There for You
Part 2

Author's note/ Warning- This story contains some things parents may not find suitable for young kids. Context more than language so please read with caution.

Part 1 Second Half

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Tamaki walked back and forth holding Yuzuru in his arms. He couldn't get over how wonderful holding his son felt, knowing he was safe. The feeling was indescribable. Kyouya was asleep and slept a lot these days. Tachibana told them that it was likely since his body was still healing and recovering. Since Tamaki was still in school he offered Tachibana his late father's position. He gracefully accepted it but only until Tamaki wanted it. Once Yuzuru settled down and was asleep he placed him back in his crib and went to check on Kyouya.
"Oh you're up."
"For now it seems." Sitting up better Kyouya winced. "This is insane, it's been a week and I hurt still."
"Well you know it will take time. I have your homework for you though it seems strange that you wanted it when you can barely stay awake."
"I'm going to force myself I'm tired of sleeping all day."
"Just don't overdo it."
"Yes mom." Tamaki just rolled his eyes.
"How is your grandmother doing?"
"She is still critical. The doctors don't think she will recover from this. I'm torn Kyouya I can't forgive her for what she tried to do but yet I don't want her to die."
"Don't dwell on it Tamaki. Let fate decide what her outcome will be and know that you don't have to forgive her."
"That doesn't help me with how I should feel."
"I can't help you with that. Personally I hate her. Anyone that tried to giveaway my son or use me I can't just forgive."
"I guess you have a point. She never did like me, did she?"
Kyouya didn't have to answer for him to know that.
"But death? Is that really for the best?"
"She can't hurt you then."
"I guess so."
"On a lighter note, is dinner ready?"
"It should be just about, I'll get someone to bring it up to you."
"No, I'll eat with you." Tamaki watched as he carefully moved and stood up. Ready to help him if he couldn't stand Tamaki stayed close to him.
"I can't take this anymore, Tachibana says it would be about four weeks."
"Just three more."
Kyouya slapped the back of his head. He didn't need or want to be reminded. Tamaki just smiled, Kyouya seemed to be feeling better than he had been it look like.

Living at Tamaki's wasn't as horrible as Kyouya thought it would be. Yuzuru slept in the room between their rooms so either would be right there to take care of him. And since he slept or had trouble walking the house keeper helped take care of Yuzuru or they would bring him into his bedroom so he could take care of him. He loved watching him eat, the reason why was still something he was trying to figure out. Holding him in his arms and staring into his sons eyes made the soreness he felt go away during that time. He could get lost in them, though it was hard not to. While he would never admit it but, Tamaki had beautiful eyes, and he was glad his son got that from him.
"Is Yuzuru asleep?"
"Yes, I just got him to settle down and fall asleep again."
"Oh okay, when he cries again I'll go to him."
"Are you sure? You don't have to push yourself so hard."
"I'm fine Tamaki. It feels good to be out of that bed besides Tachibana said nothing about not getting up and moving nor about taking care of our son."
"Well just don't push yourself. I don't want to see you injury yourself."
It was obvious that Tamaki feared he would open up where the stitches were, he still had them in for another day or so. If something bad happened now no one would be able to help him. Tachibana could to an extent but even he didn't know how to help him. With Yoshio and the medical staff that worked in the home lab in jail no one could help him. They were the only ones that knew about all that was done to Kyouya. Kyouya knew all of this of course and was trying not to think about it. He wanted his life back though and he would get it even if it meant taking it one step at a time.

Being up and about helped Kyouya feel a little better though once the stitches came out he noticed a huge, welcomed, change. He still couldn't go back to school but that was okay he had Yuzuru here to keep him company. They didn't to verbally talk to hold a conversation. Spending time with his son he could see how mothers had trouble leaving their kids at home to go back to work or something. Even if Yuzuru was asleep he loved to watch him instead of leaving the room. Just as he was now, these moments were just as cherished as when he held him. Tamaki ran into the nursery back from school it seemed. Barely saying two words he grabbed Kyouya's arm and dragged him out of the room to his bed room. They stopped on front of his TV and waited as the picture came up once Tamaki turned it on.
"This is faster than dragging you downstairs to the TV the housekeeper had on."
"This breaking news story comes in after the police made the statement about Yoshio Ootori, the president of the medical company of the same name. Yoshio, as well as the doctors employed into home office now has a trial date. They had all been arrested last Thursday as they tried to flee the house once the truth of their actions came out to the press. Police say it is set for April third and they could all face up to four years in prison. Yoshio will follow the four in prison with a four years minimum in a psychiatric ward for mental evaluation after, this comes from him using his youngest son Kyo…"Kyouya turned it off unable to handle anymore.
"He needs to be locked away forever. Four years is nothing compared to all the crimes he has committed."
"Are you going to the trial?" Tamaki knew Kyouya didn't want any more press on him than he did from before but he really couldn't not go.
"We both are going. The judge needs to hear that he murdered your father. We have to make sure he is locked away for good."


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