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My Travels with the Doctor, a Doctor Who fanfic by French_Shark

[Compare with Series 2 Episode 1: New Earth]

Well, we've done it. Saved the planet once again. But with the New Doctor-well, it's still the Doctor, but he's 'regenerated' as he called it. The Sycorax have gone (albeit destroyed by Torchwood on their way out...which the Doctor was none too pleased with, mind you). Anyways, now that the Christmas holidays are over with back home, we're off to travel the universe again. I've packed a bunch of stuff again so I'm prepared. I said my goodbyes to Mum and Mickey, and I suspect that they don't much like me going away all the time like I have, but still, I didn't go through all that trouble of getting the Doctor back when the Daleks attacked Satellite 5 for nothing.

Have I mentioned how much I love travelling with the Doctor? It's fabulous, even given all the dangers and monsters, it's such a thrill and I wouldn't give it up for the world. I think the Doctor likes having me with him, too. When I went into the TARDIS just before we took off from home, he gave me the biggest smile, like...like I'm not really sure how to put it into words exactly, but it was such a genuinely happy expression...

"So where are we going?" I asked as we began fiddling around with the various buttons and knobs to get the TARDIS going.

"Further than we've ever gone before." the Doctor replied.

I couldn't help but smile at the excitement in his face as he pushed the final lever forward, propelling us into the Time Vortex towards our destination.

When we first stepped out of the TARDIS, I wasn't sure just as to what to expect. But a futuristic view of New York City in America wasn't it, I'm sure of that.

"It's the year 5 billion and twenty-three," the Doctor said, exiting the TARDIS behind me as I looked out at the city in front of us. "We're in the galaxy M87, and this," he glanced out at the city with me, "this is New Earth."

"It's just...It's just..." I stammered, speechless at the new information, "That's just-"

"Not bad," the Doctor commented, "Not bad at all."

"That's amazing. Oh, I'll never get used to thins," I replied, "Never ever. Different ground beneath my feet, different sky...What's that smell?"

The Doctor leaned down and plucked up some grass before answering "Apple grass."

I laughed. "It's beautiful. Oh, I love this." I said, turning and taking the Doctor's arm. "Can I just say? Travelling with you, I love it."

"Me, too." the Doctor replied with a grin. "Then, taking my hand, he took off down the hill in front of us. "Come on!"

Later, we decided to lay down in the apple grass-look at me talking about these alien things as though they're everyday!-on his coat, looking out at the spaceships passing overhead as people travelled in and out of the city.

The Doctor explained to me the history behind the planet-the Earth being burned by the sun, so they built everything here as a replica out of nostalgia.

"What's the city called?" I finally asked him.

"New New York." he replied.

"Oh, come on."

"It is!" he said, seeing my disbelieving expression. "It's the city of New New York. Strictly speaking, it's the 15th New York since the original, so that makes it New New New New New New New New New New New New New New New New York...What?" he asked, looking at me strangely.

"You're so different." I mused.

"New New Doctor." he joked.

"Can we go and visit New New York, so good they named it twice?" I asked, getting up from the ground.

"Well," replied the Doctor, getting up and replacing his coat, "I though we'd go there first." he gestured to a nearby building with his head.

"Why? What is it?"

"Some sort of hospital. Green moon on the side, that's the universal sign for hospitals."

He took out the psychic paper from his pocket before continuing, "I got this: a message on the psychic paper."

The phrases 'Ward 26' and 'Please Come' flashed across ithe paper.

"Someone wants to see me." he said, closing it back and replacing it in his coat pocket.

"Ooh, and I thought we were just sightseeing." I replied. "Come on, then." I grabbed hold of his arm again as we marched off towards the hospital building.

As we entered the building, the Doctor and I were commenting on how he was apparently averse to hospitals. I know, ironic, right?

"I can't help it, I don't like hospitals. They give me the creeps." he said.

As we walked through the main lobby, I couldn't help but look around at everything. It was all so huge! And the whitest white I've ever seen!

