"Wait, what? We're getting gifts?" The panic in Rigby's face and urgency in his voice made it clear that he was not prepared - and it was already Christmas eve.

"Uh, yeah, dude? We've always gotten each other gifts before, why would this year be different?" Mordecai asked, crossing his wings.

"Every other year we were mooching off our parents! We don't have the money for gifts this year. We can barely afford food. We couldn't afford rent if Pops made us pay it."

"That's funny," Mordecai said, "because I managed to get you something." Rigby looked up at the other, suddenly feeling horribly guilty. This wasn't fair! Why hadn't he been warned ahead of time?

"But - but - "

"Whatever." Mordecai shrugged, smiling again. "It's cool, dude, no big. You're right. We're strapped for cash. It'll be enough to hang out with my bro and play some Dig Champs." He slugged his friend lightly on the shoulder and walked out of their room. Rigby stood after him, still feeling awful.

"Well, shoot. What should I get him?" The raccoon searched his side of the room, all of the drawers. No green. He searched around the rest of the house - Mordecai seemed to have taken off to see Margaret at the coffee shop - and dug through the cushions, and came up with $1.43 cents. He sighed, "Oh man! What am I going to buy him with this?"

Well, time to go shopping, he thought, and headed out the door.

Rigby woke up the next morning with a heavy feeling in the pit of his stomach. He rolled over on his trampoline; Mordecai was already up. He groaned and crawled out of bed, prepared for the worst Christmas he'd had in years.

As he walked down the steps, Mordecai walked out of the kitchen. Rigby faked a yawn, not wanting his friend to know how on edge he was.

"Hey, Rigby! Merry Christmas! Come on, time for presents, dude!"

"Yeah, Merry Christmas. Uh... I dunno-"

"Come on, Rigby, I already know you didn't get me anything. It's cool, come on, see what I got you!" Not leaving any room for debate, Mordecai grabbed the raccoon's arm and dragged him down to the Christmas tree. He placed a gift bag on Rigby's lap. Rigby pulled out the tissue and looked inside.

"It's - chocolate covered gummy bears?"

"Yeah! I know you love them. I couldn't really afford anything better, you're right, we are kind of poor. Wanna go play Dig Champs? Come on, you can be player one."

"Well," Rigby started, "I fished around in the couch last night..." he pulled a shoddily wrapped round package out from under the tree. "So here."

"Woah, dude, really? Thanks, you didn't have to," Mordecai said, pulling off the paper. He held it up. "A... yoyo?"

Rigby held out his paw. "And a pack of gum. I could only find a dollar and forty three cents, so my choices were limited." Mordecai started laughing. Rigby huffed, blushing under his fur. "Well if you don't want it you could just say so!"

"No, dude, it's great. It's perfect, thanks," Mordecai said, trying to stifle his laughter. He pulled Rigby into a hug. The raccoon smiled, feeling a lot better - until Mordecai turned it into a headlock and gave him a noogie.

"Hey! Hey!" Mordecai let him go. Slipping the yoyo string over his finger, he stood up and motioned to the television.

"Wanna go play Dig Champs now?"

A/n I've kind of got this thing where I write a ficlet for whatever I'm fangirling on holidays, based around the holiday and written in a single day. Unfortunately, I haven't had a whole lot of time to make this one good, they keep me pretty busy on Christmas. So, sorry if it's kind of horrible and way too short. In any event, I hope you enjoyed it.