There for You
Part 2

Author's note/ Warning- This story contains some things parents may not find suitable for young kids. Context more than language so please read with caution.

Part 14 Second Half

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Sitting in the car they formed a plan of attack. They were still far from the house so no one from Kyouya's family would know they were here.
"Okay Hunny-senpai, Mori-senpai, and Kaoru will jump the fence and get the security disabled allowing Tamaki, Hikaru, and me to enter. Haruhi will stay here on lookout and let us know if the police force comes. I'm not worried about my family finding us; actually I would be happy if they did. Everyone got that we only get one change to end this." Nodding that they understood they exited the car.
"Come on Kaoru we're going this way."
"Good luck you guys. Stay safe."
"You too, see you inside."
Kyouya watched them run down the street and turn to go around the back. Once out of view he took his group around the other side to wait for the signal. It was hard to believe that this was it, today ended it all, all of the fighting, all of his fears would stop tonight should this all work out. Taking time to check for camera's and/or traps they made it to the house. Kyouya didn't know much about this place. He had never been allowed here when he was growing up. His father called it their private house, where only his parents could go. They were told it was a mini vacation now he was almost scared to know what had really gone on here.

"Stop here, we'll wait here for the sign."
Staying hidden in the trees near the fence they waited for the others.
"So what's this sign we are waiting for?"
"You'll know." Tamaki and Hikaru watched as Kyouya started climbing the tree he was under.
"When did he start that?"
Tamaki just shrugged; that was something new.
"They are almost at the box. Mori-senpai should be able to turn the power off soon." Both on the ground prepared themselves for whatever was coming next. Kyouya had only told them a basic outline of the plan so they were left guessing and waiting for things to happen.
"Get ready you two. Can either of you climb the fence?"
Taking a look at it they saw it was stone and in perfect condition, they weren't sure.
"Fine than I'll go first to help you guys over should you need it."
"How is he going to do that?"
Again Tamaki just shrugged at Hikaru, he had no idea either. They couldn't focus on that anymore as they noticed the area besides them get dark.
"That's our cue come on!"Kyouya stood on the branch to jump over on top of the stone fence. So that was how he was going to do it, when did he become so athletic? Not having time to think on it they started to climb up. With Kyouya's help they managed to get to the top.
"Can we jump down from here? Is that safe?"
"Yea it will be fine, just be careful. Here do what I do."
They watched him jump down and followed his actions.
"You alright Hikaru?"
"Yea, my arm was too close to the fence and I scraped it. I'll be fine though."
"Alright then let's get going. We need to meet up with the others."
Following Kyouya they ran across the yard to the house. This place seemed eerie without power. It was the middle of the day with the sun shining yet it was hard to tell from all the shadows around them.
"It looks like the others are inside already we need to hurry so we can move to phase two.
"Right." Moving faster they made it to the house and scaled the wall. Looking for the window the other's had to open once they knocked out the power.
"Kyouya-senpai it's right here."
Looking behind him he saw Hikaru pointing above him where Kaoru was waving to them.

"Where are the other two?" Once inside Kyouya noticed Kaoru was the only one to meet them, that wasn't the plan.
"We came in three different windows. There are more people here than we originally thought. Hunny-senpai wanted to make sure we weren't found. I told them I found you guys so let's go meet them at the second spot."
Keeping their eyes and ears open for anything they went to meet with the other two. Kyouya look in what was around him, he wasn't completely sure of this layout since he had never really been. It looked like a normal house but so did his old one and everyone knew what had gone on believe the surface.
"Hey there they are."
Kaoru pointed to where Hunny and Mori were kneeling making sure the people here trying to get the power back on didn't see them. They noticed the security cameras scattered around the house and they didn't seem to have any sort of back-up power meaning they could move around undetected if they were careful. Kyouya was happy to see them, he knew they could handle themselves but he still couldn't help but worry.
"Hey Kyou-chan, glad to see you all made it inside. Takashi came across the room you were looking for. Didn't you Takashi?"
"Yea, it's this way." He pointed to the right down the hall.
"Alright, but hold on a second I want to check in with Haruhi."
Using the comm. System he had hooked to her and himself he got her update.
"Everything looks all clear but they are trying to really fix the power so I would try to hurry.
"Alright we will do. Keep us posted if anything changes."
"Understood be careful."
"You too."
Switching it to receive only he followed Takashi down the hall to the door halfway down it.
"Ready guys?"
They all nodded as he pushed it open and checked to see if the coast was clear. They walked into an office room holding at least five filing cabinets.
"Is this it Kyou-chan?"
"Possibly, I'll find out now won't I." Going to the desk he pulled open the bottom draw to see folders and records, bingo. Nodding to the others they all got started. They needed proof that couldn't be questions and then they were planning to torch the place.

