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He didn't know why they hated him it was just something he had to learn to live with he had reasoned many years ago than to fight back that had caused him to get thrown in jail the one time he had tried that. The stares, insults, thrown food and other objects, regular break ins to his already bare apartment and refusing to sell him anything of a decent quality. He had found it was easier to ignore the stares and keep walking. In any other city in any of the great ninja or even civilian powers a young boy of no more than 4 and a half walking around in thread bare clothes and worn out shoes would have earned pity, sympathy and a bit of food here or there or clothes maybe but not apparently in the most powerful ninja village in the world. No, the people in Kohonagakure were far too wrapped up in their own hatred to help. No shinobi would reprimand any of the people who said anything only when the boy was being severely beaten would they step in and that was only because they knew the Hokage would reprimand them for not. Even then the definition of severe differed from shinobi to shinobi, the poor boy had been admitted to hospital from broken arms, ribs, legs, a shattered pelvic bone, blood loss, major lacerations, torn muscles and numerous other injuries. The child would heal more quickly than the average person though so he would get kicked out of the hospital as soon as the doctors could manage.

This of course did not go unnoticed to the Hokage of the village but what could he do? The council had him in a vice he could not show Naruto any favouritism without being ousted from the position. Sarutobi did what he could investing his own funds so that he bought Naruto's whole apartment block and any rent Naruto paid went into a fund for when he turned 16 or gained Jounin level whichever came first and the Namikaze estate and scrolls was to become his on the same terms. This was the council's compromise for not killing the boy. Sarutobi had argued for all he was worth to let it be known who Naruto's father was but if the rock had ever found out they would have a full scale war on their hands if Naruto ever went there. Sarutobi always made sure he had clothes (however bad they were), water and electricity. This was all the poor Hokage could do and it made him very sad to what his village had shrunk to. He had once heard Naruto say that he wished to be Hokage one day and he hoped with all his heart that the villagers could look beyond the fox they all saw and found one of the greatest ninja Kohona ever had.

Today was the day of the Kyubi festival and said small boy was getting ready to go out. He wore a mask every year and would have a great time until someone realized who he was. Even then they would put him in hospital with such serious injuries that the doctors would have to keep him in overnight and he would at least be given a proper meal. So in his mind it was a win - win situation. He shut the door behind him which the locked the seal Jiriya had placed there. Only shinobi or Naruto could have opened the door. The Hokage could never find the shinobi that would let the blood lusting civilians in. He walked through the streets with a fox masks on, many who looked his way thought it was weird thinking that this was a festival celebrating the Kyubi's death but thought nothing more of it. The small boy danced with clan heirs and nobody seemed to mind all they saw was a cute little kid with blonde hair dancing with their son/daughter. Some even let him share some of the food they had.

That of course changed when he took of his mask of to eat the food he was given. The shock on the look of parents faces when they yanked their little darlings away from the evil child snatching back the food they had moments ago given him in good spirit. That look the young boy had learned years ago meant trouble so he ran.





The mob shouted as they chased him down an alley brandishing fire and pitch like all mobs seem to. No one tried to stop them they had not caused severe harm yet so there was no need.

"Help!" Naruto shouted sounding young and terrified like he was. No one came to help him no one would help the demon child.

The mob kicked him and shouted, screaming obscenities at him and the sky. Cursing the beast that killed their hero yet killing his memory themselves. Some threw kunai that had been handed to them by a passing ninja, who happened to not notice what was going on. Soon the beating the child was getting was beyond that anyone could control except the Hokage but no one had mention to him what was going on. The mob continued to beat the child to the point of death in memory in memory of a death.

Not a single person noticed a small girl huddled in the corner of the alley crying. She had run after the boy when he had ran away from her father's look, he was good fun to be around so she ignored her father's calls for her to come back and to stop dishonouring the clan and her mother's calls of worry. She watched as her small play mate was kicked and punched and screamed. She cried at her inability to help her orange clad friend, her inability to help anyone or to be at least bit strong. She cried for his well-being the first unbeknownst to her, to ever do so.

The crown began to disperse they knew if they killed the child they could no longer cause it pain so they let it go. They figured as long it survived they could hurt it more later, make it suffer more for the 4th's death. They petered off down small streets away from the boy who began to crawl away.

He crawled away from people from the small girl towards the gate of Kohona. The pain his body was experiencing was excruciating but all he could think of was escape away from the evil of the place called the Leaf. The Leaf that he could only see as a tormentor, as something that hurt him. The evil had blotted out the kindness some had tried to give him, shielded his young face from the light of the sun and as everyone knows everyone needs sun light. He crawled as fast as he could and soon he reached the gates. He didn't understand that there was no protection outside the Leaf for him but he also didn't see the people coming down the road.

The small got up on her small legs and went after him towards the gate she didn't know why. It just made sense to her to see to if the other human being was ok. She couldn't help him she didn't know enough about anything. That is what her father always told so that is what she believed. She watched the small boy crawl away from home and she felt so sorry for someone whose home was a place.

"Shizune, did you remember to pack everything?"

"Course, Tsunade-san,"

"Forget all bills?"

"Course, Tsunade-san,"

"You're good,"

"Course, Tsunade-san,"

"Do you say anything else Shizune?"

"Course, Tsunade-san,"




"What is that?" The legendary sucker and her assistant were walking away from the last town they had been in and running away from all the bills that were chasing from the town before. They were walking past Kohona's gates not going in it, held too many memories for Tsunade. The lane they were walking down was sandy and wasn't meant for civilians. A small boy was crawling down the side of the road. Tsunade and Shizune looked at the crawling figure in disgust and surprise. The boy couldn't even be 5 they reasoned and he was beaten to the edge of survival and has crawling away from Kohona.

'Oh,' Tsunade thought 'Oh, Sarutobi how could you have let this happen?' As she looked at Shizune who was obviously distressed.

"Shizune, you know I said I would never perform medical jutsu again?"

"Yes, my lady,"

"That is another promise I am breaking today," She said as she ran over to the child carrying her bag of medical supplies that she was supposed to have gotten rid of. Her shocked assistant stood still in shock, the boy was covered in blood, COVERED in it. Head to foot the boy was bleeding and Tsunade without even blinking was there her hands glowing green healing him.

"SHIZUNE!" Tsunade's words broke her out of her thought as she too ran over to help. The kids wounds were sever and needed them both to work on him. Soon they were finished and looking at him. With the blood cleaned from his face he looked just like a certain someone they used to know.

"He's like Minato-san reborn," Shizune whispered not wanting to wake the boy who was taking some well-earned rest. Tsunade blinked tears forming on the edge of her eyes.

"Yes, yes he does doesn't he? Shizune, there is no way we can leave him here! Some passing robber is going to come and cause him the same damage that those idiots in Kohona did. Leaving him here would be an insult to Minato-kun's memory."

"What are you suggesting?"

"Nothing, I'm saying he's coming with us." Shizune nodded it was the best thing to do in this situation. Shizune picked him up and put him over her shoulder carefully making sure not to wake him as they headed down the dusty sand covered track to who knows where they certainly didn't.

At the gates of Kohona a young heiress stood watching them leave. She couldn't leave her father would rather have her assassinated than have her blood line fall into the hands of others. She turned to leave to go home to the wealth power and beating she knew she would receive. The road was short to her compound and she assured herself as soon as she was able she would get out of her.

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