Last part! And I'm making this quick before I go into work for the second time today. :P And really, I hate the ending, so I may work on it again later and change it, but I'm not sure. Thanks for all the alerts!

"I'm feeling...corn dogs." James smiled, looking at the other three boys for their opinion. Dinnertime was a serious matter, especially for a group of teenaged boys.

Carlos looked up at him in awe, a sweet smile on his face, before he turned to the other two. "Don't I just have the most perfect boyfriend ever?"

James' eyes slid shut and he breathed out a tortured sigh, his jaw clenching tight. Every other minute the small Latino seemed to find some way to use that word to describe him. The pressure was way too much.

He stomped from the room with slumped shoulders, closing the door to his bedroom softly behind him, resisting the urge to slam it with enough force to convey his overly exacerbated emotions. His hands ran through his hair a few times, his fingers periodically clenching the strands.

"James?" Carlos stood before him, his body partially hidden behind the door. James smiled sardonically at him. "What's going on, baby?"

James breathed deeply through his nose. "Nothing. Everything is just perfect." He spat sarcastically, ignoring the way the Latino's face dropped coincided with the drop in his stomach.

Carlos slowly pulled the rest of his body into the room, softly shutting the door behind him and clicking the lock in place. "What is going on with you lately?"

James bit the side of his lip, more to keep himself from spitting out the venom that had flowed to the tip of his tongue than anything. "What could you possibly mean?" He bit out, his teeth gritting together in annoyance.

A look of shock passed over the Latino's face as he leaned against the door and James silently cursed himself for letting his irritation show. "I...I just uh-" Carlos coughed in discomfort. "You just seem different lately."

His perfectly sculpted jaw clenched as his anger flared up and he stood from his bed. "Different? You mean not perfect, right? That's what the problem is, I'm not perfect enough for you, am I?" His fists clenched again, his knuckles popping and crackling loudly. Carlos looked taken aback, glancing between his boyfriend's angry face and the hands that kept twitching and popping. James could read the confusion clearly on his face, but through the haze of anger he found he didn't care as much as he normally would.

The Latino's mouth opened and closed silently a few times, looking like a fish out of water, gasping for air.

"James." Carlos hesitated and James saw the indecision play out on his face before he took a deep breath and turned those heart breaking puppy-dog eyes on him. "I don't understand what's going on. I love you. And no matter what, you're perfect to me." He swallowed thickly and bit the inside of his lip. "I didn't mean to pressure you or put any stress on you. I just...thought...that hearing me say you're perfect would make you happy." He paused again as his shoulders slumped lower than James had ever seen them. "I'm sorry." And the shaky voice in which those two words were said cut through the haze faster than a bullet from a gun.

James closed his eyes as he berated himself. "No, baby. I'm sorry." He rasped out, passing a hand over his face as he let out a deep breath. "I just...I guess I let it get to me. And I'm so so sorry." He reached out and pulled the shaking, shorter boy into his arms. He pressed kisses into the coconut smelling hair beneath his nose and let the guilt and relief wash over him. Just knowing that Carlos was calling him that because he loved him, not that he was placing him on a pedestal, it took a huge weight from his body.

They fell onto the bed together and James made up for every insecurity and angry outburst that he had hurt Carlos with in the past few months. He would always be striving to maintain that perfect image his boyfriend seemed to want to staple to him, but it was alright. Because he knew he loved him, and James would do anything for him.