"I thought this far in the future, they'd have cured everything." I mused.

"Human race moves on, but so do the viruses, " the Doctor explained. "An ongoing battle."

At this point I'd stopped listening, though, as I'd noticed that the nurses were CATS! That's right, CATS. Oh, the strange things you see when you travel with the Doctor, yeah?

"They're cats." I said to theDoctor, pointing at the one who'd just passed me.

"Now, don't stare," the Doctor replied, as if I were a small child almost, "Think about what you look like to them, all..." He glanced me over. "pink and yellow."

I gave him a hard look. Unfortunately, he merely changed the subject as though he hadn't seen a thing. Instead, he turned around and approached the lifts, announcing "Ward twenty-six, thanks."

He entered, and the doors began to close behind him as I rushed over.

"Hold on! Hold on!" I shouted, trying to make it in time, but to no avail, the doors closed just before I'd reached the lift.

"Oh, too late, I'm going up." the Doctor's voice came back, muffled throught the door.

"Alright, there's another lift." I shouted back, running over to the next one.

I heard the Doctor's voice come again, even more muffled. "Ward twenty-six, and watch out for the..."

"The what?"

The Doctor shouted again, but I couldn't get that last word still.

"The what?" I asked again.

At that point the doors to the next lift opened so I just went inside.

"Um," I mumbled, a bit weirded out at the idea of talking to an empty lift. "Ward twenty-six...Thanks."

The doors closed and the lift began its descent.

"Commence Stage One Disinfection." a voice came from overhead, followed by an alarm.

I screeched as I suddenly found myself under a fountain of water, coming from the ceiling of the lift. My eyes closed to keep out the liquid. I felt around the walls, searching for some way to shut off the spray.

When it finally stopped, I was thoroughly soaked! But no sooner had that happened before large puffs of some sort of steamy gas came from the side walls of the lift, followed by a long gust of wind, blowing my hair all over. After a moment, I began pulling at my hair, as though it would help it dry out better, like with a hair dryer. Within moments, I was completely dry once again, just in time for the doors to open.

As I stepped out, something seemed wrong. It appeared as though I had arrived in the basement.

"The child is clean." a voice said, coming from down the dark hallway.

I turned to see a strange man dressed in what looked like a nursing uniform, and weird tattoos covering his face and arms.

"Um, I'm looking for Ward twenty-six?" I asked him, stepping over some loose cablework on the floor.

"This way, Rose Tyler." the man said, and he promplty turned and jogged further down the hall.

I walked a couple of steps, unsure of what to do. I spotted a loose pipe on the floor with the cables and picked it up as a sort of defense, much like one might grab a baseball bat in the middle of the night when you think you hear an intruder.

Hesitantly, I followed the mysterious man down the rest of the hall.

As I approached a back room, I heard old classical music come from within. As I entered, I noticed an old movie projector and identified it as the source of the music. I stopped next to the projector, watching the film which appeared to be of a party, appearing to be themed like the 1920's or something. Before long, the film centered on a woman, who was speaking with a man.

Horrified, I relized who the woman was. "Wait a minute, that's-"

"Peek-a-boo!" Cassandra's voice called from behind me.

I wheeled around. "Don't you dare come anywhere near me, Cassandra!" I said, edging my way back out of the room, the pipe held out in front of me.

"Why? What do you think I'm going to do? Flap you death?" she replied from her trampoline-like storage frame.

"Yeah, but...what about Gollum?" I asked, pointing the pipe in the direction of the manm, who appeared to be hiding in a corner behind Cassandra.

"Oh, that's just Chip. He's my pet."

"I worship the Mistress." he said, as if he were proving some great loyalty.

"Moisturize me, moisturize me..." Cassandra chanted softly to Chip.

She continued on as Chip picked up a spray bottle and began to spray her with some liquid. "He's not even a proper lifeform. He's a force-grown clone. I modeled him on my favorite pattern. But he's so faithful...Chip sees to my physical needs."

