Countless Stars: My Existence in Life

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Warnings: Angst, heavy sarcasm (to the point where it might get humorous?), drama, cursing. Oh, and yaoi (aka boyxboy).

Main Pairings will be Sasu/Naru (and other pairings to come, but you'll have to read to figure out what pairings I have in mind). If you happen to not like one or more of the warnings, I advise you to stop right now for the better of your sanity and mine.

Summary: AU: Good job, Naruto. Somehow you always manage to get yourself into these stupid situations that do no good for anybody except for your enemies. What kind of situation am I in right now, you ask? Well, for starters, I'm in the stomach of a shark. Yes that's right, a shark. (SasuNaru)

CC: A huge A/N at the bottom, explaining some things (if you guys haven't read the authors note.


Chapter 00 – Prologue – My Most Precious Memory


Really, I could give myself a pat on the back. Good job, Naruto. Somehow, you always manage to get yourself into these stupid, life-threatening situations that do no good for anybody except for your enemies. I've lost count as to how many times I've put myself in these types of situations and honestly, it's even been irking me to some extent.

What kind of situation am I in right now, you ask? Well for starters, I'm in the stomach of a shark.

Yes that's right, a shark.

I have never personally seen the ocean that this animal inhabits, but somehow on one of my missions in the Fire Country, a place known for its massive mountains and plains, I manage to land myself in a shark; a shark that doesn't happen to be anywhere near an ocean. And it also happens to be 5 times the size of a normal great white shark.

That's huge; that's around 30 meters long.*

But I digress. I shouldn't be marveling at the concept of being in the stomach of an abnormally large shark. I should be thinking about a way to get out of this shark and get back to completing my mission and it was here that all my mental anguish stopped. Sasuke. I was on a mission with Sasuke! I started to panic, looking around to see if he was nearby, unconscious, with hydrochloric acid eating away at him and blanched at the thought, preferring to think of a more positive image. And all of what happened suddenly flew back to me; we ran into this extremely creepy looking dude who resembled, ironically, a shark. We were on a mission to gather information about one of the nearby civilian villages on rumors that it was supplying the hidden village of mist with artillery weapons and we didn't want another inside war to happen in the country. It was still healing from the last episode.

Then we ran across this dude, who smiled at me in a way that still gives me the chills, insisting that we follow him, saying that he'll show us the way to the civilian village. I scoffed slightly, annoyed at myself for believing the words of a strange man; some good it did me. I'm in the stomach of a shark being shipped off to who knows where. I'm surprised the stomach acid hasn't started eating away at me yet.

I looked into the darkness and my thoughts brought me back to Sasuke, wondering where he was and hoping he was okay. I closed my eyes as they started to sting and water up, brushing them away.


I could feel a bittersweet smile upon my face, and I think back to all the years we have been together. 15 years was an incredibly long time, and the memories were worth it. The tears started to spill and I hastily brushed away their existence with the back of my hand.

My life, especially my childhood, hasn't exactly been the most pleasant childhood a kid can ask for.

My heart nearly stopped as I saw Sasuke before me, with senbon needles sticking out of him and the blood that dripped from his wounds started to soak my clothes as I continue to lie on the floor frozen in shock and fear.


"Naruto, you're being stupid. These letters mean nothing, but what's more stupid is you hanging out with that Kiba guy. He's no good Naruto!"

The next few minutes felt like a second and a millennia all in one and the next thing I know, I see Sasuke on the floor, nursing a reddened cheek and I dismissed the stinging in my clenched fist continuing to glare at him. Shouts of, "Fight!" were faint in the background and suddenly there were hands grabbing me, separating me from Sasuke but I struggled to get out of their grip, wanting to inflict as much pain as possible.

C – C

My heart felt like it had been ripped from me and I look to the picture of the stern-looking man with kind eyes before looking over to Sasuke, whose fists were clenched. My heart hurt even more as tears as I watched the tears fall from his eyes and I felt helpless, because I didn't know what to do to stop them from falling. I looked back to the picture and didn't bother to wipe my own.

C – C

"Children, let's go home. You parents wouldn't want you to play with the likes of him." And at those words, she turned to me and I could feel her anger pierce me.

I shuddered at all the bad memories, shaking my head in an attempt to rid my head of these thoughts. Not all my memories were bad, honest! I've had quite a few pleasant memories that made my heart race so much with happiness that I thought, and was actually scared, it would burst.

But there was one memory that I cherish more than anything else.

My most precious memory.


It was bright outside and a young Naruto ran into the little playground, excited to play with some kids his own age. He had a smile on his face that stretched from cheek to cheek. The other day, it might have not been the best weather, as it was cloudy, but there were sure to be some kids playing today! His breath became shallow as his excitement got the best of him and he arrived into the center of the playground out of breath. There were so many kids playing on the slides and in the sandbox! He headed over to one of the kids who seemed to be waiting for his friend or so he assumed, to come down the slide and Naruto brought up the courage to tap him on the shoulder. The child turned around and the blond gave him the biggest smile he could muster.

"Hi! My name is Naruto!" He says and just as the child is about to reply, an alarmed "Naoto!" was heard. Naruto turns and a woman walks up to the child, grabbing him harshly by the arm and dragging him away from the playground, motioning the other children to leave as well.

"Children, let's go home. Your parents wouldn't want you to play with the likes of him." And at those words, she turned to Naruto, who could feel her waves of anger pierce him. He shivered and felt cold while the playground slowly began to empty, save for the few children who chose to play in an area distant from the blond. Dejected, the young boy dragged his feet to the once occupied swings and climbed into the seat after some effort.

It was the same thing every time. 'No one would let me have friends',he thought. 'Was it something I did? Or maybe I was a bad person in my past life…'

He stayed on the swing, his eyes never leaving the ground as his mind got lost in his thoughts. Hours flew by and soon the playground completely emptied, the sun setting in the distant horizon and the blond never made an effort to cease his swinging.

"Hey." A small voice called out to the boy, startling him of his thoughts. A brunet boy stood before Naruto, face completely void of an expression. The two adolescents stare at each other for a couple of minutes, before Naruto rolls his eyes and looks to the ground again, preparing to push off the ground to swing before he was startled once more and fell off as his feet missed the intended contact with the ground.

"Hey, I'm talking to you." The brunet says once again, fidgeting with the hem of his shirt and rubbing the sole of his shoe into the dirt but not once looking away from the boy on the floor. Naruto looks up, rubbing a sore spot on his head from hitting the ground and watches as the other looks at him, lips tight together paired with a pair of determined looking eyes. 'Does he want to say something?'

"What is it? Is this your swing or something?" Naruto asks. The other just shakes his head fervently and at this, the blond starts to get frustrated and lifts himself from the ground, brushing the dirt off his clothes before making to move past the boy until a hand grabs his arm to stop him. Naruto turns around, ready to yell at the brunet but was interrupted before he could say anything.

"My name is Sasuke!" He blurts out and watches as the angry look dissipates from the blond child's face and turn into a smile; a smile he always wanted to see on the blond's face since he ran into him few days ago.

"My name is Naruto." The said boy watches as the brunet – Sasuke – shyly returns his smile and lifts his hand for a handshake.

"Hey Naruto, let's be friends." Sasuke watched Naruto tremble slightly, feeling slightly awkward as his hand was still in midair before he was completely taken aback as the child before him embraced him suddenly, a face burying into his shoulder and he was alarmed as he felt tears soaking his shirt before smiling a full smile.

"I'll take that as a yes, then."

Naruto did nothing but cry harder.

-Prologue - My Most Precious Memory -End-


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