Chapter 1

Welcome to my new FF, Naruto: Legacy. This will be an AU, though set in Naruto's time period. I will be changing quite a few things, so they might not match up with the anime/manga. If you think it is a mistake, please PM me and I'll let you in the know how. Small things from Bloodline Inheritance and Character persona, to actual differences from concepts layed out in the actual manga/anime. Some events will not happen, while others will be much more indepth and new events will be added.

This starts around the time where the anime/manga started.

Sarutobi sighed as he dismissed Team Yamato, viewing the report they had just handed in. They had completed yet another B-Rank, which had proved to be of moderate difficulty to them. It had been four years since they had been put together, and even though Sarutobi had hated his decision back then, now he thought differently. Naruto had turned out a new leaf ironically after being taken under Tenzou.

When Naruto was younger, he had shown little control for his emotion's and stellar ninja abilities, however every time he exhibited an extremely strong emotion, the Kyuubi would begin to leak out. After the third time, Hiruzen had ordered the Council of Fire to convene. Surrounded by his strongest Jounin, Clan Heads, and ANBU Commander, they had decided on what to do about the predicament. The Third had voted for the continuation of the young Jinchuuriki continuing in the Academy, as he wished for him to be associated with his peers.

But even his backing would not allow Naruto to continue down the path that he was going. They had debated for an hour, before the ANBU Commander had stepped in, stating his resignation and that he would take the boy under his wing. Sarutobi had protested, knowing the training methods that ANBU used, but he had stated he would personally undertake him as an apprentice. There had been an outcry, but when the Commander, Tenzou, had taken off his mask it had proven that he was the best choice.

His abilities of using the Mokuton would easily quell the Kyuubi, and he personally had a lot to offer the young boy. His emotional training would buffer the Kyuubi, making it a much smaller factor until he could get better training under its influence. Sarutobi had called off the council, and had immediately rushed himself, and Tenzou to his own office. Sarutobi went hectic. He had questioned where he would obtain another commander from, who could offer as much as Tenzou himself had. The now re-instated Jounin had assured the Kage that he had located a suitable replacement before going off and attempting this stunt.

After being assured, Sarutobi and Tenzou had finally begun working out details. Naruto would begin training the next day, covering everything the newly named "Yamato", could offer. Even though he had wanted a better childhood for Naruto, he knew when he was putting the village in danger. Naruto had gone above and beyond Sarutobi's initial expectations of ninja potential.

The young blonde had several abilities before he had even hit the age of nine. His insane chakra capacity, which now rivaled most standard Chuunin, even though he had not practiced a single Ninjutsu his entire life. His unending stamina had overtaken many Genin, and even some of the Uchiha's police force. He had also shown a surprising amount of intelligence of cleverness, when he had managed to bombard the Hokage tower with smoke and foul-smelling gas. What occurred after had surprised the proclaimed, God of Shinobi, was that Naruto had awakened a bloodline.

The chase that occurred after the Hokage Tower 'smoking' was short and furious. Several ANBU had chased after Naruto, his movements no match for their fast-paced ones. The Kyuubi Container had been captured within seconds. When the ANBU moved to restrain him, several things occurred at once. Bones had sprouted from around Naruto's body, nearly impaling the startled ANBU. Sarutobi had been rushed to the hospital, ushered by a group of ANBU. He had walked into the room, noticed the bones, and had paled.

"Shikotsu Myaku." (Dead Bone Pulse)

"Maa, Yamato-Sensei, what is set for tomorrow?" Naruto questioned, walking alongside his sensei. Yamato and Naruto had a strong relationship, much closer to brother's than Sensei and student, though Naruto had honorifics beaten into him. When Yamato had heard Naruto incant his superior's names so disparagingly, he had forced the boy to the training grounds and beaten such nonsense out of him.

