The next day

Sunlight peeked into the bedroom through the cracks of the ceiling. Melissa groaned a bit, the sun hitting her face. She rolled over onto her stomach and felt something grunt under her. It made this position really uncomfortable and she suddenly felt like someone was groping her. She opened her eyes to find Nano Eddy in her shirt again, smiling mischeviously and fondling her chest. Her entire face flushed bright red with anger and embarrassment. Nano Buttercup and Nano Numbuh two crawled under the bed, fearing for their tiny lives.


"We need another twelve supplies of food for this coming week. Ed just ate the last four we had." Double D told one of the scouts. Eddy just lounged in his 'king' chair. Someone screamed really loudly then, startling everyone and Eddy fell right out of his chair. Nano Eddy flew outside, fearing for his life when Melissa slammed the door open and started to chase the perverted little Eddy look alike. She jumped onto a spring board and hit the nano with a big stick, sending it face first into a bird bath. She landed on the sidewalk, feet first.

Nano Buttercup and Nano Numbuh Two flew out of the house, first checking to see if their master wasn't still trying to hit Nano Eddy. "Good morning Melissa. Did you guys have a good nights sleep?" Double D asked. Melissa looked at the Nano Eddy being pulled out of the birdbath by a scout before she answered.

"I slept alright. How about you guys?" She asked back. Eddy flew next to her, shivering and wet. He pulled on her jacket sleeve, begging for warmth. She rolled her eyes and proceded to take off her jacket.

"I feel fully rested a- Why are you taking your jacket off?" He asked, face slightly pink. Underneath was actually a tank top. It hugged her upper body so it showed off most of her curves.

"Nano Eddy's cold." She replied. Then she helped wrap the article of clothing around the little guy. Then she noticed Double D's face. "And why are you looking at me like that?"

"Double D's got a crush~" Eddy said, dragging out the word crush for emphasis. Then Double D's face burned as bright as a tomato. He didn't say anything to counter that fact. Melissa giggled at the flustered Ed.

"A-Anyways... You're next mission will be given by Mandark, who is currently waiting by the junkyard." He said.

"Awwww. She's not gonna be here anymore?" Ed asked, who looked like he was about to cry.

"Well, that's the last mission I've been made to assign to her right now..."

"Don't worry Ed, I'll visit you guys once in a while!" Melissa said. Hoping that Ed doesn't start to cry buckets. He perked up immediately after she said that.

"Now sock head, give her your good bye kiss!" Eddy mocked. Double D pulled his hat over his blushing face and shot a glare at Eddy. He chuckled a bit in response. Melissa rolled her eyes at this and decided to mess with all three of them.

"Hey Eddy..." She said.

"What?" His face turned to her and she planted a small one on his cheek. His entire face burned bright red. Then she kissed Ed on the cheek, who had no idea what was going on. Double D's eyes widened and he felt a small pang of jealously he didn't get one.

She was about to walk away when she heard a weak voice say 'ahem'. Turning, she saw a flustered Edd tapping his foot in a failed attempt to look irritated. "D-Don't I get one?" He asked. Stepping up, she was about to kiss his cheek when Ed hugged them both. Accidently mashing their lips together in the process. Eddy laughed at both their flustered faces.

Nano Numbuh Two found a little camera and started to take pictures of them kissing. Nano Buttercup and Nano Eddy were laughing their asses off.

When Ed finally let the two go, both were released from their forced make out session. Melissa and Double D were both blushing madly. Melissa touched her lips lightly and stuttered out her last words good bye. "U-Um, thanks f-for everything. I'll just be going now..." She said, then grabbed her hoverboard, face still as red as a tomato. Double D was just about ready to strangle the laughing Eddy, but being the good boy that he was, he ordered Ed to do it. Lots of screaming was heard outside of the cul-de-sac that day.

Melissa found Eduardo outside of the gates, picking through his bag of potatoes. "Hey Eduardo, I need to run to the junkyard for a mission. Can you point me to the right direction?" She asked. Eduardo seemed sad that she was going to leave. He cried a bit and Melissa had to comfort him, promising to return. He nodded sadly and showed her what bridge to cross over on the map. "Thanks Eduardo!" She yelled over her shoulder as she rode the hoverboard.

At the junkyard

The air was totally filthy and streams of green wafted everywhere. Melissa was practically gagging. If Ed was here, he'd be in paradise. A few men in suits and Mandark stood at the entrance of the Junkyard. Marndark had some sort of red air bubble around him, keeping the filthy air out. "Where is that stupid girl?" He yelled. The men just leaned against the metal and debris, silently watching Marndark throw a tantrum. "She's late! How am I going to get that time machine up and running today if she's late?" He continued. Melissa coughed loudly, interuppting his continuous rants.

"There you are! Do you know how long I've waited? This air has been choking me for a long time!" He said.

"But don't you have that air bubble? And I only got the memo just ten minutes ago, so you couldn't have waited that long." Melissa replied. One of the men chuckled. Mandark shot the guy a look and showed Melissa to the portal entrance of the Junkyard.

"I need you to destroy all of the fusion monsters in this filthy place. Bits and pieces of important parts to my time machine have fallen into this place. Also, you need to look for a certain robot by the name of Larry. This place is an infected zone, so try not to die." He said. That last bit unnerved Melissa, she was about to reject the mission but someone pushed her into the portal. She shot a middle finger at Mandark, who was just watching her as she was beamed away. His face fumed and was about to yell some more when in an instant she was gone.

