The X-Men come together #2

"How did you know my name?"asked Ororo. "I'm tellepathic, I can read your thoughts and fears,"said Charles."See i'm building this school and I need to have mutants, we can stop all of this war and madness about humans and Mutants. "But my friend seems not to think that way anymore, he wants humans to suffer and be slaves to Mutants but I think that is wrong"added Charles. "so how do I get into your school, I want to help you and the others, and what do I call you?"asked Ororo. "First I need your parents permission and second, you can call me Proffesor Xavier.

(Xavier reads Logan come to me, I can help you with your powers, you can do good.) "Ororo please come here I have a question"said Xavier. "Yes"asked Ororo. See I noticed you had a nepew, his name is Evan,so I was thinking maybe he would like to be here, and it would be comfortable here because your here"said Xavier. "I will see what I can do Proffesor, and also will you please hurry up on the name, because I have bee waiting on it forever!"said Ororo.

"Thanks for letting me come Proffesor Xavier, Ororo has been telling me you can help me with my spike problem."said Evan. "Well see Evan I have looked at your powers and I think you should be working with the X-Men, Ororo is in it and you can do so much!"said Proffesor. (Ororo walks in) Oh hi have you told him yet?"asked Ororo. "Yes I have and he is just about to tell me yes or no."said Xavier. "yes I want to join" said Evan. "Well Ororo will be Storm and you will be called Spike.

To Be Continued

Authors Note: I think you have to look at your story and make sure everything is complete and then you can write!