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The Adventures of Anariel of Rivendell

Anariel sat in a chair in front of her vanity. Arwen stood behind her, braiding her hair for something to do. Anariel sighed, knowing the reason for Arwen's nervousness. Aragorn was not here. In fact, the heir of Isildur was late in arriving to Rivendell with the hobbit Frodo Baggins. It was not like Aragorn to be late.

"I'm sure all is well," Anariel smiled reassuringly. "I think we all know he can take care of himself."

Arwen smiled ruefully, "I know that, yet it will never keep me from worrying. There," the elf maiden declared. "It is done."

Anariel looked into the mirror and smiled at her adoptive sister's handiwork. "Thank you Arwen," she said smiling as she rose from the chair. "Care for a walk?"

Arwen smiled good naturedly and Anariel knew that she would decline. "Perhaps another time, I think I'll ride out to see if I can find Aragorn. He can't be far, and it will set my worry at ease."

Anariel smiled and nodded. "If you must," she said in a teasing tone. She was rewarded with Arwen's answering smile, and Anariel watched as the older elf left the room.

Anariel turned back and looked at herself in the mirror. Her dark tresses were pulled half back in intricate braids, her blue eyes shone with a hint of mischief. She was alone in her more mischievous dealings now that Elrohir and Elladan were gone again, riding in the North. Anariel sighed. However close she and Arwen were, it did not compare to how close she was with the twins.

They had saved her. She was a young elf, only a child when her family had been traveling to Rivendell, her father being an old friend of Lord Elrond. Sadly, on the way they were attacked by orcs. Terrified by the slaughter, the young elf had run into the trees in an attempt to escape her parent's fate. She was not quick enough however. An orc jumped on her from behind and the elf had fallen to the ground. She had looked into the orc's eyes defiantly, not willing to show the fear that nearly consumed her. The orc had raised its sword, ready to plunge it into the elf when an arrow hit him square in the chest.

Anariel had looked up just in time to see a hand reach for her. Unthinkingly she grabbed the hand and was swung up on the older elf's horse. That elf had been Elrohir. The twins had killed the remaining orcs and had taken Anariel to Rivendell, where she had remained ever since. As she grew, she found herself always in trouble, usually helping the twins in their devious plans. She and Arwen got along immediately, though Arwen was quiet and would not join in the twin's misdoings. Anariel, forever grateful to the twins for saving her, went along with anything they came up with. She was considered to be a wild elfling, but she preferred the term, 'spirited.' Anariel had on numerous occasions been reprimanded for her behavior by Elrond, who she had come to view as a father. Although she knew that secretly he was always wondering what she would do next, as an amused light would always shine in his eye.

Anariel grinned at the memories that surfaced in her mind. Memories were treasures for elves. So many things they watched change and mold, but their memories would remain forever untarnished. Sighing she left the room, wishing that she was with Elrohir and Elladan. They were surely having much more fun than she was, for Anariel was not ever one to be idle for long. She was not patient for an elf, even after a millennium of life. Elrond had been very protective of her and Arwen, especially after what had happened to Celebrian. Eventually though, Elrond had allowed her to travel with the twins and then Gandalf. She was extremely fond of the old wizard and saw him as a grandfather.

Thinking of Gandalf made her wonder where he was. She had not seen him today. He had come into Rivendell looking as if he had just escaped from something, his cloak torn and burnt. He had gone straight to Elrond, and had barely spoken a word to her since his arrival. Was he not supposed to come with the Frodo and Aragorn? It was when her mind was consumed with these thoughts that she came upon Elrond in his study. He saw her and smiled, though she noticed it did not quite reach his eyes.

"What is troubling you?" she asked quietly.

"Arwen has left to find Aragorn," he admitted and rose from the chair behind his desk. He walked over to the window and looked out over the open courtyard of Imladris.

Anariel followed him and placed a hand on his, "Surely you are not worried for her? She will be fine."

"It is not Arwen I worry about at the moment," the elder elf sighed. "I worry for Middle-Earth. The dark forces of Sauron rise once more. The One ring has been found."

Anariel let out a startled gasp. "How long have you known, and why didn't you tell me?" Anariel demanded and Elrond smiled fondly at her tone. She could still be such a child at times.

"Gandalf and I have known about the one ring since June, and long have I felt the darkness stirring once again," Elrond acquiesced. "I have invited many people to come to Rivendell for a Council, to decide what to do with the ring."

"It must be destroyed," Anariel interrupted. "It cannot be allowed to fall into the wrong hands, for the world shall be thrown into darkness."

"I agree," Elrond said quietly. "But I fear for Men. They are not as strong as they used to be, easily swayed by greed and power."

