Galaxies, some of the most beautiful things in the universe. Stars abound in galaxies as the sand covers a beach, creating a luminous spectacle for anyone see, or at least anyone who has access to an observatory or satellites, or a really big ship. The spiral shape of a galaxy represents the way galaxies move themselves in the vastness of the space, where there is only black matter. Or does it represent something more? The eternal struggle of life, always striving to survive, evolve and, especially, live. What is the purpose of a life whose only objective is to exist, to consume energy? Where do happiness, beauty, hope, faith and love fit in? There should be something beyond the Beyond, right? Those were the thoughts of a pensive woman who had lost her innocence long ago. However, she dismissed those thoughts when an entire galaxy exploded in front of her ship.

"Our shields are going down," a technician called, tapping furiously at his terminal keyboard, "Milady, defensive plate is detaching!"

The woman didn't seem bothered.

"They're striking us at all lateral blocks!" another one warned in a preoccupied tone. The blast illuminated the area, showing the flag: a red skull, made of flames, with V-shaped shades, over a blank white background.

"Damage?" she asked, with a neutral voice, calmly walking to the front of the bridge. The woman had long blond hair and was wearing a bluish cape, with the same symbol as on the flag. Under her cape, she was wearing a black top, baring her midriff, and blue leather pants, with red stripes on the sides. The sound of her heels clacking on the deck cut through the noise of bridge activity.

"Minimal, but our cloaking device is history!"

"Worry not," she replied; she was starting to get excited at the idea of a massive battle. She strode forward and stood next her loyal commander, a man with a white uniform who didn't look quite human, wearing a blue beret and gold glasses. "What's exactly the size of the enemy fleet?"

"Off the charts!" a female technician replied, looking at the blinking radar. "And still growing!"

"So, all the lights in the skies are our enemies now, huh?" she smirked, as she was toying with a golden pendant, shaped like a drill. "Please, let's give them something special. They're worthy opponents, but they aren't aware of who I am! I'll use the fabric of space and time to erase them out of the existence!" She looked at the commander and ordered, "Now!"

"Yes, milady!" The commander lifted his hand and yelled out an order. "Prepare the Maelstrom cannon! Target the great dimension channel!" Nobody questioned the order, even if some technicians had concerned looks on their faces. The main technician ordered, "Star the Dark Matter Harvester!" One dared to mutter under his breath, "Oh, I don't like where this is going..."

"Gurren Solvernia, SPIN ON!" she said, smugly crossing her arms. "Who the hell do you think I am?" Winds lifted her cape and her hair flowed in the breeze, and the giant ship started to transform, cannons started to move, and the giant face in the front started to accumulate energy. It finally fired, and a massive explosion engulfed everything in sight.


This is the story of a woman who has yet to realize what her destiny is.

A.N.: Well, this is just an introduction, much like a trailer (I was feeling creative today, so I published this story and updated my KH/TDI crossover (this is totally not advertisement)). I was strolling through dA and I saw some fanart of Nia inCaptain Garlock's outfit, so I had an idea: if Nia was born in Jiha and Simon in Teppelin? So, with this plot bunny, I thought and I decided to start this experiment. So far, what do you think? Should I progress with this amazing piece of fiction? Or is a bad idea? Please, R&R to hear your opinions. This will be an AU rewrite, with my own twist. Owns nothing.