Run Devil Run FujixTezu

His eyes were always closed unless he was serious about something – which was rare for him. But when his eyes were open, he was meaning business and he was going to finish it.


The light brunette perked up at his name being called, making him turn toward the captain of the tennis team.

"Kikumaru wants to know what your doing tonight. He's inviting everyone to his place for a Halloween party." Tezuka explained, his serious look never wavering.

Fuji pondered then nodded. "I'll be there."

That night, it was silent besides some occasional hisses coming from the Mamushi of the team. Everyone was sitting on the floor watching The Ring with other movies lined up.

"Anybody for popcorn?" Eiji asked, holding up an empty bowl that was filled with popcorn at one time.

"I am." Momo chimed in.

Eiji nodded as he got up and walked away. When he walked into the kitchen to grab another bag, he noticed that something was clinging to him and it was shaking.

"Kaido, get off please." Eiji ordered as he looked over his shoulder at the younger member as he cringed from the movie.

"I would love to Kikumaru-sempai but I can't fshuu." Kaido explained, his teeth clattering from the replays in his mind.

Eiji sighed and stuck the bag in the microwave. Standing there, he tapped his foot, wanting the underclassman off.

Tezuka stood up, his gaze falling to the wall.

"Where are you going Buchou?" Oishi asked as he looked up at his captain and friend.

Tezuka left without answering his question.

Fuji stood up and left, following his captain down the hallway. His usually disguising smile got bigger at the thoughts that ran through his mind. He stood outside the door that he knew Tezuka went into.

When the wooden door opened, Tezuka was a little taken back at the mysterious appearance of his friend.

"Fuji, what are you doing?"

Fuji walked up, getting closer to the teen. With his lips close to his ear, "run or I'll catch you."

Tezuka blinked, a blush consuming his face. He knew what his friend meant. He also knew that they both wanted each other but couldn't since they were both guys. He stood there, only to be pushed back.

"I said for the devil to run." Fuji said, closing the door behind him.

He leaned in and kissed his buchou on the lips, letting it come off as a soft gentle kiss, only to add to the pressure.