Anariel knew that Elrond was remembering Isildur and how he had failed to destroy the ring, deciding to keep it for himself. "All hope is not lost," she chided gently. "Aragorn will fulfill his destiny," she said confidently.

"First he must accept it," Elrond reminded her, but he appreciated her words. She was always the optimist, and her spirits never failed.

"When he is ready, he will. It's like Arwen always says, there is always hope," Anariel said smiling and that smile was broader when she saw Elrond return it.

Both elves looked up at the faint sound of hoofs. "That is Arwen," Anariel assumed. "She must have found Aragorn."

Elrond's brow furrowed however and a serious expression lit his face. At that moment, Gandalf entered the room, "The Ringwriaths are at the river. Arwen is attempting to elude them, but she will need our help."

Anariel watched as Elrond's eyes widened and he immediately went to the window that over looked the river. She watched as Elrond raised his hands towards the water and swept it forward commanding it in Elvish. Gandalf added his own spell and with her Elven sight she could see the water take the shape of many white horses. Everyone waited until they heard the unmistakable sound of hoofs, and then all of them rushed into the courtyard.

Arwen was already running towards them, with what Anariel assumed to be Frodo in her arms. "Ada, you must help him! He is fading!" she cried.

Elrond quickly took the hobbit in his arms and hurried into an empty room, laying the hobbit on the bed. He quickly inspected the wound and Anariel stood at the back of the room, giving him space to work. She watched as his frown grew more and more pronounced. "He has been stabbed by a Morgul blade. It is amazing he has resisted this long," he muttered and he set to work healing the young hobbit.

Anariel and Arwen left, knowing that Gandalf and Elrond would do everything they could do to save the young hobbit. They walked in the gardens and after comfortable silence Anariel spoke, "You have seen Aragorn?"

"Briefly," the elf admitted. "He was fine. Like you said he would be."

Anariel laughed. "Of course he was! Really Arwen you worry too much! I think you just wanted an excuse to see him," she added teasingly.

"Just wait until you find someone," Arwen teased in return. "Then you will understand."

Anariel snorted, "Yes, I'm sure I'll find someone brave enough to marry me," she said sarcastically. She was slipping into her usual self. She had to be proper when the rest of the elves were present, but when she was alone she could be who she was: a sarcastic, blunt, teasing, free spirited elf maiden who loved to get into trouble.

"How many marriages have you turned down now? Ten?" Arwen continued smiling.

"Ten in the last century you mean," Anariel clarified. "And I am not the only one in Rivendell known for not accepting proposals."

Arwen flushed, "My heart belongs to Aragorn. I will not deny it."

Anariel smiled, but on the inside she wondered if Arwen would end up giving up her immortality to be with Aragorn. She knew her sister well, and she knew that Arwen would indeed do that. However sad this made Anariel, she would stand by Arwen's decision. "I admire you for that," Anariel admitted. "Yours and Aragorn's love is strong. I have faith that it will work out in the end."

Arwen smiled. "Thank you. You always hope."

Anariel giggled. "That's because I have you telling me to hope all the time. It was bound to wear off on me."

The next few days were spent anxiously. Aragorn arrived later in the day after Frodo had come. Surprisingly though, he also brought with him three more hobbits. Anariel had been excited to meet them. A stouter one named Sam had immediately asked about Frodo, and Anariel had led him to Frodo's room where the hobbit stayed steadfastly by his friend's side. That left her with the other two hobbits, Merry and Pippin.

After five minutes with the two, she had found them to be much like Elrohir and Elladan, in the sense that they could always find some way to get into trouble. They were always smiling or singing or dancing or smoking or drinking or a combination of them all. Anariel found them to be delightful and the three were inseparable. They were almost like children, and Anariel was finding herself extremely protective of them, particularly Pippin, who seemed to always be in some sort of trouble.

On the third day, Frodo woke. Anariel had left Merry and Pippin to check on the hobbit. As she went to open the door, Gandalf appeared in the doorway. "Anariel," the old wizard said fondly.

"Gandalf," she said as she embraced the man who was in her mind her grandfather. "We have had little time to talk," she said regrettably.

"In times like these, we are hard pressed to indulge in simple conversation," Gandalf admitted.

"Then we must fix the times we are in," Anariel said smiling.

"If only it were that simple," Gandalf sighed.

"But it is that simple," Anariel argued gently. "There's just a complex way to go about it," she laughed and Gandalf chuckled.

"You always make me laugh," he admitted.

"And I always will old man," Anariel whispered smiling. "Now, I'm going to check on Frodo. I'm assuming he's awake?" she asked.

Gandalf nodded. "Don't talk with him for too long. I fear he is not as strong as he thinks he is," Gandalf chuckled and Anariel smiled. She would like Frodo.

