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Chapter Twenty-Seven: The Door

"Please open, please open, please open," Link mumbled to himself. He kept jarring the knob, hoping that maybe by some miracle, the next one would wake up the princess. Or perhaps the next one...or the one after that...

"Hello," he heard the receptionist say. "Is there anything I can—?"

The sweat slipped down Link's red cheeks, and as he heard the footsteps coming up the stairs, painfully slowly, he paused for a moment. He leaned his forehead against the uneven wood of the door, let the ideas for which he was so famous race through his head and intertwine in attempts to form coherent thoughts. Something kept them from doing so—what worried Link the most was the fact that he usually worked best under pressure. But as the footsteps grew closer, his mind grew foggier.

Zelda's face clouded everything. His inherent need, his inherent desire to protect her clouded everything.

"There you are."

That silky, sensual voice clicked his mind into gear. A perfect visual of the hotel room entered his head. And he could hear the creaking of the hinges when they'd first opened the door resonate in his pounding ears.

He turned around the face his pursuers.

"Here I am."

They stood beside each other and they looked so comfortable that they could've been taking a stroll in the park, and their expressions would have been the same. There was no tension in their bodies, and when they moved, it was with the effortlessness of a flowing river. It seemed to Link that they were in no rush...that they were convinced that they had him outnumbered.

It's a shame the big chief didn't tell you not to underestimate me.

Link saw their body language, analyzed scrupulously the softness of their faces, and knew exactly what to do. His skills had already landed him the top spot in the Loyalist camp, and the only way these two were going to get the better of him would be if they were even more cunning.

But they wouldn't be.

"You know," the man grinned, "things would be so much easier if you just showed us the princess." He stepped forward while the girl snickered and flicked her hair over her bronze shoulder.

"They would be, wouldn't they?" Link pressed his back against the door and rapped his fingers against it.

"Where is she?" he continued. "We're not silly enough to think that you would be hiding her in that hotel room. Do you think we're stupid?" They laughed.

Oh. Well that's advantageous.

"You know, I honestly thought I could trick you." Link shook his head. "I suppose not."

"Where is she?" the girl said. At that moment, Link saw the sword at her hip, and he could feel his battle instincts kicking in. He couldn't help but smile.

"Where's who?"

The two Rebels looked at each other, narrowed their eyes, and gave approving nods. They both drew swords at that moment, and even though Link had no weapons, he knew he had already won.

"Just show us, and we can take you both alive," the man said. Link remained silent and still against the door.

The girl snarled impatiently, took a leap forward and swung her sword. At this, Link smiled widely and ducked, letting her blade embed itself into the thick wood. Now he knew the girl had a temper.


"Alive?" He raised his eyebrows. "And for how long?"

As the girl tried desperately to free her weapon, her partner inched closer to Link. Both hands were on the hilt of his sword, held out in front of him, and he had a bloodthirsty expression on his face. Link sidled across the wall, making his movements so subtle that they were barely noticeable. He was moving away from the door, toward the end of the hall. The floor creaked beneath his feet, but the man's eyes were fixed dangerously on Link's face. Now Link knew that he wasn't aware of his surroundings.

Unaware of his surroundings.

Link kept inching, and even when the man swung his sword vertically downwards, one slide to his right left Link unscathed. The man growled and swung again, only to meet a similar result. By this time, the girl was by his side, baring her teeth and prepared to attack alongside her partner. Link just smiled.

"What are you waiting for?"

Obeying his command, practically kneeling and kissing his feet, the two swung their swords at the same moment. Link crouched to his knees, rolled beneath their slices, and cringed as their swords collided—just as he'd thought they would. The girl screamed in surprise and anger, and the man simply stared at his hands in surprise. Link hopped back to his feet and threw a glance at the door to his room. It was still closed, there was still darkness beneath it, but he was satisfied with the distance he had gained. Before putting his plan into motion, he wanted to experiment a little bit more...find more weaknesses.

"Ahem," he cleared his throat. They turned to face him, as if remembering that he was there. Knowing that the girl (with her temper) would attack first, Link prepared himself. Just as he had predicted, she leaped into the air and swung her sword with strength pouring from anger. As he sidestepped, he grabbed her wrist, twisted the sword from her arm, and trapped her in his grasp.

