Peter White was watching them again for the third time since learning about their existence. Four teenage girls sitting in a garden, enjoying tea and desserts. All completely different from each other. But at the same time, they were the same.

At least that was Nightmare kept telling him. That each of these females had the qualities to join the insane world of Wonderland. And each represented something his world needed.

There wasn't many similarities between the quartet. Only that there were teenagers and they all seemed to be friends.

Their looks and personalities were nothing alike. The blonde who led the group like his own Queen of Hearts. The brunette whose skills with tools rivaled that wretched clock maker's. The black haired girl who confused him more than the Cheshire Cat. And the redhead, so lost in her literature sanctuary.

"Enticing, aren't they? The auburn beauty is my favorite. So quiet and reserved," a cold voice asked the White Rabbit. He knew the voice's speaker: Nightmare Gottschalk.

Peter responded, "They certainly are an odd group. Are you sure their presence is needed?"

"Yes, quite." The dream demon pointed to the group. "Now, retrieve them for me. The sooner, the better."

The rabbit man sighed as he transformed into his true rabbit form and hopped to the group. Nightmare smiled and said to himself, "The Heart, the Clover, the Spade and the Diamond. It's time for them to play the game."