Meanwhile, In the British Isles

Episode 1: "Lady-Like"

pt. 1

She walked down the dark hall. "Where the heck is the light switch?" she fumed as she tripped over her own feet, a stream of cusswords coming out.


"Looking for this?" A pair of pristine loafers said. The annoyed red head looked up. "Yes" she said as her eyes adjusted.

"I could have found it myself" the girl said while she got a better look at the man in loafers. England.

"Honestly, Scotland, you can be so clumsy. Even when you have light! You should really try to be more graceful. And stop cussing, be more lady-like." England said with a smirk.

"At least I was born a lady instead of trying to be one!" Scotland shot back. England's face grew red with anger. "FOR THE BILLIONTH TIME I'M STRAIGHT!" Scotland couldn't help but smile, she could see she hit bull's-eye. Then the yelling began, back and forth, louder and louder.

"OI! What's all this?" said the resident Welshman. He had blond hair that was a few inches short of shoulder length, green eyes and big bushy eyebrows like his little brother. "Oh nothing, England's just being a pig as usual." The Scot said coolly.

"Me? A pig? I'll have you know that I am a gentleman, not a pig!"

"Well, you certainly act like one!"

Wales rolled his eyes and went downstairs into the living room.

Two lumps where sprawled out on the couch. The living room was rather large and was composed of a brown leather couch with two, twin wing chairs on either side, all centered around a coffee table. Next to the front door was a coat rack and an umbrella holder with one untouched umbrella. Next to that was an antique grandfather clock that read 12:00, midnight.

Wales walked over to one of the winged chairs and let out a tired sigh. "Those two are at it again?" said one of the lumps. He had shaggy, shoulder length hair as red as his sister's, with green eyes to match, and freckles. His twin brother had few differences. His hair was dyed brownish-red and was not shaggy, but slightly wavy and down to his earlobes. He was also an inch shorter. These were the Irelands. The latter being North Ireland or North for short.

"Yup." replied Wales. North took a swig of the rum he borrowed from England's fridge. "Lots have changed." Began North "Did you know, I hated Iggy's rum the first time I tried it. I got used to it, so it wasn't as bad. But their relationship, not much of a change, just political peace."

"North" said Ireland, "I think that is the deepest thing I've heard you say… You'll have to lose some brain cells for that." The nuggy commenced.

It hasn't changed much has it? Wales thought.