"I hope that means food..." I said quietly. "How come you're still alive?" I asked her.

"After you murdered me-"

"That was your own fault." I replied, approaching a step towards her while brandishing the pipe.

"The brain of the Mistress survived." Chip answered darkly. "And her pretty blue eyes," he crooned, "salvaged from the bin."

"But what about the skin?" I asked. "I saw it!" I laughed at the memory. "You got ripped apart!"

"That piece of skiin was taken from the front of my body." Cassandra answered. "This piece is from the back."

I had to laugh at that last. "Right...so you're talking out your-"

"Ask. Not." Cassandra said angrily.

"The Mistress is lucky to survive." Chip interrupted. "She had to be secretly transported to the hospital."

"So they don't know you're here."

"Chip steals medicine." Chip continued. "Helps my lady. Soothes her. Strokes her..."

"You can stop right there, Chip."

"I'm so alone." Cassandra complained. "Hidden down here. The last human in existence."

"Don't start that again, they've called this planet New Earth." I replied.

"Vegetable patch."

"And there's millions of humans out there. Millions of them..."

"Mutant stock!"

"They've evolved, Cassandra. They've just evolved, like they should, and you stayed still, making yourself all pickled and preserved and what good did it do you?" I asked.

"See that tape? That was the last time anyone ever told me I was beautiful." Cassandra said sadly. "After that it all became...such hard work."

"Well, you've got a knack for survival, I'll give you that."

"Well, besides just hiding down here, I've heard things. The sisters are hiding something!" Cassandra replied.

"What d'you mean?"

"Oh...these cats have secrets. Let me whisper. Come close..."

I laughed in disbelief. "You must be joking if you think I'm coming anywhere near you!" I backed out of the room, but was caught in an electric gate of sorts with no sign of release.

I heard Cassandra tell Chip to do something and he darted across the room. "I can't move..." I said, looking around me at my predicament. "Cassandra let me go!" I cried.

Another round of lights surrounded me, leaving me in a sort of virtual cage.

"Cassandra, what are you doing?" I cried out again.

"Moving on." Cassandra answered darkly. "It's goodbye, trampline, hellow Blondie!"


Next thing I knew, I was on the other side of the room. As I looked up, I noticed the Doctor in front of me, facing the opposite wall.

"Blimey, my head." I gasped. I glanced around for a sign of Cassandra. "Where'd she go?"

The Doctor turned around, his arms held strangely. "this is...different." he said in a strange voice.

"Cassandra?" I asked, realizing what must have happened.

Cassandra had taken over the Doctor's body.

"Goodness me, I'm a man." Cassandra said from the Doctor's body, "Yum, so many parts..." the Docotr stepped back and forth strangely, his arms still held all strange and female-like. "And hardly used...Ah, two hearts! Oh, I'm beating out a samba!" she cried, the Doctor's body movie strangely in a sort of jerky, choppy, almost dancing sort of way.

"Get out of him!" I yelled.

"He's slim..." Cassandra mused as she examined herself in the Doctor's body. "You think so, too," she said, looking at me. "I've been inside your head." She approached me as I ducked my head in embarrassment. "You've been looking. You like him." she said in my ear.

Just then, the door across the room burst open, and a crowd of what could only be described as zombies started to flood the room.

Cassandra turned around in the Doctor's body and began screaming. "What do we do? What would he do? The Doctor, what the HECK would he do?" she cried.

I glanced around and noticed a ladder behind us.

"We've got to get up!" I answered, running for the ladder, only to be shoved aside by the Doctor's arm.

"No way, Blondie!" Cassandra cried, running ahead.

Finding my balance again, I quickly followed him up the ladder as the zombies approached us.

"Get out of the Doctor's body, he can think of something." I said, as we continued climbing up the long shaft on the ladder.

"Nyeh, nyeh, nyeh." Cassandra mumbled, "It's so tedious inside your head. Hormone city."

