Here's the first chapter of the sequel... more of a prologue, really. Next part up shortly! Please let me know what you think! -KM-

Gibbs awoke on Saturday morning on the floor of his basement with the headache from hell. The empty bottle of bourbon next to him probably provided the explanation for that. He sat up slowly, memories from the previous evening flooding back. Shit. He was fairly certain he'd made the biggest mistake of his life.

He needed to talk to her. However, calling her at- He glanced at his watch... 6:23 in the morning was a certain way to ensure she would never forgive him. Abby was many things. A morning person was not one of them.

He made his way upstairs, grabbing a bottle of water from the fridge. Stopping for a brief visit to the head, he then chugged the water and fell into bed, hoping the jackhammer in his skull would quiet itself to woodpecker level by the time he woke.

Later, when the sun had been streaming through the window for several hours, he rolled out of bed and reached for his phone. He dialed her number, his heart in his throat.




Shit. She'd hung up. He knew how to deal with an Abby who wouldn't shut up. He had no idea what to do with an Abby who wouldn't talk.

He stared at the dead phone in his hand for a moment, went downstairs for coffee, and retreated to the basement.

Is she being too harsh? Or is he getting what he deserves? I'd love to hear your opinions! -KM-