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I am just thinking how if Odin is not a jerk, and become a softy... changing this guy alone can alter the whole story... he might be not the main character but hei! There is a reason why it titled Odin Sphere ^^ BTW the pairing follow the canon so GwenXOswald, VelvetXCornelius, and MercedesXIngway :)

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~A Hit on The Head Change Fate!~

King Odin had just return from war with Fairy Kingdom, he was so exhausted in that battle even though Elfaria and her nephew barely did any meaningful damage. Elfaria managed to escape from him, but he was sure by now that fairy queen was lying on her deathbed. He mused as let his weight crashed against his throne; nothing can beat scenery from his throne room. He knew he shouldn't sir here as if everything was alright, Brigan and Gwendolyn were set to capture Velvet for out loud. Either way he hoped Gwendolyn can get there first, he was sure Velvet can escape easily from her half-sister. Anyway… maybe looking at scenery can give him some idea of what to do. From here he could admire the magnificent architecture of his country paired with starry sky. Where the star seemed so hyperactive and you better not look at it too long because it spun like whirlpool, most of his people gave up the idea of looking at starry sky due to dizziness.

But Odin did stared at the starry sky that night, as if hypnotized by the star whirlpool. His eyes began to swirl as great dizziness invade his head and then the great King Odin fainted on his throne, and if that was not enough he slipped of the throne due to his weight and massive stature and fell to the cold marble floor, head first. Some of his countrymen ever wondered why it never occurred to Odin to enlarge his throne to fit his size, but who they were to question their king? Maybe its just Odin didn't want to admit he needed a new throne… or maybe it's the budget… they spend most of it for weapon, armor, and the most expensive of all… Berserker's fur mantle and Valkyrie's feathers.

Gwendolyn planned to follow the witch to Elrit but one of her subordinate informed her than her father had collapsed in his throne room. Velvet was completely forgotten as Gwendolyn flew to her father's room and entered the room through the window, something she never did because it was so improper of a princess to use her wings outside of battlefield. But when it comes to her father Gwendolyn would gladly do anything, even if she has to go to slay a dragon. Well… she did almost killed that Ringford's lizard…

The princess Ragnanival almost choked the physician to death as demanding an explanation and assurance that her father would be all right. The physician after managed to release himself with Myris' help explained the situation, "It's just minor concussion Princess… your father fell from his throne head first… " He added, "I think…"

"You think?" Gwendolyn screeched, ready to strangle the physician for irresponsible explanation to a royal family.

Myris struggled to stop her princess from strangling the physician, not much success as she was half of Gwendolyn's size and her hands… err paws simply made her clung on Gwendolyn's leg helplessly. "Princess Gwendolyn! Please calm down… our king would be just fine! Don't kill the physician please!"

"I will!" Gwendolyn growled, "If he can't come up with better explanation… and not just guessing! It's my father we are talking about! He can't possibly collapse because of that ridiculous cause!" The valkyrie stated stubbornly.

The old physician named Nyx rubbed his neck that felt sore and he was sure Gwendolyn left her handprint on his neck, "In my defense Princess… Lord Odin did fall head first, except you can name who is tall enough in this country to hit our king with some blunt object…"

"Brigan?" She spat with disgusted voice, Gwendolyn was not happy when she knew it's partially that brute's fault Griselda died in battlefield, before she hated Brigan because he treated valkyries on his troops poorly. And now she loathed that man even more than before. "It's must be that fool who did it!"

Nyx shook his head, "I am well aware of politic condition in Ragnanival so I know how issue goes between our king and Lord Brigan, however… Lord Brigan left just now, wasn't he? So… I am sure this is all an accident…" He stated loftily.

Gwendolyn huffed, "Are you implying my father is reckless enough to fall from his throne? That's impossible! I am sure there must be someone who did this to him! I will tell my subordinate to inves…"

Nyx rolled his eyes, "Not to ruin your father's image but it's not the first time Lord Odin fell head first…" And that got him a spear pointed at his throat, "I am not lying! It was me who healed him that time! I swear!"