Melissa got up and brushed the dirt and grime off her skirt. Walking into the junkyard, she tried to breathe in the trash tainted air as little as possible. Nano Eddy grasped her shoulder a bit when he noticed one of the fusion monsters hanging around one of the trash piles. A large mechanical beast loomed over the junkyard, dripping of fusion matter from the waist down. Then there was some vegetation growing on it. Being a curious girl, she wanted a better look at the thingy. The nanos tried to convince her not to, but she did anyways. Jumping onto the floating panels, she had finally made it high enough to get a better look at the giant mechanical creation.

She gasped. The head was a red car with crap all over it, then she looked at all the blue and fading paint. She was standing in front of Megas, the giant kick ass robot. She touched the metal lightly. Not even a stir of life from Megas. She climbed onto it and looked inside the car. Nothing inside. She pressed one of the buttons and the drivers seat pulled down to reveal a whole mess of Fusion spawns living inside. Melissa shreiked in surprise and put the seat back.

The shreik had caught the fusion monsters outside of Megas' attention. Nano Numbuh two tugged her sweater sleeve, pointing at the incoming fusion monsters. Nano Buttercup tugged on her masters wrist, accidently banging it on one of Megas' many buttons. A large electric shock hit the screen on Melissa's wrist. Then, the screen went black. Melissa and Nano Eddy and Nano Numbuh two glared at Nano Buttercup. Suddenly, the screen went back to life and a strong jolt went through Melissa's body.

Her clothes tore away fast with a bolt of lightning, Nano Eddy stole Nano Numbuh Two's camera and began to flash pictures. Melissa's torso was now covered by a black strapless top. It ended below her bust. Black tall combat boots came onto her feet. Black tight short shorts came onto her lower half. Then, her black hair turned into two black pony tails on either side of her head. Hands now had long black gloves and a black trenchcoat.

The fusion monsters began to climb the Megas. Loud music began to play, so loud that even Eduardo and the Ed's could hear it. Dark clouds swirlled overhead, something big was going to happen. Everyone knew it. The intro for 'Unbreakable' by Fireflight started. Electricity danced on Melissa's black gloved fingertips.

Where are the people that accused me?
The ones who beat me down and bruised me.
They hide just out of sight, can't face me in the light. They'll return but I'll be stronger.

The electricity enveloped her body, she stomped her electrified boot hard on Megas' metal. The electricity killed off all the spawns inside as Megas' outer appearance began to look better. The vegetaion burned off and the Fusion matter began to wither away.

God, I want to dream again, take me where I've never been.
I want to go there, this time I'm not scared.
Now I am unbreakable, it's unmistakeable.
No one can touch me, nothing can stop me.

The Megas began to roar to life, the electricity jump starting it. The headlights in the front of Megas flashed on. The electric currents also shocked off all the fusion monsters climbing the Megas. Thunder rumbled from above.

Sometimes it's hard to just keep going.
But faith is moving out without knowing.
Can I trust what I can't see to reach me destiny?
I want to take control but I know better.

Lightning struck Melissa's now outstretched arms, giving her a massive power boost. She sent the electricity all over the junkyard, robots and many other once broken down pieces of machinery came to life. They came nearer and nearer to the Fusion monsters, their limbs and pieces oozing with the energy that was given to them.

God, I want to dream again, take me where I've never been.
I want to go there, this time I'm not scared.
Now I am unbreakable, it's unmistakable.
No one can touch me, nothing can stop me.

Megas made one step, shaking the ground and crushing robots and fusion monsters alike. The lightning struck Melissa again and she struck many giant fusions dead with just a flick of her wrist.

Forget the fear, it's just a crutch that tries to hold you back and turn your dreams to dust.
All you need to do is just... trust.

The fusion monsters then came together, forming what looked to be a giant Fusion Eduardo. She produced a giant gun on her arm, her otheer hand charging the gun with massive energy. She then fired, Megas then fired its own store of missiles. The massive Fusion Eduardo charged at Megas, then ending up eating a face full of electricity and

God, I want to dream again, take me where I've never been!
I want to go there, this time I'm not scared!
Now I am unbreakable, it's unmistakable!
No one can touch me, nothing can stop me!

The beast roared, Melissa's conciousness faltered for a second, but she continued on.

God, I want to dream again!
Take me where I've never been!
I want to go there, this time I'm not scared!
Now I am unbreakable, it's unmistakable!
No one can touch me, nothing can stop me!

Melissa's gun died down, Fusion Eduardo fell to the ground, dead. The robot clustered on top of the dead Fusion as the thing sank into the ground. The song ended, Melissa still stood. All the robots except for Megas fell. The giant robot picked Melissa off it's shoulder and place her on the ground. Then the robot ran off, probably in search of it's driver. Nano Buttercup flew to Melissa's side, so did Nano Eddy, but instead of Nano Numbuh Two, Nano Eduardo came up and hugged Melissa. Nano Buttercup handed a robot head to Melissa. It was Larry, from that one show... um... oh yeah, Time Squad.

Melissa trudged out of the junkyard, absolutely exhausted. "Finally!" She heard Mandark exclaim. She handed the Larry head to Mandark. He laughed. "So all that's all that's left of him?" He ordered the men into the junkyard, Mandark was about to give Melissa more orders. But she was already asleep on the ground. Mandark sighed and called for a robot to pick the girl up. He walked into the junkyard, seeing a whole heap of robots in the center of the junkyard. Most of the men were searching the pile.

"Good god... this is going to take much longer than I thought..." Mandark said.