Author's Note: Yes, this is based on the chapter V is for Vulnerability from ABC Kisses. Expanded much and detailed more. Just a warning ahead of time: There IS a rape scene in this chapter. That is all I have to say right now.

Chapter 1

He didn't need a mate. He was doing just fine on his own; having a mate wasn't necessary for him now. Despite what everyone said, he didn't need someone to emotionally stimulate him.

At least, that's what Seto told himself.

Sighing, the brunet landed on the edge of a rocky cliff and sat down, tucking his wings back and out of the way. Resting his chin on his hand, he looked out on the forests below. 'Yami doesn't know anything about me. I don't need a mate. I've got Mokuba and that's all I need.'

He knew that wasn't true, though. He desperately wanted someone to call his mate, to make love to, to have kits with. Eventually, his brother would get his own mate and stop visiting as often as he did.

Seto blinked as he heard a long, low groan, then let his gaze drift straight down the cliff. The nearest outcropping was about three hundred feet down and very large. That probably explained why another dragon was strewn across it on his stomach, black wings spread to absorb as much heat from the sun as he could.

The brunet winced as a lance of heat shot through his chest, then continued to sear heat through his body with each pump of his heart. It was hot and it hurt, but all he could register was that that black dragon was his and he had to claim him as such. He tried to squash the feeling, stomp it down so he didn't do something he'd regret, but the desire and warm, protective feeling he was being filled with was making him twitchy.

He didn't really understand; the last time he'd felt this warm, affectionate feeling was when he'd been spending time with Mokuba. He knew that was love, because it was his brother. So why was he feeling this way for a dragon whose name he didn't even know? He hadn't… he hadn't found his respective Other, had he?

He really hadn't thought he'd ever find his Other, since so few ever did. What was worse was that the dominant partner was the only one who ever knew when he had found the other piece of his soul, and it wasn't like he could just come out and say, 'hey, we're two halves of a whole, be my mate.' No, the submissive had to learn that themselves.

Seto gripped his head tightly, trying to force down the urge to claim the unsuspecting dragon as his mate. It would be wrong—he didn't even know that dragon! Why? Why was this happening to him?

The boy below him stretched, body flexing and twisting to show lithe muscle underneath what surely had to be soft skin. The black, leathery wings fluttered then settled back down as his tail began to wave lazily back and forth, drawing attention to his cute little behind.

Damn that tail.

Seto felt his control snap, and he let out a dominant roar as he leapt off the edge of the cliff and began a sharp dive straight down to the outcropping his mate-to-be was laid out on. The blond turned over in surprise, eyes wide, only to let out a frightened shriek as the brunet dragon spread his wings to slow his descent just in time to keep from crushing him.

The smaller dragon snarled and reached up to claw at his shoulders. "What the hell, man! Get offa me!"

Seto snarled as well and used his tail to pin the blond's down before it could slap him off, reaching down to rip his pants open. The blond shrieked and began thrashing, but then the older dragon's strong white wings were forcing his down, and the brunet's pants were suddenly gone as well.

He began scratching and punching with new fury as the brunet began to pry his thighs apart, flames licking at the tips of his tongue and lips. "Stop it! Damn it, lemme go! I don't wanna mate with ya, just—h-hey, stop it!" His shrieks and squeals reached a higher pitch in panic as the brunet managed to spread his legs and he began desperately trying to thrash again, whining and keening helplessly as the larger dragon positioned himself to plunge into him. "No, please! No! I don't want this, please don't make me-!"

Seto snarled again and reached up to catch his wrists, slamming them down on the rocky ground as he used his knees to keep the trembling blond's legs splayed open. "Mine!"

"N-no! I don't wanna be your mate, please—" the blond exclaimed desperately, only to cut himself off with a gasp as the white dragon rammed into him.

He whimpered quietly and went limp beneath him, all the fight draining out of him as he felt the other dragon's shaft fill him, making him his dame. It didn't hurt too much—he had been touching himself down there earlier that morning with his tail, which was quite a lot bigger than the other dragon's cock—but that didn't matter. This strange dragon that he didn't know had just come out of nowhere and claimed him, and now—now he didn't have a choice over who his mate was going to be.

