Title: Clouds Hill (Active Story)
Author: DancingStar
Pairing: none
Rating: 12
Summaries: By chance the team comes to an old sanatorium.
Notes: I would like to point out that these story with the title "Ghost House" is mine in the original version. That I have upgraded and rewritten it for PSI Factor is no breach of copyright.
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Hi, everybody!
First I would like to thank everyone who read and like my stories and I also thank you for your positive reviews. Therefore, I had an idea for this story. Although R.L. Stine, one of my favorite authors, had this idea before, I hope you enjoy it: In this story, you can choose what happens next. The story´s chapters wouldn´t make sense, if you read them in succession, but in the first chapter is a guide and you can choose what the characters can do next. For example: "If Peter should climb over the fence, go to Chapter 10, if he prefers going home, go to Chapter 19" Then use the list box in the left bottom corner and jump to the chapter and the story continues.. You can choose after every chapter.
There are multiple endings, but there is only one happy ending.
Have fun and I hope you find the right way and always remember: You can start from the beginning at any time!
Yours, DancingStar

Clouds Hill

- Chapter 1 / Start -

Claire sighed slightly before she asked about the next town on the map.
"Springhill. Never heard before! ", reported Peter and folded the map on the passenger seat. Actually, they should have arrived long ago at the east coast but once again a hurricane put paid on their plans and their machine couldn´t land at the airport. The pilot had activated an alternate airport, nearly 100 miles in a south-westerly direction and now they had to drive the rest of the way by car. That would not have been a problem normally but on this evening all was against them: because of an overturned truck and road constructions a part of the freeway has been blocked and after 60 miles they would come back on the highway. Until then they had to travel through rural areas.
Claire shook her head. "Driving Tired?", asked Peter, looking at her.
"I'm hungry! What do we have here?"
Lindsay, who sat with Connor in the back seat, rummaged in a cooler. "Not much! Only mineral water and some chocolate! We should take a break in the next village", she said.
The next village, Springhill, was nothing more than a collection of grave stones, a memorial and a road sign that pointed to an old building. "Clouds Hill" was the name of the building and immediately Peter reminded the prospectus that he had taken in the airport building. Claire parked on the right side of the road and seemed to wait and see what Connor would say now.
"Here it is: Clouds Hill! Completed in 1926, it was a sanitarium for tuberculosis patients until it closed 1962. Today it is privately owned and a writer of ghost stories lives with his housekeeper in it. In the recent years there have been rumors of ghost haunting."
"I would like it, if it's haunted", said Connor and Lindsay poked in his side.
"Maybe we get something to eat?", asked Claire and Peter immediately agreed to go to the building. Connor shrugged his shoulders. "An old sanatorium, where it is haunted is much more interesting than a retraining! I know our referee and I´m not in the mood to hear the difference between ambulances and rescue vehicles again... Let's go there."
Claire followed the road sign.
"It doesn´t look very scary", said Connor to Lindsay, pointing to the building enveloped in darkness. It was still far away, but they would be there soon.
"If you ask me, it looks like the creepy castle in that Backstreet Boys music video!", said Peter, "What´s missing is a mummy and a vampire!"
It was quiet in the car. Then Connor looked at Lindsay. "How does he know the Backstreet Boys?", he asked.
Claire suddenly hit the brakes and with a violent jar the car stopped. Connor and Lindsay crushed against the front seats and Peter was pressed against the windshield. Claire screamed like crazy and tried to become loose her seatbelt. When it finally came up, she jumped out of the car and shouted: "There was something ...!"
"What was that? Claire, what did you see?", said Connor, who had recovered more or less from the brake and he also left the car.
"A monster! I must have hit it", she replied and walked around the car. Nowhere blood was to discover and the car hadn´t one single dent.
"But this is no reason to react this way!", said Peter, shaking his head in disbelieve.
"I was not prepared", Claire defended herself and at the moment she discovered a white cloth lying in front of the car. She picked it up and noticed the embroidered name "Joan".
"Maybe it was just a dog or a cat and I´m sure the animal is fine... Let's go on!"
Connor, Lindsay, Peter and Claire got back in the care and drove the rest of the way to the old building. Claire was clearly nervous and when they finally came to stop in front of the old building, she breathed in relief. The car doors opened and almost immediately chains rustled in the interior. The heavy door opened and when it touched the ground on the other side of an abandoned ditch, they saw a small figure coming toward them...
An old woman, as it turned out. Her name was Joan and she said she was the housekeeper and would do this since 40 years. She also admitted she had seen their car from afar and allowed to cook a dinner.
"It is very rare that we meet some new people out here", Joan told and showed them the building´s courtyard and then she told them about the guest rooms, in which they could stay the next night.
"You have to bring up your bags by yourself. My back is pretty broken..." With a smile Joan presented them three keys.
Then she left and went to the kitchen. She suggested her guests should bring their cases to the rooms and when Joan left, they went back to the car.
Connor was the first who opened the trunk and reached for his bag when...

If they hear Joan scream, go to Chapter 11- If you what that Peter suggests a walk through the dark corn fields, go to Chapter 3