Gwendolyn was seriously considering execution of Nyx, but she can't do that because Nyx was her father's physician for years and he would hate to look for someone as good as Nyx especially at the time of war, "When that happened?"

The physician backed away from the spear slowly, "Uhm… long time ago… I think it's after King Odin was send to spy Valentine kingdom by the late King Borr (1). If my memory serves me right he was arguing with King Borr about something, then he tripped on the stairs and ended up like he is now…" Nyx explained as pointed at the sleeping king. Gwendolyn's eyes were wide in disbelief that his father was capable of such a ridiculous recklessness. "But King Borr was happy because that accident turned King Odin to a real man of Ragnanival…" He ranted without pause, at raised eyebrow of Gwendolyn he laughed. "Our king when young was an innocent youth who prefer peace over war, that can't be accepted as a prince who was born in military country like ours so King Borr send young Prince Odin to spy on Valentine kingdom, hoping he would grow some backbone."

At this point Gwendolyn hoped she heard it wrong that her mighty father was once a shame in military kingdom like Ragnanival. "Tell me that you are lying…" She pleaded.

"But that's what happened…" Nyx drawled tiredly, "Anyway… after that concussion somehow young Prince Odin became ambitious and brave man overnight much to your grandfather's delight… and he also dropped whatever argument he had with his father before, or maybe that's a temporary memory loss."

Gwendolyn groaned at that, "Who cares what happened in the past! We should be concerned about now! What if my father undergo personality shift again? At the time like this no less?" She said as grabber the collar of Nyx's robe.

And Nyx only can offer advise he always use to patient he didn't know will die or alive, "Well… may God help us…"

"That's not helping!" Gwendolyn exclaimed bitterly.

Myris hugger her leg's tighter as if that can calm her mistress down, "Princess Gwendolyn! Please…!"

"Well… what do you expect? We can only wait and see how is he…" He pointed out and Gwendolyn had no choice but agreed begrudgingly. Then she paled when realized she had let Brigan to pursue the witch by himself.

"Oh no! The witch! That Lord Brigan is chasing her by now! My father ordered that she should be captured without undue harm!" She groaned as waved her hands frantically. "What should I do?"

Nyx raised an eyebrow, "Wicth you are talking about… is it Witch of Elrit?" At Gwendolyn's nod he laughed, "I have seen that young lady when I gathered herbs in Elrit, I don't think Lord Brigan can catch her…"


"Well…" Nyx began with a smirk, "There is no way Lord Brigan can catch that agile lady with giant body of his, beside… his legs are too small…" He commented.

Forest of Elrit

"ACHOO!" Brigan sneezed as stumbled on the muddy river with Velvet just ahead of him, swinging skillfully with her chain. "Come back here you wench!" His cursing was cut short when a frog latched itself on his chest, oozing poison to his skin, "Aaargh! Stupid frog!" And by the time he turned his attention back to Velvet or rather where she was before, there was no trace left. "ACHOOO sniff, where the hell she is going? DAMN YOU!"

"Wohoo… our lord have returns to the land of living!" Nyx cheered when Odin began to open his eyes slowly.

That earned his a hit on his head by the angry princess, "My father never died! You moron! Even if he visited land of dead once in a while, he never died in the first place!" The she remembered that rather than hitting a stupid physician she supposed to be worried of her father, "Oh father… how is your feeling? Please tell me you are alright father."

Odin smiled warmly at her, which caused the valkyrie to freeze, her father never smile like that before and not to her for sure. "I am fine my dear…" He said as petted his daughter's head lovingly, "I am sorry that I have make you worried about me, Gwendolyn…"

King Odin never apologized to anyone; he even didn't feel sorry for Gwendolyn when Grizelda died in battlefield. There was something wrong with her father for sure! "It's… alright father… I…" How to make sure his father was still his old self? A proud king who would never humble himself to anyone, "I should apologize for disobeying you! I… didn't go to Elrit to catch the witch, I let Lord Brigan to after her by himself… I…"

Her father chuckled at that, "Would you mind telling me why you have to catch the witch?"