"Well... The new Genin have been at it for a month, and even though you are different, the Hokage wants you to learn teamwork with those your own age." Yamato said, moving towards the rooftops, on route to the training ground which he, and by extension, Naruto frequented.

"Hn. Sure to be boring." Naruto muttered, before showing some exuberance. "Hey! Isn't Kakashi-Senpai a Jounin leader for one of the squads?"

"Yeah, he's been teaching Itachi-san's little brother, Sasuke, along with two others." He said, putting emphasis on the name. "We actually have a C-Rank with them tomorrow, should take a week or two to complete."

"A C-Rank? Going to be so boring." Naruto droned, stopping as they reached the training area.

"We, however, can still get in some training for today." Yamato cautioned. The training hadn't differed over the four years of his apprenticeship. There was a new Jutsu or two a month, the rest would be spent on several other aspects. Naruto's Taijutsu with his bloodline required frequent training, earning a spot twice a week. The Jinchuuriki dedicated a day a week for his Chakra Control had rose incredibly over the years, but he still was not able to accomplish the simple Bunshin, however, he had managed the Mizu Bunshin variation. Practice for his various Jutsu took out another day, which left sparring with Yamato, and physically building his body.

He had drilled emotional control into the energetic blonde, and even though it had been tiring, it had eventually worked. Naruto only kept to himself, and even in battle he was able to banter the enemy into rage. Naruto had only worked up a rage in battle once, when a bandit had proclaimed that he had enjoyed raping Naruto's mother. That bandit, had ended up with several bones protruding through his body, leaving a very upset and angry Naruto for Yamato to deal with.

Naruto's mother and father, and his tenant, had all been disclosed to Naruto after two years of apprenticeship under Yamato. Naruto had begun searching records for his Bloodline, and when he hadn't been able to figure it out, had taken it straight to the Hokage. Sarutobi had weighed over his options, he could hold out, and risk Naruto finding out on his own, and thus rebelling, or take a risk and tell him now. After forcing out a promise, he had relayed the truth. His bloodline had come from his mother's, Uzumaki Kushina's, father. He had been a runaway Kaguya, and had carried the genetics into Kushina, who then passed them down into Naruto.

The Kyuubi had somehow forced the genetics forward, making the rare bloodline show in Naruto. The Kage had also disclosed Naruto's tenant, the Kyuubi, and that Naruto's father, the fourth, had sealed it inside of him. He had stated the importance of secrecy, and hoped that with Yamato's training and help, Naruto would keep from bragging or disclosing it to anyone else.

Subsequently after that kill, Yamato had begun training Naruto even harsher then before, making it so that nothing would cause a reaction from Naruto. The Jounin had brought in all kinds of ninja, even Jounin, just to see if Naruto would have a reaction. Of course they weren't fighting, Naruto would have been slaughtered by the Jounin, but the unfamiliar faces would prove if the training had worked or not. Of course, Yamato had enjoyed saying some of the most unspeakable things that he did to Naruto's mother, or father, or both of them. All sexual, but all completely false.

When Naruto had shown complete mastery over his emotions, Yamato had patted him on the back and had taken him out to eat, as a sign of congratulations. Naruto's only social life was with people who were older than him, and even then he was dragged along by Yamato. Most notably, if he wasn't with Yamato, or training, he was with Kakashi or some other of the Jounin. This made for some awkward moments every time they went drinking.

"Today, its going to be light since we do have a mission tomorrow. With the Chuunin exams coming up soon, we also have to hope that someone from one of the Genin teams is either injured, called on a solo mission, or killed, so you finally have a chance." Yamato cautioned. "Even though you're skill level is higher than a Genin, you are still in terms of rank, a Genin. Konoha hasn't handed out upgrades to Chuunin after Itachi accomplished it, so this will be your only chance.

"Hn. Alright." Naruto said, moving into his standard Taijutsu stance, and Yamato moved to do the same. Naruto slowly unbuttoned his long sleeve shirt, until it eventually pooled around his waist.

