Title: Wrapping Presents

Pairing(s): Jack/Aki friendship(?)

Rating: T

Warning(s): Language.

Note(s): All the 5D's Christmas fics so far have been about Yusei and Aki, and are all pretty much the exact same story. They decorate, they kiss, they say "Merry Christmas," the end. So I decided to run with a... different plot.

"Heaven has no rage like love to hatred turned/ Nor hell a fury like a woman scorned."

- William Congreve in The Morning Bride

"Done," he said, carelessly cutting the end of the ribbon with a pair of rusting scissors before stepping back to admire his handiwork. Sitting across from him, a girl with amber cat-like eyes looked up, her focus on the mess of ribbon, bows, and wrapping paper before her. She scoffed.

"... That is definitely not done." The man looked offended.

"It most definitely is."

"It looks like puke," she dismissed, returning to the present that she, herself was working on wrapping.


"Can you two please stop fighting?" said another man, entering the room looking both tired and frustrated. Dark circles had formed under his bright, cobalt blue eyes, a testament to just how tired he actually was. "It's Christmas Eve, I had hoped that the both of you would at least try to get along."

"But Yusei, she accused my work of looking like bile!" complained the other man, his violet eyes wild with anger.

"Aki..." He turned to the accused young woman, his voice taking the tone of a parent about to chastise their kin.

"Yusei, you have to admit, he did a pretty crappy wrapping job," she said, pointing to the disaster on the table. "We want these presents to look nice for the orphans in the morning..."

"And for what reason? The little brats will just tear open their presents without caring what they look like."

"Yes, but these kids still believe in Santa. They might get suspicious if their presents look like something the Christmas tree shat out." Now the violet-eyed man looked downright furious.

"Why you-!"

"That's enough. Jack, stop yelling, you'll wake up the children," the other finally interjected, stepping in between the bickering pair to emphasize his point.

"Yusei! Don't tell me you're taking her side!"

The marked man sighed. If there was one thing he hated, it was refereeing the arguments between his two best friends. It certainly didn't help that it was past midnight, and that there was still plenty of work to do before the sun rose and the orphans were hop boppin' down the stairs to see what Saint Nick had brought them this year.

"Jack, while I understand your frustration, Aki is right. We promised Martha we would do a nice job and make it special for the children."

"Ha." The woman looked triumphant.

"You're not blameless in this either, Aki. Could you at least try to be a little nicer? Perhaps you could show Jack how to properly wrap a present..." He turned around as he said this and appeared to be looking for something. The woman sighed in defeat.

"Alright, fine... Hey, where are you going?" she inquired once she noticed that he had grabbed the keys to his D-Wheel off of the table.

"Crow and I ran out of candy for stuffing the stockings. I'm just running to the nearest convenience store to quickly buy some more before it closes..." He slipped his old, red helmet over his head before looking at the two once again, his eyes pleading. "Please try to not kill each other while I'm gone." He then left without another word.






Comment(s): I love these two. Merry Christmas.