Intermission 2

Genesis smirked as Zack Fair stepped into his apartment.

"Enter my web, said the spider to the fly," he chuckled softly to himself, and with one last mental 'huzzah', swept into the foyer.

When he had sent for the boy, Genesis had set up his apartment in just the right fashion.

His apartment, while normally quaint and clean for Midgar, was much warmer, softer, and…intimate now. He'd broken out the cinnamon apple candles, placed a few pitchers of red and white roses, and had put on some Toshiyuki Morikawa, who was currently still crooning softly in the background. The final touch was turning the lights to a lower, more…pleasant setting.

Genesis had checked over himself in the mirror before the boy had knocked, and was satisfied with his chosen outfit.

"Well, hello there, SOLDIER," he crooned, offering the boy his brightest, and most seductive, smile.

"You asked for me, sir?" the other replied, bouncing slightly on his feet, smiling and eager to please.

"Indeed I did," Genesis said, slinking forward. Zack Fair seemed to finally notice his outfit.

"Wow. If you don't mind me saying sir, that looks really…cool."

Genesis beamed, and flipped his hair lightly. "Why thank you," he motioned to his outfit. "I like to wear this in the company of…friends."

His outfit consisted of walking around bare foot in a pair of black leather pants, and a simple long sleeved button up cotton tee-shirt (you know, like the ones you see on those cheesy romance novels that have the males so obviously based off of Sephiroth? Yeah, THAT shirt), and a small silver chain holding a purple gemstone that had been cut in the shape of an apple. The final touch was a quick spritz of apple cologne.

Yes, he looked and FELT damn sexy in that outfit.

"Please, Zachary, come in and make yourself comfortable."

"Just call me Zack," the boy said, blinking in surprise.

Genesis let out a happy hum when the boy looked at his feet, and paused to take off his boots before walking on the plush carpeting.

Once the boy had settled onto the couch, Genesis offered him a glass of wine, which Zack politely declined.

"Well now, Zack," Genesis said, drawing out out the 'a' in the boys name in a caressing way. "How is training going? Still working with wooden swords?"

That perked the boy up considerably, and seemed to help him relax as he rattled on about training, cleaning the weapons, and of Sephiroth's appearance at the end of a jog through the Midgar Swamp last week.

"Ah, he mentioned that you had noticed he was following you," the red-head smiled. "He muttered something about a Chocobo…?"

While Zack launched into a lengthy explanation, Genesis set his plan in motion with a very simple gesture.

He cocked his head at the boy, smiled, and then knelt in front of Zack, his smile morphing into something much more sinister and devious.

Zack's story had trailed off into silence and more confused blinking.

"Now that I have your attention, fair maiden," Genesis purred. Not giving Zack a chance to react, he nabbed the boy's hand, and brought it to his lips, giving the knuckles the barest brush of a kiss.

The effects were nearly instantaneous.

After a stunned half-second, Zack turned red, tried to speak, and ended up letting out a squawk instead.

"My fair love, do you deign to speak to your willing servant?" the red-haired general smirked.

"G-G-G," Zack cleared his throat. "Genesis. This isn't-"

"Hush," Genesis soothed, laying a finger on the boy's protesting lips. "I will admit that I lured you here under false pretenses, but I had to see you! My soul wouldn't bear it otherwise."

"But but but-"

"Ah, you want me to compose a blason on the spot? So be it," Genesis said, and began. "Lo', your hair draws me into its' inky blackness, and greets me like blades of grass greet the spring morn. Thy eyes are violets in the fields of happiness and youth. Your mouth, cupid's bow did grace, as many of mine kisses surely will adorn. Thy chest holds a generous heart, one I hope to soon possess, as you possess mine. Your backside is shapely, firm, and I would enjoy nothing more than to-"

Genesis fell silent as Zack's hand fell over his mouth; the boy's previously mentioned violet eyes literally burning with embarrassment. "Please don't finish that, sir." He dropped his hand with a surprised yelp when Genesis, smirking, licked it.