"Yanago no Mai!(Dance of the Willow)" Naruto incanted, as bones sprouted from his various appendages. All pointed in the length, they sprouted from his knees, shoulder blades, palms, and elbows. He moved to run at Yamato, slowly increasing his speed as he moved.

"Mokuton: Daijurin no Jutsu!(Wood Release: Great Forest Technique)" Yamato exclaimed, as wood morphed from his arm, rushing at Naruto in a mass formation.

Naruto darted to the side, attempting to get into a close-range radius. He could almost defeat Yamato in Taijutsu, as any wrong move would lead to the Wood user being impaled. Naruto darted off to the side again, as the wood came from behind to wrap around him. A few feet away, Naruto moved his center of gravity lower, as he sprang up on Yamato.

"Tenshi Sendan!" Naruto shouted, holding his fingers forward, intent on firing at Yamato. The bones from his finger tips shot off at intense speeds, intent on ripping through Yamato. The Chakra enforced bones were stronger then steel, faster than any human could throw a Kunai or Shuriken, making them a deadly weapon. Yamato paled as he dodged, letting the Jutsu fall. Using the momentum, Naruto neared and capitalized on the close range positions.

"Kage Bunshin!" Naruto exclaimed, as several of his solid doppelgangers appeared around him.

With several of his Bunshin, Naruto impaled Yamato at various angles, using the bone sticking from his palm to go through his chest. Yamato's body rapidly turned to wood, and Naruto uttered one word.

"Fuck." The wooden body exploded, sending sharp wooden spikes everywhere. His various clones dispelled, and Naruto being sent backward, Yamato hopped from the tree's, intent on capturing Naruto.

"Mokuton: Moku Shoheki no Jutsu!(Wood Release: Wood Locking Barrier Technique)" Yamato uttered, as wooden beams sprang from the ground, completely engulfing Naruto.

"FUCK!" Naruto screamed from his new prison.

"Maa, maa, Naruto, seems like you've lost again." Yamato said, laughing as he patted the wooden half-sphere that surround Naruto. He laughed even harder when several bones pierced through the wood, intent on spiking through him.

Yamato released the technique, allowing Naruto to slowly sit up.

"You were too jumpy. I know you know better than to act on impulse. Come on, mission tomorrow, lets go eat up." Yamato admonished.

With Naruto's intense metabolism, he required enough food to feed several grown men in each meal. Instead of the few ration bars ninja had stocked encase of an emergency, Naruto ate them throughout the day to keep his energy and body well saturated with the calories and nutrients he needed. He still of course ate normal meals at standard times, but he required a lot more than what they offered.

They slowly maneuvered their way through the village, heading towards Yamato's flavor of the month, the BBQ restaurant. They reached it within a minute, using the rooftops as their route of transportation. Closing in, Naruto quickly began re buttoning his shirt, making sure to look at least presentable in the public's eye.

They walked in, and Naruto sighed while Yamato gave a small laugh at his students expense. There seated were the three Jounin-Sensei, and all nine of the Genin.

"Naruto... You know you got to be more social with people your own age." Yamato whispered.

"Yeah, yeah, its just so annoying." Naruto answered back as they moved to sit beside their respective groups. The various ninja there stared as Yamato sat beside his own colleagues, while Naruto moved to sit beside those his own age.

"Move." Naruto said, as the Genin, Sakura Haruno, moved out of his way. He seated himself, and waited, knowing that all the eyes were on him.

"Hey! You can't just come in here and tell one of us to move. You may be apprenticed, but that doesn't mean your better than us." Ino Yamanaka, berated him.

"Actually, I just did, and I am." Naruto replied, silencing her with a stare.

"Maa, maa, Naruto play nice." Yamato simply stated, staring at Naruto. The conversations soon began to drift off, as the Genin began to talk of the soon up and coming Chuunin exams, while the Jounin discussed their wayward pupils.