Everyone blinked at him, and then stared as if he had grew second head. "Err… we need ring of titrell she has to control the Cauldron!" Gwendoly reminded him in panic, worried that her father had amnesia or anything that had damaged his brain.

"And why we need to control the Cauldron?" He asked again only to get another answer that answered frantically by Gwendolyn.

"To win the war Your Majesty! So Ragnanival will conquer Erion!" She tried to call her father with honorific, like how a soldier would to their king. Hoping it can snap some sense to him.

Odin was silent for a moment then he closed his eyes briefly, "But I don't want to conquer Erion…"

Nyx rolled his eyes, mumbling incoherently. "Oh boy… he is back to softy mode again…"

At this point all color was drained from their face; their king said he didn't want to conquer Erion anymore? Seriously? He went back and forth from Ragnanival to Underworld just to collect crystals for Baldor, he also almost wedded Griselda to Titanian prince to form an alliance, and what else in long list of his conquest.

"But father! We warred against Ringford for Cauldron! We can't just backed away from war… even if Ringford must be in civil war by now soon it will end and we have to prepare our defense against them!" Gwendolyn explained frantically, "Not to mention we don't know how Lord Brigan is doing with his pursuit… whatever the reason is… we can't simply stop now father!"

"Why not?" He asked as if he was five years old asking why cloud looks so fluffy instead of a king and warlord he was.

Gwendolyn was tempted to stomp Nyx mercilessly in case he gave the wrong potion to her father, "Well Your Majesty… we simply can't just stop here, not after we seized the Cauldron, killed Queen Elfaria and large number of their troops, and what else that can make them holding grudge against us." She explained carefully as if she was talking to a toddler instead of an old king.

Odin smiled then petted her head again, "My daughter… if it's just about the Cauldron I will be more than happy to hand it over to Ringford." At gaping face of his daughter, Myris and Nyx , the old king just sighed, "And about Elfaria… I only can beg for forgiveness from Ringford." Then he clasped his hands together, "Oh… I know! How if I go to Ringford now and help that little princess Mercedes to claim her throne back from her cousin? I am sure if I do she will forgive me a least a little!" he cheered.

"But… But…" Gwendolyn stammered, "What exactly you are trying to do father?"

Odin smiled at that, "Stopping the war to create a peaceful world where everyone can be happy without bloodshed…" He sighed dreamily, "And then you don't need to go to dangerous battlefield anymore Gwendolyn, instead you can…"


"Gwendolyn?" His dearest daughter heard no more as she fainted because of massive shock that her father, who was always cruel, cold, ambitious king had took a 180 degrees turn.

What else can be worse?

They didn't know how much a hit on the head of King Odin had altered an ancient prophecy, who said fate is absolute?

I would be happy to receive some love...

Borr: The name of God who fathered Odin in Norse myth

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"Why did you help me again Odin?" Mercedes asked in disbelief, wondering if her sharp elf ears had betrayed her. Or it was Odin that really became insane if the depressed face of Odin's witch aka Gwendolyn is any indication.

The old king smiled warmly as stretched his hands as if ready to hug the little fairy queen, "I want you to forgive me for all that I have done to your kingdom, I know I don't deserve it but I hope you can forgive me just a little… and willing to sign a treaty with my kingdom to end this bloodshed…"

The frog who stood beside Mercedes croaked, "And why she should believe in you Demon lord?"

Odin raised the scroll of treaty he prepared before hand, "Because I am willing to sign this… read and believe it."

Much to their chagrin instead of Mercedes it was the frog who take the scroll, when asked is it okay for the frog to read it Mercedes calmly replied. "He is my personal advisor." Which earned a groan from Mathew and other fairies, they must be so embarrassed that their new advisor was a frog.

The frog croaked in disbelief, "You will return the Cauldron to Ringford? And also withdrew your troops from the ruin of Valentine and swear will never step on it without Mercedes' permission?"

"Really?" Mercedes asked frantically. "Seriously?"