(A/N) This is my first in a series of one-shots that will revolve around everything I feel like writing about. This one is about Gavner and some choices he has to make, and the difference it makes to everyone. Enjoy.

1: Choices

"Crepsley, cover me form the left! Arra, from the right!" Gavner Purl launched himself into the battle, swinging with his heavy broadsword at whoever got in his way. He was heading for the commander at the far end of the tunnel; Larten and Arra, his best friends, were flanking him on either side, taking out who they could and protecting Gavner from side and back assaults.

The faces, the flesh, the sword, the blood; it all flashed in front of him like a dream. Gavner felt oddly detached, like he wasn't really where he was, it was all just like an amazing dream. He needed this, this was his moment to shine. He knew he wasn't as smart as Larten when strategy came to mind, and he wasn't as fast as Arra, but he could fight, and he could kill.

Larten was Gavner's best friend and well on his way to being a prince because of all he'd done, and mostly because of his glorious success in eliminating almost thirty pods of Vampaneze warriors. Arra was a high ranking general, respected and sent out of missions because of her amazing strength and fighting skills. That's why Gavner needed this, he needed to kill this general, so he would finally been seen as more than just an average general and instead be seen as an asset to the clan.

Adrenaline picked up in his vampire veins, he slashed his sword diagonal, bringing down a large male Vampaneze with a huge scissoring cut to his torso. He was closing in, but from the corner of his eyes he could see the rest of the vampire clan breaking through the ranks and charging to where the head of the Vampaneze army stood, hacking away vampires like a lumberjack would fell trees. Gavner forced his flying legs to move even faster, telling himself that he had to beat them there, it was finally his moment.

He was almost there, the rocky tunnel flying behind him in a blur of bloodstained rock and bits of metal, when he heard the horrible scream. Everyone in the tunnel seemed to stop, except for Gavner. He couldn't stop now, he was feet away; as was Vincent Gullmer. He would beat Vincent; he would win and be the victor.

Holding his sword for the first swing, while the Vampaneze was finishing another vampire, he prepared for the life-changing kill.

"GAVNER!" He froze mid-swing, and whirled at the sound of Arra's voice. She stood, surrounded by at least 7 Vampaneze, and she stood over Larten. He was curled around his stomach, a knife in-bedded in his abdomen that gushed blood over his hands and stained the floor ar0und him. Arra was barely holding them off the both of them, and even as Gavner watched her fight, he knew it was a fight she couldn't win.

With one last glance at the huge Vampaneze commander, he sprinted for his friends. Fighting with Arra Sails was not an easy feat, and fighting around a very injured vampire wasn't simple either. But they managed; all seven fell in a matter of minutes, leaving Gavner and Arra to help their friend. Gavner dropped to one knee, and glanced up to see if someone was coming.

He looked up just in time to see Vincent's sword slice through the Commander's neck, which brought up a cheer from all the vampires, including Arrow, the only prince present. Gavner felt anger, and disappointment boil inside of him, but pushed it away as he looked back at his friend, cradled in Arra's arms, spilling blood as she pulled the knife from his stomach.

He wondered if he made the right choice, seeing everything Vincent was getting for doing Gavner's mission. But he knew he made the right choice, he saved his two best friends lives.

So, why did he have this feeling that what he did was wrong? That he'd thrown everything away. Maybe he had. But he couldn't let Larten die.

Could he?