"So. Yamato-Senpai, whats it been, four years since you've been training Naruto?" Kurenai, the resident Genjutsu Mistress of Konoha asked. Everyone knew of Yamato's decision in training Naruto, it had been widely popular. Having someone that could control the Kyuubi, as well as mold the "weapon" so to say, was a smart decision on his part and on the Hokage's. They had become quite popular, and quite the strong duo, judging by the amount of missions they handed in monthly.

"Yeah, around that time. I'm sure if Hokage-Sama wasn't such a stickler for protocol, that Naruto would definitely be Chuunin, possibly Tokubetsu Jounin. He's basically grown leaps and bounds after the first year, and only grows stronger by the day." Yamato answered, picking up a piece of chicken and placing it on his plate.

"What about the Chuunin exams, how are you going to place him inside of them?" Asuma asked, in between bites.

"Well that's the only problem... One of your Genin, or some of the older ones either has to be injured, called off, killed, for Naruto to actually be able to participate." Yamato replied, earning the stares of the Jounin there.

"So, Naruto, are you prepared for the Chuunin examinations?" Shino asked, probing for knowledge.

"Sure." Naruto replied, knowing how to both dish out information, and keep it to himself.

"What made you so special, to get an apprenticeship, and not one of us?" Sakura Haruno asked, evident anger showing on her face. Her dreams were of becoming one of the few ninja who grew out of a civilian clan or guild, and actually make a name for themselves.

"There are many reasons why, but one would be because I'm a lot better than you." Naruto jousted, much to her annoyance. He was an expert at pricking at people, annoying them until they were angered well above normal standards. That made them much more liable to make mistakes, mistakes Naruto would capitalize on.

The Genin didn't know much about Naruto. The only information they had gleaned was from talk from older Ninja, and their own sightings of him. He had been eight when first apprenticed, with apparently massive Chakra amounts and endless stamina. The most recent was that he had a bloodline, which was unspecified, and that he had undertaken many high ranked missions along with his Sensei, ranging from C to A rank. The odd markings on his face signified the bloodline, with two red dots above his eyes, and red coloring around his eyes. He also had odd cheek markings on his face, akin to whiskers.

When the Genin had been in the academy, the Hokage himself had come and spoken to them. He had stated many things harshly, and had changed the way they viewed things. He had spoken of such things and teamwork, and that nonsense of trying to do things yourself would not work, and he would not allow. He personally had berated Sasuke Uchiha for pursuing such a single-minded path, and he would not allow Sasuke to continue being a ninja if he did not stop.

The Uchiha had comeback the next day a changed person, more outgoing, more social, and it had improved his standing within his classroom. The current nine genin had gone through the academy together, the rest of the up and comers and had been pushed to other classes, or had dropped out entirely. The Hokage hadn't specified why he only wanted nine, he had requested it, and it had been done. The teamwork that the nine showed far outclassed the teamwork of the generations behind them, showing that the Hokage had been correct yet again.

"Hah. We'll see soon who is the best here, Uzumaki." Sasuke uttered, officially ending the discussion. Sasuke had a bone to pick with Naruto, why had he gotten special treatment, when he, last of the Uchiha had been shunted to the academy. Of course the Hokage had the thoughts removed from his mind, but he still felt jealousy in someone getting better chances then he himself did.

Naruto gave a small smirk at that, and moved to leave. He had a mission tomorrow, and it was with three of the Genin here, which was sure to be an annoyance. Naruto quickly left the building, quirking out a goodbye to Yamato and the other Jounin, before retiring to his apartment.

Naruto arrived at Hokage Tower directly at 10AM, perfectly on time as Yamato's instruction. He nodded to the assistant, who had grown used to both Yamato and Naruto coming and going as they pleased. Naruto knocked twice, and waited for the affirmation to enter. After a few seconds, he heard the Hokage's ragged voice.

"Come in, Naruto."

