I had struggled with Insomnia after she died. Sleepless nights. I mostly drove around Toronto. Over and over. I had memorized the easiest ways to escape. I knew where every bump in the road, every pot hole out in the country. The places that were safe, the places you should stay away from. I didn't do much. I mostly thought about it.

No matter how many times I try pushing it away, it's there. I had tried crying. Most people will say it's ridiculous. It's not. Not if the person was your only friend. We had that level understanding.

I had gotten a job. I worked at a diner. Not many people came by at the diner. The one's who did were truck driver's. People who were lost. I'd see a few people now and then from school. But they came around twelve. Early somewhat.

"Eli," I heard Barbra say. I looked up to her. "There's a girl." I nodded. I put my English assignment away and I went to her.

I walked over to her, handing her a menu. "I'm Eli." I say in a lifeless voice. She looks up at me. "Uh, thanks." She says pointing to the menu and smiles. I go back and bring her water. "Is there anything else you'd like?" I ask her. "Um. Tea." She sighs. "Hot or ice?" I ask. She shrugs. "I guess ice." She says. I nod.

I get a cup and fill it up with tea, and getting the box of different types of sugars. "Here you go." I hand it to her. "Do you go to Degrassi?" She says right before I leave. I nod. "Eli Goldsworthy." I tell her. I go back to my assignment.


I couldn't take it anymore. I couldn't take the fighting. The screaming. My mom threw her curling iron at my dad. I didn't think it'd be this bad. They couldn't agree on anything. They didn't even realize I was gone half of the time.

I was breaking apart piece by piece. I didn't have a sister to cry with. No person to love me, or I to love. So, I got on my bike, at three o'clock in the morning and left, went across town, and here I am. I'll be ready for school when the time comes around.

I had lost sleep from the continual fights. No matter how many times I try to close my eyes, the echos would still be there. When I woke up. I realize I wasn't dreaming. It was reality. Most of the time I wish they would get the divorce over. Other times I wish I could do something to stop this. But that's the thing. I don't know how. I never thought it was possible to fall out of love. But there's the word.


So, I wonder. Did they love each other beforehand? Or too young to realize what they were young. Love should last forever.

I sigh. I guess I'll never know the answer…I grab my tea and slowly drink it slowly. I look around the diner. It's been here for years. I haven't been here. I just knew it was here. I had passed by it when my mom and I go down and visit my aunt. It's kind of in the outskirts, this diner.

"So, do you want anything else?" Eli, asks. I sigh. "What do you suggest?" I ask. "At three o'clock in the morning…um, pie?" He says raising his eyebrow. "What's the best kind?" I ask. He looks up in the air like it'll give him an answer. "Well, my girlfriend always liked pumpkin." He suggests. I shake my head. "Allergic." I laugh lightly. "Wow. That sucks. Okay, apple?" He tries again. I shrug. "That's fine."

I look in my wallet and see how much it is. Crap. Why did I only bring two bucks. That's enough for the drink only. "Wait, sorry. I don't have enough." He looks down. "Don't worry about it. The chef is falling asleep back there. I might as well have him do something. It's on me." He turns around going to the kitchen.

"Thanks." I say too late.

I don't know if I should continue. But this actually kind of based on my life personally. I went to a diner right after a friend of mine died, and I met someone. We're still friends.