Okay, so this is something new. I'm trying my hand, for the first time, at...Jarlos. It's weird, and awkward. But I don't think it's too terrible. There are three drabbles that are connected, so each is going to be a separate chapter. And all three will be posted over the next three days.

And, of course, this is dedicated to the wonderful XChemicalXFallXPanicX. This was present #2 that she knew basically nothing about besides that I was writing it. X3

"God, you're perfect."

Those gasped words gave the taller brunette pause, almost cringing at the terrible word that had slipped from his boyfriend's mouth. Even if it had been said in the throes of passion, he couldn't help the sinking feeling in the pit of his stomach. And though their post-orgasmic glow was usually spent trading words of love and sweet kisses, James felt the need to just roll away silently, pulling his boxers from the haphazard pile next to the bed.


James forced himself to turn back to those chocolate eyes that were looking at him with so much confusion, bordering hurt. His acting skills came in handy as he masked his own uncomfortableness that usually was never associated with the shorter boy.

"Yeah, Carlos?" Casual. That's how he would have to play it off.

"Uh-um, where are you going?" He could see Carlos trying his hardest not to make a big deal out of the deviation from their normal routine. And despite his own disappointment, he appreciated the younger boy's attempt.


And he could see how his cavalier delivery left the Latino looking a little forlorn as he made his way into their connected bathroom. But he needed a moment to himself. That word was burning in his brain and he couldn't handle the sudden up rise of emotions that came with it.

And as he leaned his forearms against the shower wall in front of him with the warm water cascading down his back, he felt the insane urge to hit something. How could two syllables affect him so terribly?

Now he had to try harder.