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Charley sat in her office with the door closed. Rock music could still be heard through the door and she just rubbed the heel of her hand against her forehead. The papers in front of her didn't help her headache any as she began the long task of adding the numbers and grimaced when she saw the totals. The garage was in trouble but how was she going to drum in any new

Running her fingers through her hair she let her head fall to land on the open book in front of her. She would have to ask her parents or maybe... Reaching over she picked up the phone and dialed the long number. A male voice answered on the other end and Charley braced herself, "May I talk to Alexandria Naketa?"
Alex felt the wind slap against the face plate of her helmet as she sped over the almost empty expressway. Her bike made a light beeping sound in her helmet and she glanced down, the light lit up on the fuel gauge and Alex sighed. Carefully she wove herself over to the slower lane and waited the next five miles before she pulled off into the gas station. Grimacing only once at the price of gas. "Highway robbery..." Getting off her bike she wheeled it over to a empty space near the doors of the 24 hour restaurant.

The bike clicked and beeped before the back opened and Alex could pull out her old highschool jacket. The medals on it shone dimly in the pale light carefully she fingered one and then placed her helmet in the space the jacket once held.

Making her way into the slightly rundown restaurant she carefully ignored the few cat calls her blue speed suit caused. Her jacket did the trick on keeping a few of the braver ones away. Making her way to the counter she ordered five large bottles of water and a large coffee. "Thirsty darling?" Alex looked to her side and then back to in front of her.

The biker noticed the slight movement and grinned, five of his front teeth had been knocked out. Flexing one arm he carefully placed the other on her shoulders. "Come on darling I got better stuff to drink out in my van."

Alex didn't respond but instead hit a button on her gloves. Moving as little as she needed to she handed the waitress a hundred dollar bill. "I do hope this will be enough." Quickly she turned and punched the biker in the jaw causing a six tooth to fall out. Backing up a bit she side a low kick to his waist line pushing him into the counter and right into the drink machine. His large stone body breaking it quite badly.

Calmly she turned back to the counter and picked up the water, placing it under her arm and she sipped the coffee. "Good it's strong." Setting it on the counter she reached into her jacket and found a company card. "Call my people and they will make sure you get a new machine." Turning Alex headed out of the room and back to her bike. The room quiet as she did so, one
woman in the back gave a quick round of applause to Alex before the rider disappeared back into the darkness.