AN: Hi guys. Good news, if anyone is still interested. I finally feel human again and have gotten the writing bug. I revamped the whole outline for GateBuilders (though I haven't really called it that for a while). I trimmed out characters that I loved but just didn't fit. Maybe I'll use them in something else. I also rearranged events to flow better and condense the story as the original plan had Harry going through all 7 years before anything really Stargatey happened. I'm looking for a beta reader so I can start posting again. I'm not making any promises on a publishing schedule but my goal is one chapter every 2-3 weeks. PM me if you're interested, or if you have anything in particular you would like me to include.

Update: I've posted the first chapter of the new version under Harry Potter and the Harcesis Legacy. I hope you like it.