Kyouya was starting to believe he was in the wrong room as so far everyone came up short.
"Kyouya-senpai! We have an issue!"
"Haruhi? Haruhi are you there? Answer me Haruhi!"Everyone stopped as they heard him try to get through to her, they had no idea what was going on but it didn't sound good.
"Found you Kyouya. Did you really think you could sneak past me? You're still a child aren't you."
"Don't you dare hurt her!" He couldn't hear her making his heart start to panic. He knew he shouldn't have involved her.
"She would make a good subject. I seem to be short my main two ever since they were murdered."
"God damn you!"
Dropping everything he went to find her.
"Kyouya!" Everyone went to follow him.
"Stick with the plan. I've got this!"
They froze seeing the look in his eyes, he was out for blood, that sent chills down their spines.
"I'll go after him, he'll get himself killed. "Mitsukuni ran after him leaving the others to finish. They jumped as a window shattered and members of the private police force rolled in.
"Mori-senpai, what do we do?'
"Stay calm and stay low. All of you."
Hikaru knelt down grabbing Kaoru with him, Tamaki was lost by the turn of events, how did this happen so quickly. What was going on.
"Boss!" Kaoru kicked the back of Tamaki's leg as they watched Mori extend a staff he had on him.

Kyouya followed his heart in knowing where to go. Running up a flight of stairs he burst through the last door in a hall.
"That was faster than I thought."
"Haruhi!" He ignored his father as he saw she was strapped to an examining table. At least she was unconscious, he hoped she was unconscious. In the corner of his eye he saw Mitsukuni run up next to him and go into attack mode. He just needed the right moment. Kyouya took a step closer to stop as he watch Yoshio grab a handful of her hair to bring her neck closer to him.
"Ow, Ow, Ow! Let me go!" Haruhi opened her eyes as her hair was pulled only to panic as she noticed she as strapped to a table. Seeing Kyouya and Mitsukuni she relaxed a little but still had no clue as to what was going on. Last she remembered she had tried to protect her. If she was here than where was he? She hoped he was okay.
"Don't worry Haruhi I'll get you out of there!"
She closed her eyes as she saw a knife go to her throat. Oh god she was going to die.
"Stay where you are Kyouya, you too Haninozuka. If you want to keep her safe you'll leave."
"Not without her, now without you taken care of for good. I'll never let you haunt anyone's dreams ever again!" Taking in the room he searched for something he could use as a weapon. Seeing Mitsukuni try to get his shurikens out to use he tried to gesture to give him one that would work for now.
"Haru-chan do you trust us. We will protect you!" Opening her eyes she saw the fire in their eyes. She couldn't help but feel that she would be okay. Trying to tell him okay she waited to see what they did. The knife held to her throat was removed as Yoshio let go as a shuriken went across his arm.

Knowing they had a second to move and get Haruhi both ran around in opposite directions of the room. Mitsukuni went to until Haruhi while Kyouya stopped Yoshio from moving.
"What do you think you can accomplish Kyouya? You can't stop me."
"I can if you're dead." Knocking him to the floor he pulled a knife from his leg.
"You locked me away remember? I picked up in a few things while I was there. Tell me what does it feel like to have a knife at your throat." He could see the panic in his father's eyes as the knife pushed against his throat.
"Don't…don't do this Kyouya you'll get put back in jail and this time you won't be released."
"Are you testing me? I'm your son remember? I was raised to never back down to achieve what is mine."
"Kyouya stop!" Haruhi, finally untied ran over to stop him. She understood his anger but he was no killer. "Kyouya stop this! If you kill him you'll be giving him what he wants."
"Stay out of this Haruhi! Mitsukuni get her out of here and find the others!"
"Kyouya come with us. Don't do this."
Mitsukuni went to pull him off Yoshio before this was taken further.
"Put me down!" He was handed to Haruhi who wrapped her arms around him to hold him tight. Mitsukuni went to Yoshio to back hand him across the face.
"That's for hurting my friends! It's over Yoshio Ootori, you've lost. Give up." Taking the knife he had dropped he added it to the one he took from Kyouya.
"Let's go get the others we are done here. He's the police's problem now. My family will make sure he is taken care of." Kyouya stopped struggling against Haruhi as Mitsukuni grabbed him to pull him out of the room.

