A/N because I think someone needed to talk to Luke. (Shoperholic Abroad)

'She's completely unreasonable, how much fucking debt is she in, for some fucking shoes.' Luke ranted. Michael looked upon him in disappointment.

'She was wrong, but she's facing her mistakes now.'

'Of course I love my work, I created it, and I've worked so hard…'

'But is it more important than her, I think you've already made your mind up haven't you?'

'Its not like that' he sounded desperate.

'You let her leave.'

'She didn't give me a chance-'

'Maybe you don't deserve a chance.'

'What, Michael?'

'You acted like a bastard Luke. She was willing to drop everything to come here, after you lied and kept secrets for months. She was willing to come here and be with you. Sure she could see the advantages to herself, but we both know she hates finance.' He looks upon Luke's horror-struck face 'Well I knew she hated it. Becky cares so much for people and you didn't care when she needed you. You weren't there for her. I have never been so disappointed in someone in my life. You are needed back at home, you need to stabilise these rumours and you need Becky. If you let her go, you are a fool.'