"Nice try," he said. At that moment, he glared at the man with a condescending expression. What he saw set his plan into motion. The man's face had grown a deep, wrathful shade of red, and his hands trembled on the hilt of his sword.

"Let go of her!" he shrieked, and pounced with nothing but emotion pushing him forward. Link easily bent out of harm's way, dragging the girl with him. She was squirming, and he knew that if he were to move her even a little bit from her current, twisted position, she would easily slip out of his grip. He would have to be careful with this portion of the plan; Gerudos were unfairly stealthy. He'd had his fair share of practice with Nabooru—then again, this girl was nothing compared to her.

Now he knew that the man was protective.

Protective. There we go.

The floors were creaking ominously beneath their feet, but Link knew that they wouldn't be paying attention. The girl was too frustrated trying to pull out of Link's grasp, and the man was too blinded by fear and anger to notice anything. Everything was perfect. They were unaware of everything.

The plan had to go through some last minute changes, however, when Zelda threw open the door.

When Zelda fell asleep, she had a dream. This one was different, because she hadn't had it before. For the past couple of nights, she'd been having the same dreams: ones of her father, her people, the citizens of Hyrule stumbling through the chaos, images of herself abandoning everybody. They were always exactly the same and the product of her racing thoughts, constantly asking why she had allowed herself to desert Castle Town. That evening was different, but it was a welcome change...

Zelda stands in front of a mirror in a black room. The only light shines where she stands. She looks into her own eyes and sees them sparkle with the reflections of her ancestors. The queens and the princesses and the heroines that came before her and left the legacy that she is now continuing. The golden crown sits on her head as if it has always been there, fitting perfectly on the blonde curls. Her face is the same...but it is different. It is no longer simply her own. It is the face of Zelda: every Zelda. She is the queen and ruler, the one that Hyrule has been waiting for, the true descendant who can carry on her true destiny. She is beautiful, and she wears the traditional dress of the coronation ceremony that has been worn for hundreds of years. Her smile is proud and confident. She is satisfied with what she sees—she could not expect anything else of herself. This is what her people want and this is what she wants.

A figure, enshrouded in the darkness behind her, steps into the light around the mirror. It puts its hands on Zelda's shoulders and whispers her name. Then Link's face comes into view. She stares at him in the mirror and her smile grows wider as he squeezes her shoulders just a little bit. He says her name again, and she closes her eyes and just listens to his voice, feels his breath on the back of her neck. His fingers trace down from her shoulders, her arms, to her gloved fingers, and lace themselves through. He says her name again.

"Zelda...The Princess Zelda..."

She opens her eyes to look at him once more in the mirror. He is smiling back at her while his face is nearly glimmering in the golden light. Everything about him is perfect. Then he gently drops her hands and steps forward beside her. Zelda examines him in the green tunic, the one that her Nana had given her. He looks perfect in it.

"Link," she says. Her voice resonates with generations of others. "The hero."

"Your hero." He kneels. "Your hero, Princess Zelda..."

Zelda was awakened by a soft rapping at the door. It sounded like the light, nonchalant tapping of fingertips, back on forth on the wood.

For the first time in months, she didn't wake up in a sweat. She simply...woke up. The images in her head were a bit fuzzy when she closed her eyes, but each time, the darkness faded a little more and they became clearer. When she thought about the dream, though, positive energy surrounded her, and she found herself smiling for a reason that she couldn't exactly pinpoint. Some obscure light deep within her had just begun sparkling, and she felt it growing into something bigger. Her heart was beating with a sacred premonition. She knew at that moment that the dream had been a prophecy; it hadn't been like the other dreams. She hadn't had a prophecy since Nana's death.

The tapping stopped after only a few moments. Out of the corner of her eye, Zelda saw the newspaper she had cast aside. To avoid looking at it, she kicked it to the ground and out of the sight of her drowsy eyes, still getting accustomed to the light.

Just then, she noticed the key on the desk.

Link probably forgot it, she mused. Then she thought that perhaps he was waiting for her to open the door—perhaps he was the one who had been tapping. Cursing herself for falling asleep and leaving him out there, she stood with the key and walked to the door. With the goal of either finding Link or simply letting him back inside, she opened it.

