By: Luna Ace

Summary: It has been eight years since that horrible night. Eight years since I last saw Rolla, Anne and Lotte. Eight years since the nightmares began.

A/N: It's been along time since I've written anything. But, here's a little something for everyone to enjoy. It's a small Clock Tower fanfic. Original Clock Tower for the Super Fancom.

My name is Jennifer Simpson. I've lived through a horror, which never really stops. Of course, the real life danger has, but the nightmares? Nope. Not for a second. People often wonder what's so special about me. They think of me of some kind of hero. But, I'm not. I'm just lucky to be alive. My name is Jennifer Simpson and this is my story...

Running. That's all I can do. Run. Down this corridor open the door. Hoping, praying that somehow I get out of this mansion alive. My friends deaths... Rolla, Anne and Lotte all playing in my mind. Like a broken record. I'm weak and exhausted. I don't think I can run anymore. I want to go home to the orphanage. I want to close my eyes and fall asleep, but I hear them, my friends; urging me to get out of here alive.

"Don't give up hope!" Anne cries.

"Get free of Mary's terror!" Lotte begs.

Lotte... she was my best friend. She was the first person I met at Granite Orphanage. Back then she had long auburn-red hair. We were only kids, having a wild adventure. Then, Rolla and Anne came to the orphanage. They were the same age. And, we had grown close as the years went by. It's a shame that our adventures ended here.

I entered a room, and felt someone watching me. The box on the other side of the room begins to shake and out pops a boy with scissors... no shears. I scream.

"Jennifer run!" Rolla yells in my ears.

But, he's approaching me, and I back away into the wall. The boy smiles at me. No scratch that not smiles. He grins at me mercilessly. He inches closer as I momentary forget there's a door behind me.

"Your next." he beams, as I tripped and fall while running out of the room. I don't see nor hear him coming for a few seconds but I know he's there in front of me ready to cut off my head...

I scream in terror as I relive that night over again. Like I have been for what seems like a decade. Rolla, Anne, Lotte... there gone. It was real. My heart beat tells me so. I decide today I'll go visit there graves. Many thoughts probe my mind. These thoughts are of happier times- before we moved into that mansion.

In retrospect, I would have never believed Ms. Mary was a psycho path killer. Although, I did find it creepy that she took an interest in me. I never did find out why. There are still questions in this world I would like to have answered. But, I feel as though I have to wait to get them answered.

"Nobody approaches me anymore Anne. They swear that they could see death in my eyes. I've witness so much in the past decade..." I say out loud, hoping that somewhere Anne, Lotte and Rolla are listening.

"I've learned to live alone too. Of course Helen comes by from time to time. We... don't talk about it." I tell them It being the whole Edward incident.

Do you still get the nightmares? I imagine Anne ask.

"All the time. Some nights I do manage to get to sleep. But, others..." I drift off remembering Anne's death. She had drowned in the Barrow's luxurious pool. I shake my head. I knew what today was. It was the anniversary of each of my friends death.

I fall silent wondering what to say next. Yet, there was nothing to say so I say good bye to each of them and head down a slope wondering if I would be able to get a good night sleep tonight. It has been eight years since that horrible night. Eight years since I last saw Rolla, Anne and Lotte. Eight years since the nightmares began.

And, they never ended.