Zoë woke with something licking her, a dog? She thought, she sat up and looked around the room. There were a load of Elves all around her room with a jolly looking fat man and a slim blonde smiling, her parents, Santa and carol clause. And next to them a short chubby elf 'Curtis' and a tall black-haired elf Bernard "happy birthday!" everyone shouted. Zoë smiled and started stroking the snowy-coloured dog.

"That's from me and you mother" Santa said wrapping his arm around his wife.

"thank you" the brown headed girl said from her 'sleigh' shaped bed. All the elves formed a line and gave there happy birthday cards to her and then they left to get back to work. Now all that remained in the large 'toy filled' room was Zoë, Santa, carol (Mrs. Clause/mom), Curtis and Bernard. Everyone smiled and sat on the bed with Zoë.

"Wow" Mrs. Clause began. "Your 17, my little girl is growing up" Santa looked over to Curtis.

"What-oh" he smiled, Bernard rolled his eyes the focused them on Zoë. Curtis got out a small package from his pocket. She smiled.

"Thank you" she said. And carefully tore the wrapping paper away she pulled out a pink collar,

"it's for your dog obviously" she half-laughed while she put the collar on her new puppy.

"What are you going to name her?" Santa asked.

"Snow" she smiled. Everyone smiled at the dog. Santa and Mrs. Clause looked over to Bernard, they both exchanged glances, they both weren't immune to rumours around the workshop, all three, Santa, Carol and Curtis knew that Bernard 'liked' Zoë and that Zoë 'liked' him.

"Scott we better go remember that thing?" Santa (scott) looked at her confused then his eyebrows shot up.

"Ah yes that thing, um, Curtis could you come with us a minute about that thing you know"

Curtis looked at them confused but then he saw Mrs. Clause looking back and forth Bernard and Zoë then a burst or realisation came to him.

"Ah yes that thing we better get to it right away" all three shot of before Bernard or Zoë could asked any questions. They were left alone they sat in silence for a few minutes unaware that Santa, Carol and Curtis were listing and watching in on them.

Then Bernard finally broke the silence "so your seventeen now"

"yeah, I guess. In 'human years' we would be around the same age, because your what now?"

"17,000 so yeah it, we would" they sat in silence again, then Bernard got a small box in wrapping paper out from his bag. "happy, birthday" he said, Zoë smiled and began removing the paper, until she held a small white box she opened it and smiled,

"oh my gosh, it beautiful." In her hand was a gold necklace with a heart-shaped pendant. "oh thank you Bernard" she gave him a kiss on the cheek, he smiled as she tried to get it on but failed.

"let me" he said, she gave him the necklace and turned he wrapped the necklace around her neck then she picked her hair up out of the way so he could clip it on, when he did she dropped her hair and turned back around to face him.

"Bernard I, I've been meaning to tell you something but I'm scared that you won't-"

"Just say it"

"I love you"

He replied in a second of finishing. "I love you too" she smiled and embraced him with a kiss. When they broke apart Bernard said. "I've got to go you know loads of work to do, that's what you get for being head elf." They both laughed. He got up and made for the door and opened it to find Santa, Carol and Curtis falling to the floor.

"You were spying on us?" Zoë asked, all three got up and backed away slowly and ran. But both Zoë and Bernard remained were they stood trying to hold back laughter but failing.

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