Opening the door, Naruto several things clicked in Naruto's mind. The standard ANBU detail was gone, showing respect and secrecy, and Kakashi-Senpai and Yamato were standing at full attention, though aloof. The three Genin, Sakura, Sasuke, and Sai, either did not know or notice the secrecy going on. He shut the door, and instantly heard the whirring of Chakra pouring through the door, activating several of the seals.

"I am glad everyone could make it here today. Generally you would accept missions from the Chuunin downstairs, however I have Team 7's first C-Rank here, who will be joined for this with Team Yamato. You will be escorting Tazuna, a bridge builder, to the Land of Wave, and guarding him as he completes the bridge. The mission will bump up if you encounter other Ninja or adversaries, so please pay careful attention. This mission MUST be completed, it is very valuable towards Konoha. The extra resources we will gain from it will make it a very profitable undertaking." Sarutobi layed out, as he examined each of his soldiers. "Ah. There he is right now."

The smell of booze overcame Naruto, his enhanced senses going overdrive, he was unsuspecting of encountering the smell here. Quickly stalling his superior senses, Naruto managed to turn around and observe the man entering. Aging and decrepit, but while defined muscles popped out, showing a long time in the construction industry.

"Bah. I see two adults and a bunch of children, these are supposed to guard me?" He asked, mocking the Genin standing there.

"You did pay for a C-Rank, Tazuna, if you wished for stronger forces, you would have to pay for B or an A-Rank." Sarutobi calmly answered. The Bridge-Builder seemed to pale, as Kakashi moved to speak.

"Alright team, lets go. Meet at the front gate within the hour."

"Hai!" The underlings in the room rang out, as they moved to depart. After the Genin of Team 7 had left, along with Tazuna, the Hokage's voice rang out.

"You three, stay here." The immediate response was to face the Hokage again, at full attention.

"This mission is not to be failed. The growing tension with Iwa has been growing. The various stockpiling and their veterans coming back into the forces have shown they are prepared to engage us in war. It seems that the Fourth's dead has propelled them to act. Suna's dissolving of our ally treaty is also to be warned. We are lucky that Kiri has sided with us. The Yondaime Raikage has shown much more... appreciation to Konoha than the Sandaime did, so he will stay out of it for now. The resources we will gain from securing the Wave will bring us more money, and more stockpiling in case war comes sooner than we think." The professed, God of Shinobi, said bleakly. This mission could not be failed, it was needed for Konoha to obtain more power to lord over Iwa and whoever else they had dredged up as allies.

"Hai! Hokage-Sama, we will not let you down." Kakashi said, as they all departed.

It had been by chance that Kiri had sided with Konoha. With Naruto's rare bloodline, Sarutobi had worked tirelessly to obtain any amount of information on it. When the civil war in Kiri was heard in Konoha, he had contacted the leader for the Bloodlines, Mei Terumi. Offering his support, for information on the Kaguya, had been a great choice. Sending several of his Jounin and personal ANBU, her side had won on what before had been a stalemate. They had pledged their allegiance to Konoha, and Konoha did the same to them. Yagura, the previous Mizukage, had all but disappeared, and his only known contact was the new Kage, Mei Terumi.

Sarutobi sighed, as he wondered what was to come. The coming war was now inevitable, as Iwa was actively recruiting for their Shinobi forces. With Suna's avoidance of Konoha, they had obviously sided with Iwa in the conflict, and Suna had long lost the support of their Daimyo, who worked a lot closer with Konoha. The lines were split evenly, but Kumo had yet to talk with any of the other Kage's, nor attempt to negotiate anything. Suna had overcome their hate over Iwa's constant battles, becoming fixated on taking Konoha down to earn the support of their Daimyo back.

Sarutobi had already requested Jiraiya's and Tsunade's presence in Konoha, pleading with them to show their faces, to at least forestall the enemies, and show that the Sannin still had power. His wayward student, Orochimaru, had all but disappeared, leaving the aging Sandaime to wonder if he was planning something. Jiraiya had already responded, saying he would be on his way, and hopefully pick up Tsunade on his way back.