Yoshio stood up refusing to give up so easily. He was not going back to jail; he was not giving up his life's work. This was ending now Mitsukuni was right but he wasn't the one who was the loser. Reaching behind him he pulled a hand gun from his waistband.
"You could have had the world at your feet. Shame you turned out to be a disgrace." Pointing the gun at Kyouya's back he shifted upwards to his head. Pushing Haruhi and Hunny to the side Kyouya turned pulling his own gun out of his pocket. He knew taking one from Tachibana was a good call.
"Go ahead Kyouya, you can't fire that."
"What did I say father. I am just like you. I'm not scared to get my hands dirty." He pulled the trigger three times, first with no aim just barely hitting his shoulder, the next two he made sure went straight to his heart. He was done playing games. Putting the gun back behind him in the waist band of his pants he turned to leave. It was done, the nightmare was over. Haruhi walked behind Kyouya having a hard time believing what she saw. She never took him as someone who could go after someone like the way he just did. Horrible father or not she never thought he would be able to kill him. Had he changed much with Yuzuru or anyone else? She thought he seemed more focused whenever he spoke, more so than he had been before but now she really saw this change.

"Kyouya, Mitsukuni, Haruhi? Are you guys alright?" Tamaki looked up from where he was hearing the doors open, no more fighting, he couldn't handle more heartache.
The three that walked in saw the look on the others faces, "what happened? Who got hurt?" Tamaki and Mori stood up revealing Kaoru holding his older brother.
"Oh God, Hikaru!" Haruhi ran over to them, she tried to keep it together seeing Kaoru covered in his brother's blood.
"Takashi what happened?" Mitsukuni went to Mori for answers while Kyouya went to check on Hikaru while listening to Mori's story.
"We were ambushed Hikaru tried to protect Kaoru the bullet ricocheted."
"Why did he have to try to be the hero. Damn you Hikaru, you can't leave me!" Kaoru hugged his brother to his chest while more tears fell.
"We need to get him out of here." Kyouya whispered to Mori who nodded trying to tell him he tried.
"We tried but Tachibana isn't responding to us. The ambulance is on it's way." Tamaki walked over to him clearly showing he was crying again.
"We called our families for help as well they should be here soon."
"We should go outside and wait for them, perhaps find out what happened to Tachibana."
Haruhi kept quiet while she helped Kaoru up, Hikaru still wrapped in his arms. So much death happened today, so much sadness.

Finally making it outside the cops had the place surrounded and were coming into the house.
"Kaoru! Hikaru! Oh my babies!" Yuzuha ran up to them seeing Kaoru holding his brother. The others were quiet leaving them to themselves. Kyouya went down the road to where they left the car to see Tachibana against the car with a bullet through him. Kneeling down he thanked him for his service all these years, for his friendship.
"I'm sorry I couldn't help you the way you helped me but it's all over now. Your dream to see me safe and free to live my life is finally here. Your death is not in vain."
"Mr. Ootori do you need help sir?" A few cops walked over with Mitsukuni's father.
"Hello sir, an ambulance is needed for Tachibana. May I ask how the others are doing?"
"Yuzuha managed to get Kaoru away from his brother but I wouldn't say they are doing okay."
"Of course. I am sorry I put your son in danger sir."
"Don't apologize, what you did had to happen and Mitsukuni told me your plan. My boy is a fighter it's his duty to protect. I'm happy to hear he did his duty."
"I still should apologize to the others, Yuzuha especially. Her sons aren't fighters and I never should have involved them.

