Meanwhile, In the British Isles

Episode 1 "Lady-Like"

Pt. 5

The five had left for home as soon as the two bickering states attracted attention. Sealand was picked up by Sweden and Finland, who were muttering about changing plans. They entered the house, England and Scotland heading for separate bathrooms to clean up their wounds. Wales followed England, North followed Scotland and Ireland went to the living room.

"I swear we can't take her anywhere. If you say one thing-!"

"No, you if you say one thing." Wales said, pointing to England, now examining his bloody lip.


"It's always you. You and her start this, no one else."

"Yes, well, regardless, she is an utter brute! Look at my lip! Do you think a delicate woman did that?! No! A flaming Scot did!"

Wales took a step closer looking at the bloody, slightly swollen lip. Her punches have improved he thought.

"Well, maybe if you manned up a bit, you know. " Wales advised, "And I don't mean to use against her phy-"

"I can't hit her, technically she's a woman."

"Was I done talking? Look, it would be a show."

"I don't follow."

Wales sighed and took a breath "If you were to seem tougher, like she wouldn't want to fight you, that she shouldn't fight you, she wouldn't. Do you see what I'm getting at?"

"Yes but, even if I seem tougher, as if I would easily win a fight, are you sure it wouldn't still fight me?"

"She's rough, not stupid."

"He is such a prick!" she exclaimed discovering a scrape on her elbow from the fall.

North nodded understandingly , wondering where he should jump in.

"Every time we go somewhere, he starts something. God, look at this." She displayed she particularly nasty scrape, making it out to be amputation worthy.

"You start it too."

"Whatever, either way, he's no saint."

"Well you're no lady."

"What?" She half turned as she bandaged her wound.

"You're no lady." He stated with more conviction.

"How so?"

"You're always rambling about the place. If you're not yelling at England, you're throwing punches, or chairs."

Scotland half smiled at that, remembering a great fight, one of the few bar fights where she was on England's side.

"And is this a problem?"

"Well, yes."

"Keep going, I'm interested." She sat on the side of the tub as North explained, from the toilet seat mind you, that maybe if she were more reserved and less hostile, things might go smoother for her.

"You don't know the first thing about being a lady."

"Well, neither do you." He retorted.

Her eyebrow cocked, sarcasm oozing, "We'll learn together."