X-Men Come together

It was a stormy day, Ororo was running down the street." What should I do", asked Ororo, "the police are going to come after me.............hmmmmmmmmmm.

Later at the Xavier Institute. "Charles why like humans lets go to war with them, who needs mortals? The don't know anything!!!," said a mysterious voice." Listen I think mortals and Mutants can work together and be a team we can make this world better!!!",said Charles.(Maid brings tea)"Thank you Madem,"said Charles.

"Well I must be going, lets talk again sometime soon friend,"said Charles.(Charles leaves)Well Magneto whos your friend?(as she asks she turns in Mystick),"said the maid. "Oh thats my friend Charles, he wants peace and happiness, and well thats just not going to happen,what a shame,lets go destroy the city in the morning!"

(Storm runs into Charles) "Oh i'm sorry I didn't mean to, I just was running.................,"said Ororo. "Running from the Police I see.......... ummmmm please follow me Ororo,"said Charles.

To Be Continued