War was on its way, and Sarutobi sighed at the implication that it meant towards Naruto, and his tenant. This time they had no Yondaime with a Hiraishin to save them, it was all up to Konoha's own Ninja force, and whether they could handle the damage that war caused.

Naruto sighed as he neared the North Gate, slowly dropping from rooftop to rooftop until he dropped on top of the checkout/check in station. Instead of wearing his clothing like in public, he had forsaken his normal appearance for his battle one. His long sleeve loose fitting shirt was pooled around his waist, the bottom two buttons holding it there. His headband was tied around his forehead, allowing two spiked bangs to frame it. The rest of his spiked hair pooled below his ears, ending off in tipped hair surrounding his face. His red and black pants, signifying his Kaguya and Uzumaki descent, were loosely fitted around his waist, with tattered holes where his bones would sprout from.

'Hn. There's everyone else. I hope we do encounter someone, so this stays enjoyable. Wouldn't want the entire mission to go by without any excitement.' Naruto thought, as he hopped off the box, moving to intercept the rest of his team.

"Naruto! Glad to see you're already here." Kakashi murmured, peering into his orange book.

"Kakashi-senpai! Finally on time, I see. And your team hasn't picked up your habits." Naruto uttered, sounding glad that they would be moving.

"Ever heard of common decency, Uzumaki? Get your shirt on." Haruno scolded him.

"I dont feel like ruining it later on, sorry." Naruto replied, as she stared at him quizzically.

Yamato erupted out of nowhere, followed by Tazuna. "Ah! Taichou, I managed to pick up Tazuna on the way here. Lets get moving." Yamato said, as him and Kakashi began to walk. "Hai!"

Yamato quickly created a Moku Bunshin, allowing him to carry Tazuna. "We will be moving quickly. We stop every thirty minutes to checkup. You three will be behind Naruto, will be leading." Yamato said, pointing at Kakashi's students. "Taichou and I will cover the back. Lets move!"

"Hai!" The four said, as they sped off. Naruto quickly took the lead, launching himself further with his superior Chakra amounts and muscle mass. The joint team moved fast and furious, only stopping for breaks for the three Genin, allowing them to get some rest. Naruto ate while on the run, and while they stopped, the ration bars allowing for the convenience.

'What the fuck?' Naruto thought, as he noticed an irregularity in the greenery up ahead. The trees were scuffed with footprints, signifying chakra markings. Bushes were bent and torn, and Chakra layered the air, showing that Ninja were present, or had been present. Naruto slowed down, and scratched the back of his head, notifying all of his teammates behind him of the irregularities. Naruto brought the chakra forward, prepared to use a Jutsu at any moment.

A buzzing sound erupted from the trees, and Naruto automatically jumped into action. Replacing himself with a clone, he watched from behind his three Genin teammates as his doppelganger was surrounded by various bee's, and poofed away. The team stopped in its entirety, as Yamato's Moku Bunshin lowered Tazuna, and moved sluggishly to where Naruto's clone had been dispelled. Bee's sprang out again, covering Yamato's clone. They surrounded it, and with a simple hand sign from Yamato, it exploded, killing all the bee's in its vicinity.

Several Ninja dropped from the tree's, all sporting Iwagakure headbands. They numbered five in total, but all held Jounin or Chuunin vests on. The headbands were in pristine condition, showing that they were not missing-nin, this was a deliberate attempt from the Tsuchikage to stop Konoha from amassing power.

"Well, well, well. It seems that we managed to catch the goldmine here. Two former ANBU Commanders, one being Hatake Kakashi, student of the Scourge. Four little Konoha Genin, hoping to see tomorrow." The main one, a bee tattoo on his shoulder, stated. The five Iwa Shinobi moved into position at once, all picking a different opponent. They all moved at once, synchronized to each other.