Kyouya sat on his bed at Tamaki holding Yuzuru while they played on his lap. It felt nice to smile at him and not fear for his safety. His son was safe, he was safe, his family was in jail, his father was dead.
"I paid a high price for our safety, and I feel that maybe it was too high. What do you think Yuzuru?"
He just looked at him smiling trying to play with his face.
"God I love you, you know that."
"Hey Kyouya, are you busy at the moment. You have a visitor."
Hearing a knock and Tamaki's voice outside his door he let whoever it was enter.
"Kaoru." He was surprised to see him, the funeral was yesterday and he felt after what happened he would never forgive him.
"Hi Kyouya-senpai, hi there Yuzuru. Is now a bad time?"
"No, of course not. How are you?"
"It's tough, we're getting by though, somehow but we are doing it I think. He shouldn't have tried to protect me; if he stayed where he was he would have been alright. We would have gone home together."
"I know I've said it to you a lot but I'm sorry I got you involved, I really am. Have you been sleeping?"
"I don't think so. The bed is too cold and empty without him and I think I'm too old to sleep with my parents, though I have thought about it."
"Well you know you can stay here, Tamaki wouldn't mind I'm sure and I want you to know that if you need anything don't hesitate to let me know."
"I'm sure he wouldn't your right. I don't know though. Anyway Kyouya, I came over here for a reason. I want you to know that I'm not mad at your over what happened. Neither is my family."
He started playing with Yuzuru was still on Kyouya's lap and trying to get to Kaoru.
"May I?"
"Sure, go right ahead."
Lifting Yuzuru to his lap Kyouya watched as Kaoru started to play with him. He was glad Kaoru wasn't holding a grudge; that was one thing he had been worrying about since Hikaru's passing.
"Maybe I will stay the night. Would you be okay with that Yuzuru?" Watching him start to laugh and move closer to play with him.
"I guess he is telling you yes?"
"Happy with your Uncle Kaoru, huh?"

That night Kaoru walked in behind Kyouya to go to bed for the night. They may not have cuddled the way he used to with Hikaru but it helped feeling someone there. Within a few minutes he was asleep, something that hadn't happened in a few days. They were going to be okay, in the end they were friends, they were family, and even though they lost a few friends they could find peace and happiness.

"Happy Birthday Yuzuru!" Everyone stood around the dining room table to help celebrate Yuzuru's fifth birthday. For both men it was hard to believe he was five already, they were still living together for him but their lives had more or less gone their separate ways. Kyouya often joked to Tamaki about how it was a good think his house had been big enough to allow it without worrying about having to move. Tamaki had plans to finally officially take over his family's empire once he graduated from University in June. He also planned to propose to Haruhi around that time though they probably wouldn't get married until she was out of school. She was already living with them, one, because it was closer to her school, and two, so she could stay close to the others. Kyouya was in school for medicine in hopes to fix the damage his family had done. So far he had the public's support so it didn't seem like a lost cause. He still had a few more years of schooling but he was with his son, and that was really all that mattered. Watching Yuzuru be all smiles he didn't notice anyone come up next to him until he felt a hand wrap around his waist. Since Tamaki was with Yuzuru that left only one person that would do that.
"Watch yourself Kaoru, my son is right there."
Being playfully teased by the redhead he tried harder than normal to keep it civil. His relationship with Kaoru had been slow going since both weren't sure if it was something they wanted. He also wanted to give Kaoru plenty of time to adjust with Hikaru knowing it had been hard on him brave face or not. It had been Kaoru's idea to possible move in with him once they had been together for about a year. Kaoru had been scared to at first for fear of using Kyouya as a replacement for Hikaru. So far though they had been together for four years and they couldn't be happier. Kyouya had never thought he would ever be with Kaoru but now he couldn't see him without him.
"Mommy, come look, look at what Aunt Haruhi got me."
Moving away from Kaoru he moved closer to Yuzuru who was showing him the present Haruhi gave to him. Seeing the smile on his face, seeing the bond he still and would always have with Tamaki, he was happy, content, and free, something he never thought possible five years ago.


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