Seto leaned his face into the blond's neck and rumbled in approval, drawing out of him before snapping his hips forward again. Hearing a smothered yelp, he growled again and began humping him roughly. "Mine!"

The blond couldn't help bleating helplessly as the white dragon thrust directly into the spot that sent delicious fire up his spine and closed his eyes tightly. He didn't want to feel this pleasure, didn't want to enjoy being claimed in the slightest, but he couldn't help it. It just felt much too good having him hitting that spot, pounding into it repeatedly. And feeling pleasure just made him feel that much worse, so he began to sob and turned his head away.

The older dragon dragged his claws lightly down the blond's side, driving into his soft, pliant body quickly; he needed to claim his mate and get him home quickly, so no one would try and steal him. Vaguely, he realized that it wouldn't happen that way. However, he was too intent on making the smaller boy his to care.

The blond gasped as the larger dragon grabbed his shaft and began stroking it, then squeezed his eyes shut. "No-! No, no! Don't make me—I can't—Please don't—NYUUU!" He threw his head back and screeched as the brunet's hand began stroking him faster, forcing him to climax no matter how desperately he didn't want to. His body jerked as he came, stiffening as he released onto his stomach and chest and whimpering as the pleasure momentarily made him numb to the situation. Once again falling limp beneath him, he mewled as the larger dragon continued to pound into him.

Seto let out a roar of completion as well, ramming into the blond one last time before stilling and clenching onto him possessively. "Mine!"

"Ah… No…" The black dragon squirmed a little, pushing at his shoulders feebly, but he felt much too weak after his fighting and then being so roughly claimed. He mewled again as the brunet pulled out of him and turned onto his side, using his wing to shield his body from the larger man's intense gaze.

Seto stood up and tilted his head as he looked down at the trembling blond; the possessive fog was suddenly fading, and he was beginning to realize what he'd just done—and realizing that his actions were unforgivable to almost everyone of dragonkind, even himself. '…I… am terrible. I'm a monster.' Well, he couldn't just leave him there after claiming him as his mate. Reaching for his pants, he idly wondered what would happen now that he was bringing the blond to his home. …He really expected his new mate to stab him in his sleep. However, he realized he deserved it, so he pulled up his pants, then reached down to pull the black dragon into his arms.

"Nn… Bastard… Don't even know your name…" the blond whispered, crying quietly. "'nd ya don't even know mine."

The larger dragon winced, then spread his wings and began flapping them. He let out a soft rumble as the blond curled closer to him and adjusted his grip so he could tuck his wings around himself to hide his body. He'd been so rough, so hard on him, he was probably sore. And he was right; he didn't even know his name.


Seto peered into his mate's room silently, frowning, as he absently turned the bowl in his hands. He'd given his new mate a pair of pants (a little too big, but the blond had demanded something to keep his 'perverted rapist eyes off anything he might decide he wanted again') and had even gone so far as to allow him to have his own room, his own bed, on the other side of the castle from his own. It had been a few hours, and he assumed that his mate was hungry. He was just afraid to go into the room and disturb him.

Joey had been crying for hours.

Prying the name out of him had not been easy, but eventually, he'd gotten the quiet, defeated whisper of 'Joey.' Joey hadn't even asked for his name; he'd merely given it so he'd be able to 'damn' him properly, instead of screaming 'damn Rapist!' Using his name was a lot less painful than being reminded of what he'd done.

Seto took a deep breath before stepping into the room, tapping lightly on the doorway. The blond flinched a little but didn't make a move to uncover his head; instead, his wings pressed in just a little more, hiding more of his body from him. Seto sighed and let his gaze travel to his feet, feeling more ashamed than he ever had before as he heard the smaller dragon sob.

Deciding to just get out of his hair, he walked over to place the bowl on his nightstand. "…I hope you like beef stew." So saying, he turned and left the room, taking one moment to glance back inside.