The first thing Zelda saw was Link's back. Then he turned around and she saw the girl struggling in his arms. Finally, she saw the man posed to attack with a sword in his hand. Suddenly, all eyes were on her and Link was screaming.

"Close the door!"

For a moment, she was too stunned. She simply stared.

"What is—?"


With a hazy mind, she did what Link said and slammed the door shut. Then, feeling light-headed, she leaned back against it and tried to steady her breathing.

What did Link get himself into...?

Zelda's drowsy mind could not completely comprehend what she had seen. Two people, one struggling in Link's grasp and one ready to attack him, had been outside of the room. Link was...fighting them. Alone. And the expression on his face had been one of surprise, making it clear that he had not been expecting Zelda to open the door. The way he had screamed at her made her cringe.

Then, she realized that instead of standing idly contemplating Link's tone of voice, she should've been doing something to help. But Link had told her to close the door. Hoping for something, she leaned her ear against the chafing wood in an attempt to make out what was going on outside.

Link's plan could still work—he just had to improvise a little bit.

"The princess...she, she's in there!" the man stuttered as Zelda slammed the door. The Gerudo had practically gone still in Link's arms from surprise, and Link backed up against the door.

Perfect time to wake up, Princess.

The man lifted his sword and ran toward the door, ready to ram it down. Working completely off of the instinctive machinations of his quick mind, Link jumped in front of the door and held the girl out.

"Come now," he crooned as the man stopped. "You wouldn't kill her just to get to the princess...would you?"

The man's expression suddenly became one of horrible inner conflict. The girl had started kicking again, and was screaming, "No, do it! You have to!"

In the midst of the chaos, Link leaned his cheek against the door.


"Link! I'm here!"

"Pack up all of the stuff and open the window," he whispered.


"Just do it!"

He pressed more tightly against the door. The man's face was now red, and the girl was struggling more furiously than ever. She scratched and kicked and bit, but Link was barely fazed. Her partner (and evidently her lover) raised his sword once more.

"I will do what I have to do," he said.

Link paused.


The Rebel ran toward the two of them. Link could see in the lustful sparkle in his eyes that he meant to kill, and he would not hesitate. Link's mind switched modes at once. He sidestepped to the right, and the sword thrust through the thick wood of the door. Zelda's startled scream caused a small shudder to run through Link's body. Just as he expected, the door didn't break down, but the man was distracted just long enough. As quickly as he could, Link threw the girl to the ground and with an agile leap, grabbed her sword, which was still lying on the floor where he had attacked her. It wasn't the strongest or heavy weapon...but Link could manage.

By the time the man had taken his sword from the door and was ready to attack again, Link was ready as well. He jumped in front of the door and brought the sword up, smiling at the familiar sight of sparks. Before the man could comprehend what had happened, Link pushed him backwards and swung again, to be met with a hasty and careless parry. At this point, Link was actually enjoying himself.

How much time is Zelda going to need?

He swung again—this time, the man was even less ready, and found himself nearly toppling down the stairs to the lobby. Link narrowed his eyes, smiled a menacing and bloodthirsty smile, and took one more step forward. The man fell. Link couldn't take the time to relish in the sight because the sound of the girl, once again on her feet, kicking at the door pulled him from his victory. As he snarled and prepared to approach her, he could already hear the sounds of the man trying to get back up the stairs.

Link watched for a few moments. The door was coming apart beneath her blows, especially after the man's nasty jab. Bu he stood still and continued watching.

Keep going.

It reached its breaking point.

With a scream, Link raised the sword and ran...right toward the door.

He plowed through it and kept running. Zelda stood at the window with a frightened look and wide eyes. She was holding the bags that they had brought with them and waiting obediently.

Before she could even manage a surprised scream, Link grabbed her waist and ran out of the open window. That was when she screamed.

"To the horses!" he shouted. The jump turned out to be even shorter than he had anticipated; nevertheless, Zelda was clinging to him hopelessly. He bent his knees as he landed, and watched worriedly as the princess tripped and fell on her face.

"Get up! To the horses!"

He helped her stand up, and together they ran around to the horses. They loaded their things at the speed of light, mounted, and galloped out of Kakariko Village.

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