Nita sat, disbelieving, with her head in her hands while David awkwardly stood next to her.

"It's just a little weird, okay?" He rubbed her back softly and tried to catch her eye as she peeked between her fingers.

"I just think it may be best if we give you a little time to investigate it, you know?"

David quickly sat next to Nita as her shoulders shook violently. He tried to put his arm around her to steady them, support her as she began to fall apart, but she shoved him away.

He was taken aback when she turned abruptly to glare at him.

"I think it may be best if you didn't decide to just peace out on me for a month!"


"Is there some other girl that you want to see?" This time, she stood in his former place next to the couch while he sat in utter confusion.

"I guess you saw what Rose did to Kit and thought 'here's my chance, this girl is a genius'!" Nita sniffled and cut him off as he was about to speak again. "Kit and I have been there before, and it didn't work out okay? We danced around it and thought sweet things about each other and giggled and romanced, but when we actually tried to have a real relationship it didn't work. We just don't go together like that!"

Nita was nearly hysterical by the time she finished speaking and David stood and took her in his arms.

"Oh, sweatheart, come here," David held her head to his chest, and Nita crumbled. She cried and cried until his shirt was soaked with her tears and clutched him so tight that she could feel her face taking on the texture of his shirt.

"What's wrong? What did I do?" David asked, holding her chin up in his much larger hand.

Nita sniffled, "I just really really love you and I don't want you to leave me. I don't want to be with anyone else. Just you."

David wiped her face with the sleeve of the sweater that she had bought him for his birthday the week before.

"I know. But do you remember how upset you were when you two broke up?"

"Yeah," Nita crossed her arms while he kept wiping her face. "It sure as hell felt a lot like this."

She felt guilty for her comment as his head drooped. He wouldn't be doing this unless he thought that they needed it. David was kind and cared for her more than anyone ever could, except possibly Kit. She knew that he would never intentionally cause her more pain than necessary, but that didn't make her any more excited to temporarily separate from him. She would miss the stability that he provided her, and the safe feeling that comes with knowing that someone loves you.

David pulled her into his arms and she hugged his large frame tight.

"Just promise me that you'll still be here after a month?"

David smiled and cupped her face delicately in his hands.

"How could I ever leave you when it took me so long to get you?"

He guided her face towards his and Nita sighed as she kissed her boyfriend for the last time that month. She made it last as long as she possibly could. Her lips lingered when they finished, as if they knew that it would be a long time before they met again. She finally pulled back.

"Can I stay over tonight?" Nita knew she looked desperate when she tilted her head up to him.

David smiled a sad smile, one that she hadn't seen since they were teenagers. "Nita, I think that would just make things harder."


He held her tight to him again. "Honey, think about it. We would wake up and cuddle, then finally get out of bed and cook breakfast together and, after all of that, we'd have to say goodbye. Wouldn't it be better not to have to go through that?"

Nita shook her head no. One night with a painful morning was better than sleeping alone after all of this. She hadn't slept alone in a long time.

He caught her eye and smiled. It didn't infect her like she knew that he had intended it to. It just made her even more sad. She was used to him, comfortable with him. He was the coffee table to her living room; without him she had nowhere to go to put all of her stuff down and just be. He was an essential part of her life, had been for years.

"I think it would be better the other way." She watched his eyes fill with sadness when hers filled with tears. Good. Served him right.

He lead her to her car. Didn't go back inside the apartment building until she had safely rounded the corner.

"Why doesn't he want to be with me?" Nita wailed, pacing her living room while Kit sat hopelessly on her dark purple couch entirely unsure of what to do in the situation. He pulled another tissue out of the box in his hands. Nita blew her nose into it loudly.

"I thought we were doing alright!" She threw the used tissue and Kit deftly caught it in the small trash bin he had sitting next to him. "I mean we've both been busy at work and things haven't been fabulously romantic lately, but-

Kit didn't know why, but hearing about Nita and David's "romantic life" made him incredibly squirmy and uncomfortable. He assumed that it was probably because he was still coming to terms with the fact that his own romantic life was history. He'd never been a jealous person, but he couldn't help feeling a little pang of envy at Nita's situation.

"This is all your stupid girlfriend's fault!"

"Nita," Kit's voice had a gentle warning tone to it. He was here to help her, but he was not going to let her bully him just because she was upset. "He was upset that we fell asleep last night. I would be upset too if Rosie told me that she missed our run because she was sleeping with some other guy on his couch."

"But you aren't just 'some guy'!" Nita huffed. "He knows full and well that we aren't normal best friends."

"Nita, he understands that and has been more than accommodating and understanding of wizarding duties. He's upset because he knows that we've dated in the past, that he was the second choice, and that you were sleeping with me on the couch. I would be upset too."

Nita sighed in frustration, unable to summon enough energy to sustain her tirade.

"At least it's only for a month," Kit smiled. "You'll eat ice cream and be sad for a while and we'll watch every chick flick ever made. Then in thirty days it will all be over with and you'll have him back."

Nita stopped pacing and flopped down on the couch next to Kit and let her head fall on his shoulder.

"I guess."

Kit put his arm around her and pushed her hair aside so he could see her face. She was staring into the kitchen with a strange look in her eyes- one that Kit had never seen before. He was about to inquire about it when she stood up, straightened her blouse, and marched purposefully towards the kitchen. Kit narrowed his eyes and stood cautiously to follow her.


She ignored him and began digging around her cabinet for something. Kit watched her pull out a mug and he tried to tell her to sit down and to let him make the coffee, but she shushed him and walked to her trashcan. She dropped the mug in, winced a bit as it shattered. She slammed the lid down and gave him a small smile.

When she walked into the living room ahead of him to settle in on the couch for the night, Kit seized his opportunity to satisfy his curiousity. He gently opened the lid of the trashcan and peered inside. He could just piece together the words on the pieces of ceramic.

David's Best Boyfriend Ever Mug

Kit winced. It had been the man's Christmas present.


She glanced over at him as she made a bed for herself on the couch.

Kit tread carefully. "I think you may-

"I am not over reacting," Nita smiled. "I am coping."

Kit laughed and joined her in the living room.

"Whatever you say."

Nita excused herself to change into pajamas and Kit took it as his cue to began getting ready for bed as well. Neither was ready to confront the harsh loneliness and sense of reality that awaited them when they would fall asleep alone in a too large bed. When she returned, she was wearing those ridiculous little sunflowered pajama shorts that he had given her so long ago. She pulled the quilt back and slid beneath it. Kit, now in his undershirt and boxer shorts, slid in behind her. She smiled, turned her back to him, and switched off the lamp.

AN: I know that this was short, but it was becoming painfully long and I decided that this would be a good point to split it. The story is looking like it will be around five chapters and done before Jan 17, since I would like to be finished before school resumes. This is tentative though, because I received seasons two and three of The Big Bang Theory and my addiction to this show borders on unhealthy and takes up much time that I would spend writing. Also, reviews are lovely like chocolate.