He'd done everything he could to make the room homier, more comfortable for the other dragon, even going so far as to go to his own den and grab the scant amount of valuables and other items scattered about and placing them inside the room. Joey hadn't said thank you or anything, but he had moved his things around, storing his small pile of gold and jewels in a corner and arranging his old cast iron lamps and brightly colored blankets and tapestries about the room attractively.

Seto heaved a sigh as he closed the door on the warm, lived-in looking room. Compared to the rest of the castle, the blond's room looked friendly and happy. He didn't want the cold loneliness of the rest of the castle to seep into his room and make him even more miserable than he already was. He just… he just wished that he could maybe have some of that warmth and happiness for himself.

His little brother had moved out only a few months prior, and he'd been left feeling alone and uncared for since then. …Perhaps it would have been better if he'd left as soon as he'd seen his Other. At least then he wouldn't have had to deal with the pain of knowing his mate hated him so much he wished him dead and having to feel alone even with someone living there with him. He felt more miserable now, knowing that he was alone despite having a mate and that it was solely his fault that his Other—the one he cared so much about—was angry and depressed.

Once he made it to his own room, Seto glanced around the sparsely decorated room sadly. There was nothing of much value in there, emotional or monetary. He had a large bed, true, but it was made out of roughly carved wood that hadn't quite been finished, and the mattress was filled with hay rather than bird down or wool. The blankets weren't necessarily pretty or useful, and most nights he still found himself chilled—though whether that was because he was lonely or because of the actual temperature of the room was hard to tell.

Aside from the bed, there was a large armoire that he kept all of his clothes in and a wooden chest to place his mementoes—the few that he had from before his parents died, and a few from Mokuba over the past years. He didn't often look at them—they reminded him that he was alone and lonely and sad—but it was nice to know that despite all of the jewels and gold he had, he did have things that were more emotional in value than monetary. There was also a desk and a chair, but he really didn't use them, and that fact just made the room a little more depressing and lonely.

Seto sat down on his bed and sighed, then curled his wings around himself tightly and shuffled under the blankets. Knowing his mate was comfortable and warm made him feel at least a little satisfied that he'd done a good job as a sire. …But knowing that his mate was comfortable and warm in an entirely different room sapped all of the warmth out of the satisfaction and only served to make him bitter and angry with himself.


Joey sniffled and lifted a hand to wipe his eyes, then turned his head to look at the food that had been left for him. He had to admit that even though the brunet had taken him against his will, he was trying his damnedest to be a good mate nonetheless. He'd given him clothes when he'd demanded and had even acquiesced when he'd said he wanted a separate room on the other side of the castle without an argument, even though he looked like he wasn't happy with the prospect.

When he'd merely looked at the room he was offered with scorn, Seto had quickly offered to go to his den and get all of his belongings, which he'd coldly agreed to. He had felt a little bit guilty about his tone when the brunet flinched before quickly leaping out the window to do what he'd offered, even without knowing where he was going. He must have found where it was though, since it hadn't been too far from where they'd… mated. And he'd brought everything over the course of four trips, from his largest cast iron lamp to the smallest piece of gold.

And then he'd left him alone to arrange his room, which he'd done and then collapsed on the bed, exhausted both emotionally and physically. He'd begun to cry helplessly, angry that his solitary life had been taken away so violently and even angrier when he'd realized that it had been by a white dragon—and the one that most females (and even a few males) pined for. He didn't want it! He hadn't wanted anything to do with him!

…But he'd left him some delicious smelling stew, thick with beef and potatoes and other delicious vegetables. So at least he was doing his job as a sire to keep him fed and comfortable.

NO, he was NOT going to appreciate anything that rapist bastard did! This was what a sire was supposed to do! He was just doing what he had to because he'd claimed him; he'd tire of him later on and regret ever taking him! Well, he'd just bring that day closer and make him rue the day he decided to mess with him!

…But right now, he was going to relax on his nice, soft bed, and he wondered vaguely how many of the castle's mattresses were filled with bird down that Seto had actually gone to get one for him. It was incredibly comfortable. And the blankets covering it were soft and warm, with bright patterns strewn across them. He supposed it was just a perk of living in a castle and being one of the most desired dragons around.


