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So Annabeth and Grover weren't too thrilled about descending back down the mountain, mainly knowing that they were ultimately going to have to climb back up eventually. But those details would have to be worked out later. My feet hit the ground and I brushed myself off as Annabeth did the same. Grover and his mad-goat-mountain-climbing skills was already waiting for us. Annabeth took a deep breath and regained her composer.

"So Breecy," she began calmly, "what's your big plan?"

I looked up from my shoes, which weren't in great condition...my poor Nikes...I just bought- NO! FOCUS! (stupid ADHD) I met Annabeth's eyes, "You have a drachma?"


"Do you," I said slowly, "have...a...drachma?"

"Yeah of course, but-"

"Perfect. Follow me guys."

They both looked pretty confused but followed. I must admit, had we not been on an unofficial quest to save my older brother from a horrible death, I would have stopped to enjoy the view. Hawaii was gorgeous! Green trees and grass, colorful flowers. It was great. The bad news...we WERE on an unofficial quest to save my older brother from a horrible death. So we walked on.

"Breecy," Annabeth began after we'd walked about half a mile, "I really hope this plan works. Percy's back there and we've go to hurry!"

"Yeeaaahhh," Grover agreed, "Who knows? Right now that blue man could be-"


I was mad. Not just at them for doubting me, but at Uranus for capturing my brother. At Poseidon for having kids. Really just at everything.

Finally, I saw a small little stream. I took a deep breath, then exhaled.

"Drachma," I said holding out my hand towards Annabeth.

She placed the gold coin in my hand as I clutched it. I focused on the stream. Hard. I let my anger turn into concentration. Slowly, a thin mist began to come off the stream. I threw in the coin, and carefully opened my eyes as the coin vanished. Deep breath.

"Show me Hades, at the Underworld Palace."

"Woah Woah Woah!"

"Are you crazy?"


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