- Chapter 14 -

"No way! No one will be left alone here and if you ask me I´m not interested in these shaft!"
Even the oh-so-courageous Peter agreed with her this time.
That made sense. "Let´s recap it: There is an eerie basement, a grumpy housekeeper, a ghost and a mystery landlord who hadn´t shown up until now."
"I know what Peter wants to say," said Lindsay as she walked towards the grand staircase, "Joan has killed the landlord. It would all fit together: the basement, the ghost... Everything!"
Connor looked at her perplexed. He stopped and pointed to the foot of the stairs. There were Joan and the old landlord, who was disguised in a black robe. They had been wrong with their assumption: The landlord was not dead.
Joan had a huge kitchen knife in her hand and bowed to the man. Then she went up the stairs with the knife. "Let's leave!", suggested Connor and all were in agreement. Together, they rushed back to the dark corridor. "What do we do now? Apparently they want to kill us for any reason", Lindsay told.
Peter stopped and looked out the window. From here he could see the car. "Step aside!," he yelled and opened the window. It was jammed.
"Do something! Joan is coming!", said Lindsay, Peter moved once firmly on the handle and the window opened. They all climbed out onto a small niche and jumped simultaneously. They hadn´t to jump very deep and they landed safely in the courtyard.
"We need to call the police", Claire shouted...

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