Gandalf moved out of her way and Anariel entered the room. Frodo was lying on the bed, looking about the room. "Hello Frodo," Anariel greeted as she took the chair beside his bed.

"Hello," he answered. "Who are you?"

"I am Anariel," she answered smiling. "Adoptive daughter of Elrond, troublemaker when Elrohir and Elladan are away, wise when I have to be," she trailed off as Frodo laughed.

"You are not like the other elves I've seen," Frodo admitted. "I like it."

Anariel beamed. "I am glad; otherwise this would have been extremely awkward."

Frodo nodded grinning and Anariel said, "I hope that you will recover soon."

Anariel watched as seriousness overcame the hobbit's expression and Anariel could see the subtle wisdom in his eyes. "Gandalf spoke of a Council that would be convened once I am strong enough. He says that all races will be here, Dwarves, Elves, and Men alike."

"And hobbits," Anariel reminded teasingly.

Frodo laughed, but it turned into a yawn. "Sleep Frodo," Anariel said gently.

She watched as Frodo's eyelids fluttered closed. "Are you still standing there, Ada?" she asked turning around to see Elrond standing in the doorway. She'd heard his feather light footsteps about halfway through her conversation with Frodo.

"I was coming to check on him. He seems to be healing fine," Elrond said inspecting the wound carefully so as to not awaken Frodo.

"He is stronger than he looks," Anariel observed and Elrond nodded.

"His will is astoundingly strong for a creature of such small stature," Elrond said quietly. "I hope that will shall guide him in the coming days."

"Is everyone you sent for here?" Anariel asked, rising from her seat to follow Elrond out of the room.

"The dwarves arrived today," Elrond began and Anariel made a face that Elrond ignored. "Prince Legolas and the Elves of Mirkwood should arrive late today, along with Boromir of Gondor."

"Gondor?" Anariel asked warily. "Is Boromir not the steward's son?" she inquired.

"I do not know what his reaction will be when he learns of Aragorn," Elrond said, answering the question she was about to ask next.

Anariel nodded. "I will still watch him."

Arwen and Anariel were walking through the courtyard later that evening when both heard the sound of hoofs. They looked up to see that the Mirkwood Elves had arrived. In front of the group was one of the best looking elves Anariel had ever seen. He had blonde hair, which was braided half back. He was tall for an elf, maybe six feet. What she admired most were his eyes. He had the brightest blue eyes she had ever seen. They shone with the wisdom of his years, but there was still almost a childish innocence about them.

"Careful Anariel," Arwen whispered. "It's not polite to blatantly stare."

Anariel blushed and looked to Arwen, "It was not blatant, and I'm going to assume the one in front is Legolas?"

The answering smile on Arwen's face was an answer in itself. A playful light entered Arwen's eyes as she took Anariel's hand and led her over to the Mirkwood Elves who were being greeted by Elrond. "Prince Legolas," Arwen called, still keeping a firm grip of Anariel's hand in case she tried to run.

"Lady Arwen," Legolas greeted politely. "It has been too long." His eyes flashed to Anariel who simply stared into his eyes. "Am a wrong to assume that this is the Lady Anariel?" he asked, a smile tugging at the corners of his mouth.

"No," Anariel smiled. "You are right."

"I'm sure that Arwen and Anariel will be able to show you to your rooms," Elrond said and he looked at Anariel with a seldom seen devious gleam in his eye. Anariel subtly rolled her eyes, but smiled as she and Arwen led the Mirkwood Elves to their rooms.

Of course, Arwen insisted that she could show the rest of the elves to their rooms, while Anariel could show Legolas to his. Of course. Her family was conspiring against her. Sometimes they were as bad as the twins.

"It seems you have always been away when I have come to Rivendell," Legolas said as they walked through the gardens to his room.

"I'm usually riding with the twins," Anariel explained. "I hate for them to cause too much trouble without me," she added laughing.

Legolas chuckled, "I think that Elrohir and Elladan cause enough trouble by themselves."

Anariel shrugged, "From what I hear, you and Aragorn are not much different."

"You should not always believe what you hear," Legolas said and Anariel could see the slight embarrassment in his eyes. You could tell so much from looking in his eyes.

"Oh," Anariel nodded. "I see. It's worse than the stories I hear. Don't worry, I won't ask," she giggled.

"And I thank you for it," Legolas said as they reached the door to his room. "It has been lovely talking to you Lady Anariel."

Anariel laughed and whispered conspiratorially. "I've never been one for titles. So let's just call me Anariel."

Legolas smiled and nodded. "Very well, Anariel. Until I see you again," he said politely as he took her hand and kissed her knuckles.

"Until then," Anariel smiled and nodded before turning around. Arwen was in so much trouble.

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