Seto leaned his head against the doorway as he crossed his arms and frowned, then sighed helplessly. It hurt to come into the blond's room day after day only to find him either staring out the window wistfully or crying on his bed. Joey was his Other, and he was supposed to be taking care of him; obviously, he wasn't doing a very good job, and that just made him angry with himself for being unable to make the other half of his soul happy.

Leaving him alone had obviously not helped to make him happy, and neither had the small conversations he'd had with him. So perhaps being physical was the only thing he had left to try? …He didn't have anything left to lose, really…

He took a deep breath before walking over to his crying mate, trying to work up the courage to say something even though he would most likely get snapped at in response. When he couldn't think of anything to say, he hesitantly reached out to touch his shoulder. "…Joey?"

Joey snarled and flinched away from his touch, instead swinging his tail around to slap him away. "Don't touch me!" As an afterthought, he added, "And leave me alone!"

Seto didn't need to be told twice; he scampered out of the room before he could get his blood on anything and make the blond angrier, then hurriedly slammed the door shut, panting a little as he leaned against it. He looked down at the three cuts across his chest and whined in the back of his throat. He'd forgotten that the black dragon had spines going down his tail.

One of the cuts burned like no other, and the edges of the wound were already turning a sickening color of green. Joey must have had a poisoned barb at the end of his tail. He'd never had to deal with a dragon's poison before, but since many other dragons had brushed it off, he figured it couldn't be too bad. Some of them had even described the healing process as having a really bad cold, or a mild flu. Since he was young and generally fit, it shouldn't take too long for him to heal, right?

He already felt his stomach ready to heave. Staggering back to his room, he stumbled through the door and tripped over his own tail, tumbling to the floor pathetically. After that, he had only the strength to turn onto his stomach and wretch, purging his body of all that he'd eaten that day. He grimaced at the thought of cleaning up the mess, but then his stomach rolled threateningly, warning him that any unneeded movement would not be looked on kindly.

Seto whined quietly as his body trembled with aftershocks, then shivered as he began feeling cold. He knew, rationally, that it was because he was beginning to get a fever, but still, his mind told him he was beginning to feel cold. Moaning quietly as his body began to ache, he crawled toward his bed, shedding his pants as he moved through the puddle of vomit before he weakly pulled himself onto the bed. Another whine escaped his lips as his already achy muscles protested but eventually rolled onto the uncomfortable mattress.

Curling up beneath the thin, scratchy blankets, he closed his eyes tightly and covered his head with a pillow to block out the light. He made himself the smallest ball he could, using his wings to keep a little more heat in. He still trembled from feeling cold, though, even with the fever, and he vaguely wished he had a mate that would cuddle with him to help keep him warm.

And then he remembered it was his mate that had hurt him, and he helplessly covered his head further with the blankets and one of his wings. If Joey didn't find out he was his Other soon, he'd either die of heartache or physical injury.


Joey scowled as his stomach rumbled and sat up, glancing around the room angrily as if it were the cause of his hunger. He was angry, but he was more confused; he didn't know why his… mate hadn't brought him any food. Seto was usually so good about bringing a meal in for him at just the right times, as if sensing he was hungry. Was this punishment for slapping him with his tail earlier?

He felt his anger flare again at that; he should have expected it! It was all his fault! He should have realized that raping him would come back to bite him in the ass! And now he was shirking his duties as sire to keep his dame fed and comfortable?

Snarling angrily, he stood and left the room to search for his… mate. The term still made his blood boil. He hadn't wanted a mate, hadn't been searching for one, and now he was some stranger's dame! He ignored the voice in the back of his head that quietly pointed out he knew who his mate was—the rich dragon that everyone seemed to want and yet he showed no interest in—and began searching each room.

He felt himself growing confused, however, when he found most of the rooms barren of everything; some weren't furnished, and few if any were carpeted. There were no curtains at the windows, no tapestries hanging from the walls; the only colors he saw was a spare jewel or coin here and there, as if the brunet's treasure had once been stored in the room but he'd moved it. Didn't Seto have any color in this giant fortress? Any furniture?