"Zack, you drive me crazy, you know that?"

Zack was starting to scramble backwards over the couch, with a stalking Genesis following. "Um, really, I don't know what-"

"Don't say anything, my love," Genesis purred. He nabbed a rose from one of the vases on the coffee table with his mouth, and crawled right up to the boy. He stared at him, face inches away, and with a suave smile offered him the rose.

Zack took it, reluctantly and looking at it, twirling it once in hand before frowning at him once more. "Sir, I'm flattered but-"

"I know," Genesis said suddenly serious. "I understand."

Zack looked relieved. "You do? Oh good, because this was getting awkward-"

"I understand that you are still innocent and pure, and I am willing to do this properly," Genesis continued, despite the fact that Zack seemed to be choking on his own spit now. "Dinner will be ready in about, oh, another thirty minutes. Afterwards I have two tickets to tonight's showing of LOVELESS. Then, since tomorrow we're both off-duty, I'll walk you back here, and work on…" he smirked darkly. "Properly…showing you how love works."

"You're a perverted Don Juan!"

Genesis cocked his head at this. Oh, really?

"And what makes you compare me to that literary caricature of a horn dog?"

Zack's eyes were blazing now with indignation as well as the embarrassment. "You both have no problems going out of your way to try to seduce someone you're lusting after into bed!"

"True," Genesis said with a nod. "But when I masturbate I don't think about answering questions of the universe."

"Oh," Zack considered. "Is that what that one line was about? I thought he was just laying there wondering about stuff…he was jacking off?"

"The wording is subtle, but it is there."

"Wow. The other guys might've paid a bit more attention to that if they had known THAT'S what he was doing."

"Most of the guys in your class wouldn't know subtlety if it danced naked in front of them with a large sign that said 'Do me!' around its' neck."

The boy chuckled. "True, true…so, um, can I go now?"

A suddenly bare-chested Genesis was his answer. Zack paled and then gulped.

"I promise, my dear, I'll be tender, patient, gentle," Genesis said, leaning forward and whispering with a dark purr in his ear. "And I'll make you scream my name in ecstasy before the night is over."

"Okay, I was hoping you wouldn't make me do this, but you've left me no choice."

Genesis feigned surprised, and let his body fall back, and down onto the floor when Zack incorporated a head-butt and shove into one move. He waited, pasting a look of stunned hurt on his face as Zack stood, brushing himself off.

"Sir, if you really didn't have anything for me, mission or job wise, I'll take my leave." And with that, Zack grabbed his boots, tied them quickly (with his back to the wall) and left.

He had taken the rose with him.

Genesis let out a laugh when the door clicked close, and after grabbing his shirt, headed into the dining room.

The empty oven was cold, and only a pad of paper and pen waited for him.


I hope this message finds you in good health, my friend. I hear Wutai is currently going through a nasty monsoon. Please keep your socks and feet dry.

Remember that little side-mission you asked me and Sephiroth to look into? Seph'll probably have a typed up report for you when you get back, and unlike most of his writing, this should at least prove entertaining, if his verbal retelling of events is to be taken seriously.

I myself just finished an 'interview' with the little puppy. I found that the boy does notice little things- he took his boots off before coming in without me asking him. I also noticed that while he does talk respectively to superior officers, he speaks more like you- that is, in a relaxed, friendly manner. He's not in awe of us like the rest of those bumpkins. He is also aware of the rules; he declined wine from me, which makes me happy because I did not want to share my Banora Red with anyone, except maybe you. On your birthday. After we win in Wutai and Sephiroth finally gets laid. Yeah, big celebration.

Anyway, you were right when you said you thought he was more of a physical person. He was making my whole couch practically vibrate as he sat there just chatting with me. Yet he does think creatively; we discussed literature (not LOVELESS, oh, you'd be so proud) for several minutes before he left.

