looking at me. Eric nodded.

He brought us out towards the sanctuary. There were guards at the door.

"Where's Bill?" Sookie asked. I groaned.

"His love for you is to much, he'd kill every man, woman, and child in this place without a hint of regret to save you." Eric replied.

"Why aren't you?" She was being a brat and she knew it.

It was my turn to answer, "Sookie, not everyone who says they love you, are telling the truth, not everybody's going to come to your rescue." I whispered.

"And, I am following Godric's orders and getting you two out of here." Eric muttered.

That shut her up.

"Wait here." Eric whispered

"Eric! No!" I almost yelled

He gave me a look saying, 'I'll be fine, and shut up.'

Well all of that was going smoothly till' he decided to glamour Billy-Bob for a fucking stake. Then his friend, Billy-Ray got his piss hot because he figured Eric was a vampire. Oh no, he was going to kill him with the stake. I ran towards them yelling "STAKE" the whole five feet.

Eric got him.

"Stupid girl." He muttered only for me.

"You do not have to kill him Eric!" Sookie screeched.

We went through to the sanctuary. My phone went off B.I.T.C.H. by the Plastiscines was playing.

Eric and Sookie looked at me questioningly.

"It's Pam."

Eric understood. Sookie not so much, but I wasn't going to explain.

"Come on through the sanctuary!" Sookie said motioning towards the fellowship's doors.

"There is only one place for y'all to leave, and that is a one way ticket to hell." A voice we all knew to well spoke.

Sookie gasped, I resisted the urge to thump her nose.

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