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Two days have passed since that crazy battle against Grievous ended. The Republic had ordered the troops to rebuild the main city of Isa. The towns people and royals returned and helped as well. The council and Chancellor were informed of the secret base. Turns out to little to no of Obi-wan's surprise, the Chancellor said yes to keeping it. The council thought this was a mistake but they didn't disobey him.

As for King Lance, he told the town of what he did; about lying to them and decided to have a huge party in the town square and he would be the one sitting at the dunk tank. No not at, in. He even gave up on Satine and fell in love with Lady Clara from the outer rim. Turns out they had more in common than Satine and he did.

Speaking of Satine, she recovered well from her injures and helped out the town in cleaning up. Breha and Jamillia helped out as well and Bail had even come in to make sure she was alright. As for Jamillia she met a handsome Prince and he asked her to the celebration.

Then there was Sasha, she was still recovering from her injures. She wore herself out real good, all the way to the point where she almost fell back into a coma. Thankfully that didn't happen, but she was unconscious the past two days. And then Blake helped rebuild the town but also helped take care of Sasha, who would thankfully be attending this evening.

Finally there was Obi-wan, he helped rebuild too and he helped track down where Grievous went. Turns out he is well out of their reach. Obi-wan weren't too thrilled about that but he knew that they would get him one day. He recovered from his wounds too.

Now Obi-wan stood, in his plain tunic and leggings, on the steps of a building watching the people enjoying themselves this fine evening. He spotted King Lance and Lady Clara walking arm in arm through the crowd. He also saw Jamillia and the prince dancing and Bail and Breha sitting on a bench talking and laughing. Then he spotted Satine standing alone beside a light post. He got up and walked over to her but decided to get her something first.

Sasha came to the party with one of the clone medics. This was her first time out since the she woke up. Blake who was talking to one of his friends, she guessed, noticed her and came over.

"Hey it's good to see you up," Blake said.

"Thanks," Sasha said. "Jesse here told me that you helped take care of me when I was out cold."

"Yep that is true," Blake said with a nod.

Suddenly another friend his came over and gave him a hug. She was shorter than him and Sasha. She had black hair with purple high lights and radiant blue eyes. She was in a short green dress. Unlike Sasha who was just in her Jedi uniform.

"Hey Blake," She said. "I've missed you."

"I've missed you too," Blake said pulling away. "Let me introduce you to someone. This is Sasha Monroe, Jedi Padawan."

Sasha extended her hand. The girl took it.

"Pleasure to meet you Padawan Sasha," She said. "My name's Lilly Stanford. I'm Blake's girlfriend."

Girlfriend? Sasha thought to herself.

"Yeah I should have told you about Lilly here," Blake said. "But we want to keep it low profile, if you know what I mean?"

Sasha nodded. "I do actually." Being in love with Cayden in all we have to keep it low profile.

Blake smiled. "Cool, well I hope we can still be friends Sasha."

"Of course," Sasha said with a smile.

"Cool. See you around?"

Sasha nodded. They turned around and left her to go and enjoy the party.

"Not really keeping it low profile in a public event, don't ya think?" Jesse said from behind her.

Sasha chuckled and turned to him. "No kidding."

A pair of muscular hands came around Satine's eyes.

"Let me guess," Satine said. "Obi-wan?"

The mystery person removed his hands and came around her with a smile. It was Obi-wan. Satine put her hands on her hips. She wore a pale blue dress and matching heals. Obi-wan on the other hand wore his regular Jedi attire.

"I've got something for you," he said.

"Oh what?" Satine asked.

"Close your eyes and no peeking," Obi-wan said.

Satine did what she was ordered to do.

"Open,' he said.

Satine opened her eyes and gasped. He held a single red rose and brand new silver bracelet with a Mandalorian stone on it and a piece of a lightsaber crystal, blue crystal.

"Obi, it's beautiful," Satine said.

He put it on her then handed her the rose. She smelt the rose and looked up at him with sparkling eyes.

"Care to dance?" he asked with a bow.

Satine smiled then curtsied. "Of course."

He took her free hand lead her to the dance floor. They dance the night away, Satine's headed on his shoulder and her arms around his neck and his arms around her hips. They danced and enjoyed this moment they had alone before they would go their separate ways again. As fireworks went off, Satine and Obi-wan moved from the dance to one of the roof tops where they watched the fireworks shoot off. Obi-wan turned to Satine and pulled her into the most passionate kiss they had ever had as the fireworks continued to go off.

The end!

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The Jedi Trail Series Book 3: Zigoola's Shadow

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