'Iwa Nin? This deep in Konoha? What the hell?' Kakashi thought.

"Tenshi Sendan!" Naruto exclaimed, as it seemed everyone moved at once. The ten finger bullets seemed to warp through the air, impacting two of the Shinobi, striking him in the thigh, and the other in his forearm. Grunts of pain sounded from them, as Naruto moved to stage two. He launched himself into their midst, prepared to strike them down.

"Yanago no Mai!(Dance of the Willow)" He said. Using the bones that sprouted out he lashed out in their midst. A shriek of surprise came from behind, probably from Sakura, surprised at his abilities. He managed to get in a few strikes with his palm blades, before Yamato came to his rescue.

"Mokuton: Moku Shoheki no Jutsu!(Wood Release: Wood Locking Barrier Technique)" Yamato uttered, as wooden beams erupted around Naruto, shielding him from the view and attacks of the various Iwa Nin. Naruto leaped backwards, joining the rest of his team.

"Nice tactic, Yamato and Naruto." Kakashi uttered, as he lowered his headband, a glowing red Sharingan appearing.

"Thank you, Taichou." Yamato uttered, grimacing at the distraction Kakashi's Sharingan caused Sasuke.

'He has a Sharingan? Wha- How?' Sasuke thought, forcing his mind not to waiver, they were in the middle of a fight.

After a bout of swearing, the various Nin sprang out, each intent on killing the targets. Two Jounin singled out Kakashi, while another one focused on Yamato. Two Chuunin left between four Genin. Both of the Chuunin were injured, one had suffered several bone tips towards his thighs, and a slash to his waist, while the other had a tip in his forearm, and several puncture wounds in his shoulder area.

Naruto singled out one of them, keeping an eye on his other teammates. He moved to strike at him, but the enemy Chuunin kept jumping backwards.

"Do you know who we are?" He asked. "We are one of Iwagakure's mightiest clans. We are the Kamizuru Clan!" Bee's poured out from his arms, as his various teammates joined him, adding to the large amount of bees.

Kakashi and Yamato both snickered, leaving the Genin startled. "You may be the Kamizuru, but I find it funny that you forgot what happened that many years ago. I remember your clan leading an attempt on Konoha, and being pushed back by just a few of the Aburame clan members. Your bee's haven't changed then, what makes you think you are so mighty now?" Kakashi asked. "Use a fire Jutsu to counter!"

Various voices rang out. "Katon: Goukakyuu no Jutsu!" (Grand Fireball Technique) Large fireballs erupted from four mouths, instantly quelling the large amount of bee's, and roasting most of them. The various Iwa ninja paled, and stopped the production.

"Retreat!" The head Jounin called out, as they all disappeared, fleeing into the greenery.

Kakashi sighed into his hands, they had arrived at Tazuna's home, and were setting up a perimeter around the home and bridge, and working up guard schedules.

"That was just a scout on their part. They are either going back to Iwa right now, to obtain reinforcements, or judging by the information they obtained, are planning on how to stop the bridge from completing." Kakashi layed out, keeping attention on him.

They were seated around the dinner table, Tazuna sat at the head, flanked by his daughter, along with Kakashi and Yamato sitting close by. The four Genin sat by the table, engrossed in the conversation.

"We also need to plan on what will happen. The injuries Naruto caused the two Chuunin will keep them down, and we have a good chance of them still being injured if they attempt to fight again. I will teach you, Sakura and Sai, a fire technique tomorrow. We have to employ fire to keep their summons at bay. If we can, each of us can do a lot of damage once it gets to close range combat." Kakashi said, getting nods from both Sakura and Sai.

"Taichou and I will be dealing with the three Jounin. We will not send you to your deaths to fight an opponent well over your skill level. Naruto will of course get one of the Chuunin to himself, his abilities allow him to handle one easily, and thus can aid us against the other Jounin. You three, will work to fight the other Chuunin, if you defeat him earlier than Naruto, then you must aid us against the Jounin." Yamato continued. "Now, if you all will go outside, me and Taichou here will be out soon to help you guys in your training."