He also thinks well under pressure, and in social situations tries to get out of trouble as politely and gently as possible. I wouldn't recommend him for high-risk social situations, but showing him off at a gala or two wouldn't hurt anything, as he is very friendly. However, he does tend to lose his focus, and once it is lost, it's hard to get him back on track.

Please stay out of trouble. I'm sending some more Banora Whites to you soon, and in this shipment there should be cookies from the last batch I made, and a blanket that Sephiroth croqueted for you. It's a little uneven, but he did put a lot of time and effort into it and it is such a pretty color. He says that you'll need it after the monsoon. Your boys from Second Class also splurged for you, and you should find a small crate of preserved fruit, jerky, and if that mousy mail clerk over there hasn't eaten it by the time you get this, several bars of chocolate.

Yours truly,


PS: Would you be kind enough to tell the little puppy that I was just testing him and using him to fix a dire case of ennui? Giving the current situation, he probably won't want to be alone with me again anytime soon, and I don't want to embarrass him in front of his peers.

Satisfied, Genesis glanced at the clock, his smile turning into a frown.

Yes, he had lied about dinner, but he had not lied about the two tickets to LOVELESS. What was a man like him to do?

He got up, opened his front door, and glanced up and down the hallway.

"Hey," he called to the smaller figure, who whipped around to face him in surprise. "Sir?"

"Are you free after six?"

The blonde trooper nodded slowly, his gravity-defying spikes swaying gently. "Yes sir. Do you need anything?"

"I need someone to go to a play with me, otherwise it's a wasted evening," Genesis said, offering a friendly smile at the other. "You game?"

The boy nodded, blue eyes bright and suddenly hopeful. Poor kid probably had never been to a play, or with anyone like Genesis, at least.

"Good. You're in the cadet barracks, right? I'll pick you up at six thirty," Genesis said, and watched the boy go on his way.

Well, it wasn't a totally wasted evening, he thought, whistling as he tugged his shirt back on. He had nearly molested a young SOLDIER, and now had a cute cadet for a date.

Don Juan indeed.

AN: H'okay, several notes for this gem.

One, this was a request by lilbrokendolly over on LJ. It was her birthday a few days back, and I offered her a gift fic. This is her request: "OK, imagine Zack in Genesis's apartments for whatever reason, and after a bit Genesis begins making the moves on Zack. Very theatrical moves. Zack is entirely unreceptive, since he is mostly straight (And Genesis knows this, but doesn't really care), and starts to get a little panicked, and really has no idea how to deal with over-the-top Genesis. As for Genesis, the entire thing is merely an amusement...whether he gets some from Zack, or just gets to watch his reactions, Genesis doesn't really care (he's just trying to escape his ennui for a bit), but Zack has no idea of this. Perhaps it could be some kind of experiment he's conducting (completely of his own volition and imagining) in order to convey more insight to Angeal about his puppy? I'd like for the whole vibe to be amusing, you know? Ridiculous also works."

Yeeeeeeeeah...definatley got ridiculous, haha! Being the dummy I am, I actually had to look up 'romantic gestures'. Hand kissing and impromtou poetry caught my attention, and seemed to fit for Genesis. Blason is a form of poetry where the poet goes into detail over various body parts of his lover (a famous one is Shakespeare's Sonnet 130). And yes, I was giggling while I wrote this.

Also, Don Juan is delightfully smutty, if you understand the language.

The singer that's crooning in the background is the seiyu who does the voice of Sephiroth, and various other deep-voiced characters in anime (you've probably heard him at one point or another).

Also, I don't know if they have Harlequin Romance novels in Final Fantasy, but if they did, I'm sure Sephiroth would have been their Fabio.

On top of all this, I learned a new vocab word! Ennui (prononced 'ahn Wee) essentially means 'boredom of the soul'. I liked it, and I like using new words, so that's why that's in there.

Yes, that was Cloud at the end. I don't think I've paid attention to him since Zack's Mako injection, so he gets this little freebie. XD