Harry regretted asking Tom. He wanted to wretch he regretted it so much.

Tom sneered as the last of Voldemort slithered it's way out of his soul, the pain causing him to lash out. Harry almost fell to his knees at the emotions coming from Tom.

"Why Harry?" his voice was the gentle lull of Tom, "It hurts so much" He doubled over, clutching his ribs and gasping for breath.

"Because… It's good for you and me. That tiny little piece was poisoning us both. I love you too much to watch you suffer" Harry kept the shake from his voice, just barely. You could see the evidence of the unrest Tom's piece of corrupted soul had brought, Harry and Tom both had dark bruises under their eyes, and both were far too thin.

Harry stared crying as he saw the haunting and all too familiar scarlet pools glare at him as his hands were clenched by his sides, fighting himself. Harry fell to his knees, he couldn't stomach this, and yet he couldn't leave. Tom needed him to be here.

"Potter" Voldemort sneered, after he said it his eyes flashed brown and his voice softened,

"Are you okay love?" Harry nodded, tears still streaming down his face,

"I love you, Harry" Harry looked up just in time to see Tom's eyes melt wine red again,

"Don't let it go to your head, Potter. Boys like you a knut a dozen. Your overated. You have a hero complex. And I hate it. I can't forgive you for how you've changed me. It's a weakness" Harry looked up at him, his mouth drawn in a sharp line and a salty taste forming on his tongue.

"All I need to know is how to hate you for this." Tom whispered, as the red slowly shifted back to chocolate pools once more. Tom clutched at his heart,

"Maybe I should hate you for everything you've ever done to me" Harry answered slowly, "but the horrid truth is I've never really gotten that far." Tom's red eyes glared at Harry,

"But you're just a boy. A little boy pretending to be an adult"

"You're lying" Harry's voice trembled. He hated that Tom had to do this. Harry hated that he had asked it of him. He hated that he had to watch. But he could never hate Tom.

"I'd never lie to you Harry" he whispered it, his voice soft and kind, yet wracked with pain.

"I know" Harry could see the misery written across his lover's face, his chocolate brown pools acting as little windows to the pain of his soul being torn.

"Why should you do this in front of me?" Harry sobbed it out,

"Because I need you. You asked for it. You said you couldn't hate me, why hadn't you got that far?"

"Because it's unconditional. I can't afford to think about this. About us" Harry's voice shook, and tears found their way into the corners of his mouth.

"The truth is you could slit my throat, and with my last gasping breath, I would apologize for bleeding on your robes" Tom shuddered as Harry's haunted and shadowed emerald eyes met his chocolate brown pools. Harry spoke again, this time to Voldemort who had appeared in Tom's eyes,

"You're a wishful thinker with the worst intentions…. But I can't hate you"

"Face it" the red eyed man ground out, "You love me Potter…. I love you Harry" the switches were happening closer together now, and Harry could see the more defined split of the two parts now. Voldemort was trying to rise into the air, pulling away from Tom.

"If I'm just bad news, then you're a liar" Voldemort spat as he split from Tom. Harry cringed as the spirit faded and Tom screamed. Harry sprung off his knees as the black haired and brown eyed man pitched forward, his eyes closing,

"I'll never hate you" Tom whispered,

"I love you too much" Harry whispered back.

A/N: I know it is a bit confusing and disjointed. This is the product of Chamber of Secrets and too much egg nog O.o

This is overall a songfic, You're So Last Summer by Taking Back Sunday