"Naruto, Yamato, stay here." Kakashi uttered, as the other three Genin shot looks behind them, wondering why the harsh tone. Once they were out of earshot, Kakashi began. "What do you think you are doing, Naruto? Bursting out into a group of Jounin, like they were just bandits? What if they had employed the use of Kenjutsu, or had their own close-range Jutsu to strike you down? Yamato, what have you been teaching the boy?" Kakashi growled out, slamming his fist against the table.

"Maa, maa, Kakashi-Senpai, calm down. Naruto's bloodline here gives him an odd ability. Kaguya who awaken the Shikotsu Myaku bloodline, are never submitted to the hospital, because their internal structure is changed beyond comprehension. Naruto's tenant, and his bloodline, make him invincible to standard Kunai and blades. Just watch." Yamato spoke, handing Naruto a Kunai.

Naruto raised his bare arm, and allowed Kakashi to see it, before bringing the Kunai down with all his might. It managed to pierce his flesh, but stopped just after getting past the flesh, tinging against something solid. Naruto rose his arm, and showed Kakashi. There, in the cut, underneath the blood, rested bone. Not standard bones, but just a flat bone, that didn't seem to end or start. "It protects my entire internal structure. Even Yamato-Sensei's Wooden Spikes have a hard time piercing me." Naruto said, watching the disbelief in Kakashi's eyes.

"You are telling me, that you are immune to standard puncture weapons?" Kakashi stated, disbelief still in his tone. He watched, pushed farther into his own disbelief, as the wound began healing, before his eyes. It had stitched itself up within a matter of seconds.

"Basically, yes. Putting him with some long range support would be optimal on a team, but even than, Naruto's insane amount of Chakra gives him the ability to fight mid-range perfectly too." Yamato added in.

"Geez. I'm sure if Sandaime-sama hadn't added the rule of not being able to obtain Chuunin without going through the exam, you would already have hit Chuunin, and more then likely Tokubetsu Jounin.

"Thanks." Naruto spoke, before leaving to join the other Genin outside. During the earlier fight, Naruto had noted several things. Sakura had relied on abusing the Kunai, unwilling to actually exchange physical fist to fist blows, showing a weakness in strength. She also had shown an aversion to Jutsu, showing that she either had little to no Chakra, or did not know any. Sai had used his self-made bloodline to an extent nicely. His abuse of drawing creatures to attack was great, and allowed him to keep his chakra reserves high. His blade on his back, a tanto, shows that Sai was at least proficient in the use of it.

Sasuke had shown willingness to accept help, when he had moved aside to allow Sakura to attempt a strike on the opponent. He had great flexibility, shown by his Taijutsu. He had decent Ninjutsu, shown by his ability to use the Great Fireball technique. Naruto moved to stand beside them, observing as they practiced the tree-climbing technique.

"We have to send a message to Sandaime-sama..." Kakashi murmured, pondering over the situation.

"Indeed. This was the instigating incident. Iwa obviously doesn't want Konoha gaining anymore power. This will definitely mean war Taichou. This means a lot of work. It seems as if four of the great five will be at war." Yamato said, joining Kakashi in contemplation.

"Ame has been in lock down, so we can get no help there, though that stops one avenue of attack. The minor villages sure won't like this. We'll be fighting on their turf yet again... Kiri has to be notified. We need reinforcements, because surely Iwa will be sending them. Now that they know they have been caught, they are going to attempt to silence us. I'll send Pakkun right now with a message to Konoha, asking them and for them to ask Kiri for reinforcements." Kakashi added in.

"We better begin training the Genin, Rikodou Sennin knows how much they need it." Yamato responded, mulling over the situation. They sure were in troubled times now...

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