It's been 1 week since Bernard wrote a letter to his parents basically saying that he loves a 'human' who is the daughter of Santa clause and that they must come approve of her so they could be together. And he hoped that they would see fit and approve, but he knew there was a greater chance of them not... and he would gladly become human for her, which he told her a little while after he sent the letter, and she hoped that he wouldn't have to, and she told him that which led to some 'kissing' and 'kind' words it would have gone on for hours if Judy Haden knocked on the door with hot coco then it could have led on to more, anyway Santa, Carol, Zoë, Curtis and all the Elves noticed Bernard was acting a little... strange so Santa called a 'group' meeting. Everyone sat around the table in silence. Then Santa spoke up "Bernard, we've noticed that... well you've been acting strange and almost scared, why?"

"Well you see... they replied"

"What do you mean?" Santa asked, everyone looked at Bernard confused.

"Well they weren't that happy when I said that... 'I love a human'" everyone nodded. "And...They're coming... today" everyone stared at him.

"What time?" Zoë asked, but before Bernard could replied someone spoke on the communicator

: could Bernard arch elf please come to the main gate you have 3 visitors:

"Now" he said. "I'll go...calm them down trust me you do not want to see them if they're mad with me"

"if?" Zoë asked but Bernard was already gone. Bernard ran to the main gate...scared as he reached the office he asked an elf

"Where are they?"

"In there" a small female elf said as she pointed to a conference room marked '1'. Bernard walked over to the door turned the handle pushed it and when in, there was 3 elves in the room, a tall male, with Black hair blue eyes a red tunic and a angry face, a small blonde elf, gray eyes, green tunic, and a worried face she was holding a very small sleeping male elf he had a white baby outfit on.

"Dad, mom" he greeted them with no expression on his face or tone in his voice.

"Son" Bernard's father greeted him; again he had no expression on his face or tone in his voice.

"Bernard" his mother said with a bit of life and a small smile.

"Listen humans aren't bad there good you know child-"

"Yes Bernard" his father said coldly "children hold the spirit of Christmas within themselves bla bla bla, but were not on about children, that girl the Daughter of Santa clause a human! She is basically an adult and you know what those Adult humans did to you! Children I haven't a problem with, they tried to save you because they knew who you were!"

"Shhhh" his mother hushed. "The baby" both Bernard and his father looked at the baby.

"How is he?" Bernard asked.

"Fine, you know it would have been nice if you visited at least once a year"

"I was busy I'm always busy in fact I'm going to be up all night doing my paperwork" he gave an annoyed smile.

"We will not approve of her of this disgusting hum-"

"YOU HAVENT EVEN MET HER!" Bernard shouted. Then the baby woke crying... very, very loudly.

"Look what you've done now!" his father shouted as his mother got the baby back to sleep.

"Don't worry" she said quietly. "It wasn't major just... don't do that again" Bernard looked at both his mother and father no expression on his face and said.

"Please don't judge Zoë before you meet her she's kind and thoughtful of every elf in the place. She hasn't even been outside the workshop before"

Then Bernard's mother spoke. "it couldn't hurt to meet this girl. Has anyone said about the... incident?"

"No one knows my past mom and I would be very thankful that you not bring this up again" he asked, his words were not harsh or meaningful nor were they polite. She only nodded.

"We only want to meet this girl first" his father said. "As soon as possible" Bernard nodded.

"well she's on the factory floor a minute, so it might be best if we go to my office, while we wait I can get some work done" without another word all 4 went to Bernard's office, when they got in Bernard took a seat behind his desk and go to work on his paperwork, and his parents sat on the green leather sofa on the back wall, his mother laid the baby on the left side of the sofa and watched him sleep, they watched Bernard work and noticed that he didn't even stop, not even for a second, the only time he stopped was to press a small blue button on the side of his desk. His father asked what it was for but there wasn't any Answer, about 5 minutes later there came a knock on the door, "Yes" Bernard spoke not looking up from his work,

"You need something Bernard?" Judy asked. She let her eyes wander and lock on the 3 elves on his couch but only for a second.

"Yes could you please get Zoë and send her up here, thank you" Bernard asked as his light blue eyes looked up to Judy and smiled at her. She smiled back and left without another word.

"How do you do it?" Bernard's mother asked, he looked at her. "How do you keep up with all this work?"

"Zoë helps me sometimes, when she not busy with her own work"

"And what work does this human do?" his father asked, Bernard's face angered slightly.

"She fixes things, like the printer, the naughty and nice list machine, anything really"

"Right who taught her?" his mother asked,

"No one she learnt by herself, she brilliant, she would be perfect"

"What do you mean?" his father asked hoping to get a reason to dislike her

"If she didn't hurt herself in the process, I think she's got 22,500 stitches altogether, and she's broken her nose twice" his father gave a crooked smile. "But most of her injuries were to stop all the other elves from getting hurt, one time, she was fixing the sewage with lily, in mechanics' she stopped her from falling and cracking her head open, but the price was Zoë fall she slept for 8 days" both Bernard's parents was shocked. Maybe this human isn't so bad. His father thought. At that moment someone knocked on the door, and came "yes" Bernard said, and the door opened to a tall girl, almost as tall as Bernard.

"hi" the girl spoke. "I'm Zoë"