Title: Musings

Author: Alex aka Numbuh 145362

Author's Notes: Hey! It's Christmas everyone! MERRY CHRISTMAS! I read this series and watched the movies so many times. I really wanted to post something for it. Hope you like it! :)

Summary: Lucy and Edmund tall after their coronation about Aslan. Sibling bonding!

Disclaimer: I wish I was C. S. Lewis!

"He's not a tame lion" Mr. Tumnus had told her. Deep in her heart she knew that, but why did he have to leave? On the night of her coronation none the less! At least he stayed for that part, Lucy thought to herself. A cool hand placed itself on her shoulder. Looking up she found Edmund gazing out at the sea where Aslan once stood.

"Tumnus said he'd come back, and Mr. Tumnus is almost never wrong!" Lucy whispered hoarsely, surprised to find she sounded like that. Edmund turned down to look at her.

"I know Lu, it's just… I never got to thank him, for saving me. He died for me Lu! He didn't even know me, and he still died for me." Edmund confessed, a tear running down his cheek. Lucy brushed the tear away. Shifting her weight from one foot to another, Lucy whispered a little prayer. After a pregnant pause, Edmund spoke again.

"You know how Mom would take us to church every Sunday, before the war started?" He asked. She nodded. When Daddy was still home, she added silently. "I never understood the whole Jesus concept. Who would give up there own life for people who don't even know him? It was so crazy! If he is the son of God, couldn't he save himself and everyone in the world?" She waited for the conclusion of his rant. Hesitantly, she placed her right hand on his shoulder. He shuttered a bit, and his gaze moved to the midnight blue sky. "I guess though, if he did that, how would he show his great compassion, mercy, and love for us? I kind of understand what the disciples went through during the Bible, how they lost Jesus, gained him back, and then lost him again. It's just weird then, because the Bible happened so long ago. To experience it now, it's just weird.

"Lu, you never doubted Aslan for a minute, unlike Susan, Peter and me. Just like your faith in God and Jesus. I envied your faith, I wished I could have such faith in something I could not see, but still knew was there. Your wiser than most, do not forget that, but don't let it go to your head, kay?" Edmund asked. Lucy giggled.

"I'll try not to Ed! Same for you too, Mr. King of Narnia!" She teased. Edmund laughed, Lucy finally relaxes. Finally, the old Ed is back for a minute, she thought.

"All right then, let's go find Susan and Peter!" Lucy announced. "Race you!" With that she took off running to the grand hall, Edmund laughing and chasing her all the way.

Awh! I wrote that for literature class last year. I finally got is edited enough to put it on here. :) I hope you all like it! Merry Christmas!

In God We Trust,