I Really Wish They Did Belong To Me. Hmph. Anywho... So I Have A List Of Some Episodes I Need To Go Back For, Though I'm Sure I'm Still Missing A Few But Keep An Eye Out For Sheriff Dawes-Tector Gorch (Thank You To buffy4angel73 For Pointing That Out To Me A Few Months Ago), Alex-TMB Creature, Ted-Gil, And Maybe Somehow Can Do A Halfrek-Jackie One As Well.

First thing Booth noticed, Albie was a she not a he. Second, he got that strange tingling feeling upon seeing her to suggest he knew her somehow. Third, her accent, or rather lack of, was seriously throwing him off.

Upon telling her he was "reformed" in regards to his gambling past, he couldn't help but notice a small flicker cross her face. Even if it was only for an instant, barely even noticeable, it was there. She made no big deal about it, and against his screaming instincts and curiosity, neither did he. At least she didn't at the time, when she made her exit, with an offer to "look her up" if he ever "got back into the game," he couldn't help but get the vibe that she was not at all talking about her little illegal operation. Though he had zero clue as to what else it would be about.