"We're gonna die in here!" I shouted.

Something grabbed my foot. I glanced down behind me to find one of the cat nurses holding onto it.

"All our good work! All that healing! The good name of the Sisterhood! You have destroyed everything!" she cried.

It sounded like whatever Cassandra had done while in my body sure wasn't good...

"Oh, go play with a ball of string." the Doctor's voice came in a bored tone.

The cat nurse suddenly began to scream as boils and scabs sprouted across her skin. Then she fell off the ladder, headed straight for the bottom of the shaft. I glanced further down the ladder for the source of her predicament only to find several of the zombies on the ladder who were quickly approaching.

Quickly I glanced back up to Cassandra. "MOVE!" and we continued climbing as Cassandra whimpered.

Finally, we came to a door at the top.

"Now what do we do?" Cassandra asked when she discovered the door was sealed.

"Use the sonic screwdriver." I replied.

"You mean this thing?" Cassandra asked as she puled the screwdriver out of the Doctor's coat pocket.

"Yes, I mean that thing!"

"I don't know how, the Doctor's nowhere, I don't know his thoughts!"

Sighing heavily, I answered, "Cassandra, come back to me, the Doctor can open it...DO IT!"

"Hold on tight..." she replied.

And everything blurred.


When everything came back into focus, I expected to be elsewhere, safe from the zombies, but instead I was still in the same exact place on the ladder.

"No matter how difficult the situation, there is NO need to shout..." Cassandra complained from the Doctor's body.

"Cassandra, get OUT OF HIM!" I shouted angrily.

"But if I go into you, he simply refuses, he's so rude!" she complained again.

"I don't care, just DO something!"

With a disgusted look, Cassandra muttered, "Oh, I'm SO gonna regret this..." and a gaseous spirit of sorts burst from the Doctor's body and passed me down the ladder into the zombie girl behind us.

"Ah, sweet Lord! I look disgusting!" Cassandra cried as the Doctor got to work on the door.

After a few moments of the sonic screwdriver's whirring, the door opened, and the Doctor quickly leapt into it.

"Nice to have you back." he said as I followed after him.

And then I suddenly felt everything go blurry as I landed in the room.


I was falling to the floor.

"You alright?" the Doctor asked, catching me in his arms and helping me back upright. I swayed again as he let go.

"Whoa!" he caught me and helped me back up again. "You okay?" he asked me, not letting go this time.

I caught my breath before replying. "Hello!" I said, grinning at him, glad to see him as himself again.

A smile stretched across as he replied, "Hello! Welcome back!"

"Oh, sweet Lord," a voice came from beside us. There stood Chip, his hands held out in front of him. "I'm a walking doodle."


"You can't stay in there. I'm sorry, Cassandra, but that's not fair." the Doctor said. "I can take you to the city, they can build you a skin tank, and you can stand trial for what you've done."

"Well, that would be rather dramatic," Cassandra replied. "Possibly my finest hour. Certainly my fines hat." she laughed softly. "But I'm afraid we don't have time. Poor Chip, he's only a half-life. He's been through so much...His heart is racing so." A strange look came over Chip's face. "He's failing. I don't think he's going to last-" she feel to the floor.

We caught him at the last second.

"You alright?" the Doctor asked.

"I'm fine." Cassandra replied. Her face relaxed. "I'm dying...But that's fine."

"I can take you to the city..." the Doctor began.

"No, you won't," Cassandra interrupted. "Everything's new on this planet. There's no place for Chip and me anymore. You're right, Doctor. It's time to die." She choked up. "That's good."

We helped her back up onto Chip's feet.

"Come on," the Doctor said solemnly. "there's on last thing I can do."


We ended up taking Cassandra back to the night of the party from the projector film. She died as Chip in her own arms. And, as weird as it was, it almost seemed right somehow. Turns out that the last person to have told Cassandra that she was beautiful...was herself.

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