The closest he found to a comfortable room was the library, which had big, comfy looking chairs and thousands of books. Joey felt concerned; just what sort of dragon had he mated with? Why had he gone to all of the trouble of making sure his room was warm, and lived-in, and bright and colorful when he obviously didn't care for it himself?

Sighing as he peered into another room, he nearly vomited when his sensitive nose was met with the most repulsive scent he'd ever had the misfortune of smelling. Looking down in confusion, he found a puddle of vomit on the floor, which the brunet's pants had been left in. It must have been left there for a while. Lifting his gaze, he found a bed on the opposite side of the room, and a trembling ball of blankets quivering in the middle of it.

Joey frowned, then stepped into the room, carefully avoiding the puddle of vomit as he moved toward the bed. He felt his stomach churn uncomfortably when he realized it was his mate, wrapped up in two thin blankets but still shivering from cold. He saw the cut on his chest—only one left from the former three—had turned a dark, ghastly green, and he realized belatedly that the other dragon must have never had the misfortune of dealing with a dragon's poison to build up immunity to it. He sat on the foot of the bed to ponder how to handle this problem but immediately sprang back up with a startled squeak.

Turning back toward the bed in surprise, he placed his hand on it, then sighed sadly. It was filled with hay. Seto had made sure his bed was full of soft, comfortable bird down—and judging by the fact that he'd seen no other furniture, the mattress had come from his bed. He'd taken the uncomfortable mattress for himself, had given up many of the brightest, warmest blankets for Joey's bed, and was freezing in a room on the opposite side of the castle.

And he hadn't complained once.

Joey gasped as the brunet suddenly lunged out of the bed and landed in a pathetic heap on the floor, taking a step forward instinctively to help him. But then the brunet was up, panting, and stumbling toward the window, and he obviously didn't want help. He struggled with the latch for a few moments before letting out a frustrated snarl, banging his fists against the glass angrily. When it only hurt him, cut open the skin on his hands and wrists, he turned and bashed his tail into it.

The blond could only watch in horror as the older boy slid through the hole, glass slicing into his sides and back as he spread his wings. Then he was falling, and the black dragon sprinted over to the window to see where he was. Luckily, Seto spread his wings in time to catch an updraft, so he wasn't crushed on the ground. He flapped his wings a few times feebly before catching a vent and gliding.

Joey hesitated only a moment before he carefully unlatched the window and leapt out, making sure to keep enough distance between the brunet and himself that he wouldn't see him. He frowned in confusion when he realized he recognized the area the brunet was flying toward. He found it hard to believe that Seto could know his friends, especially since Yami and Yugi were such good judges of character—

He gasped quietly as Seto headed straight for the ledge of his friends' den, but his landing failed; he couldn't even get his feet under him. Instead, he tumbled, rolled, and came to a stop in a pathetic heap with one wing askew in the air. He fluttered his awkwardly positioned wing helplessly, then whined, unable to find the strength to get up, or even position himself so the wing he was laying on wasn't causing him pain.

Yugi and Yami were out within moments, and then Yugi squawked and rushed back into the den to get some balms and poultices to help with the pain, ease his fever, and hopefully help his cut to heal faster. Yami rolled the brunet onto his stomach and hooked his arm over his shoulders to help him to his feet. The brunet whined and staggered but eventually forced himself upward long enough to stumble into the den.

Joey hovered a few moments before slowly gliding over to land on the ledge. Then, he edged his way over to the mouth of his friends' den to peer inside. Yami was helping the brunet to lie down on a mattress, and the larger man began to purr even as he moaned in pain. He melted into the mattress and sighed, curling his tail around to pat the other sire's shoulder in thanks. Then he passed out.

Joey stepped back and covered his mouth, unable to help the feeling of shame welling up inside him. Seto had given up everything, from warm blankets, to colorful tapestries, to even… even his comfortable mattress, and hadn't complained once. And he… he had just taken everything from him without question, had felt entitled to them, and had never once worried about what the other might have had to deal with.

Seto deserved a lot more appreciation than he'd given him.