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THE JEDI TRIAL SERIES! Yep the Jedi Target is book one!;)

Chapter 1- The Invitation

Piles and piles of data pads covered the entire desk. So much work to do and yet so little time to get them done. Why does all of this have to be done by tomorrow, Satine thought. She groaned, rolled her eyes and laid her head down on a small stack of data pads. Satine decided, forty-two data pads have been already read and signed on, still have another thirty-seven to go; so why not a good hour long nap. Satine closed her eyes and started to drift to sleep.

"Duchess," a voice said from the doorway.

Satine moaned and lifted her head to see one of her guards standing in the doorway.

"Yes, how can I help you Captain?" Satine asked.

He held up another data pad. Satine leaned back and groaned.

"This is for you, from the King of Isa," he said

"Is it another document?" she asked irritated.

"No milady, it appears to be an invitation."

Satine stood up from her chair and walked around her desk. She took the data pad from his hands and gestured him off. The guard bowed and left her alone.

Satine walked onto her private balcony and took one look around the main city of Mandalore. Then looked at the data pad. She opened the invite and started to read.


You have been invited to a grand ball for all of my friends of the Republic. The first night you are here there will be a grand feast to welcome all. Then the second night I'll have a game night, it will be fun for all. Then finally it will be the night of the ball and the next day shall be time for everyone to return home and to work. Hope you can come and if you can RSVP below, if you can't I completely understand. Bring something formal to wear and also something causal and active to wear. Now for the dates: the party is next week and will go on for four days. Hope to see you there.


King L.C. of Isa

RSVP here if you are coming_

Satine lowered the data pad and looked up to the sky. She then turned around and reentered the office to look at her calendar. She was free the first few days of next week. Satine smiled. She immediately entered the ball and such onto those days. Satine then looked down back down to the pad and pulled out the stylist and signed on the dotted line.

"Tamera," Satine called the handmaiden.

Tamera, a girl with short blonde hair and green eyes, she usually had a beautiful figure but she was due in another month or two. She smiled when she entered.

"Yes milady?" she asked.

"Could you please have this sent back to the King of Isa?" Satine asked her handing her the data pad.

"Of course," Tamera said then took the data pad from Satine.

"How much longer?" Satine asked.

"Only another 8 weeks then she will come," Tamera said laying a hand on her round belly.

"What will her name be?"

"Umm… I don't know yet but I'll think of something by then."

Satine gave her a smile. Then Tamera bowed and left the room. Satine held the smile until she sat back down at her desk and saw the data pads.


The quiet sounds of the fountains filled the peaceful air as Obi-wan meditated at the edge of one of the much larger fountains. His breathing was steady and light and his mind and body were relaxed. Nothing could ruin this moment… or could it.

Anakin snuck up behind his former master while he meditated on the fountain. When he felt Obi-wan distracted in the force, he pushed his former master backwards into the pool under the large fountain. Obi-wan yelled as he fell back in to the water. Thankfully he had already taken his lightsaber and boots off before he meditated. Anakin just fell right to the floor laughing his head off.

Obi-wan sat up on the shallow end of the pool and shook his wet hair. Once his hair was out of his face, his shot Anakin an angry glare. All Anakin did was continue to laugh.

"What was that for?" Obi-wan asked.

"Nothing, I just thought it would be funny and it was," Anakin said as he laughed.

"Oh yeah you think that's funny," Obi-wan said as he stood up.

"Yeah I do," Anakin said as he stood up.

"Alright how about you and me at the pool and we do a little face off."

"Alright you're on."

All Obi-wan did was smile and climb out of the fountain. He grabbed his boots and lightsaber.

"Okay, I'll race ya," Anakin said.

"Ok, but…" Obi-wan started to say but stopped as Mace Windu and Sasha, Obi-wan's 18 year old padawan, were walking toward them.

"Good Morning Master Skywalker," Sasha said then gave her master a cocked eyebrow. "Gone for an early swim this morning, Master."

"No," Obi-wan corrected. "Anakin pushed me into the fountain, that's why I'm wet." Obi-wan shot Anakin another angry glare.

All Anakin did was smile with an innocent look on his face.

Sasha giggled, Mace just shook his head and forced a towel that was hanging on a nearby to his hand then handed it to Obi-wan.

"Thanks," Obi-wan said and started to dry himself off. "So, I'm guessing this visit isn't social."

"Yes and I'd like to talk to you and young Sasha," he said then looked to Anakin. "Alone."

Anakin nodded and left. Once he was gone Obi-wan sat back down on the grass and continued to dry himself off. Sasha took a seat on the grass beside him; Mace took a seat opposite of them.

"So what's going on?" Obi-wan asked.

"Well let me start off with this, have you heard of Isa?" Mace asked.

"Not I'm… Oh wait, isn't that the lone Republic planet in Separatists space?"

"Yes it is and we believe it will be in danger soon enough."

"What do you mean?"

"We received some news from our outer rim command post that Grievous is heading that planet's way to take control of it. Now Senator Leon is asking that we go and protect the planet at all costs, but there may be an issue with that."

"And what's that?"

"The King of Isa is holding a ball for all royal members of the Republic and they are expected to come around the time Grievous is planning to attack."

"What! Well who was invited?" Sasha asked.

"According to Senator Leon; Queen Jamillia of Naboo, Queen Breha Organa of Aldeeran, and Duchess Satine Kryze."

Obi-wan's eyes widened.

"Why do I have a strange feeling that the King is behind it?"

"I don't know, I have that feeling too, but we are going to send to Jedi to keep an eye on things.'

"Meaning protect the royals and keep an eye out for Grievous?" Obi-wan asked.

Mace nodded. Obi-wan smoothed his still wet beard then folded his arms across his chest.

"Alright, we shall go and protect them and warn of Grievous, but is it alright to inform Senator Organa and Amidala about this?"

"Yoda and I thought the very same thing, to inform them," Mace paused. "So yes you may but be cautious, you know how Senator Amidala can be."

Obi-wan nodded then stood up, Mace and Sasha following his movement.

"Alright we accept the mission."

Mace nodded and then left them alone.

"Okay Sasha, see what you can learn about Isa, while I go and change clothes then we'll head to the Senate."

"Will do Master," Sasha said then rushed off to the archives.

Obi-wan walked back to his room, bare foot and still wet. He was going to need a quick shower before they left.

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